Team Ninja Shares Character Profile For Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate’s Nyotengu

By Ishaan . August 8, 2014 . 1:57pm

Team Ninja have announced more precise release dates for Nyotengu, the next DLC character headed to Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate. She will be available on Xbox 360 worldwide on September 2nd. PlayStation 3 users will get her on September 2nd in North America and September 3rd in Europe.


Additionally, the studio has also erected a profile page for Nyotengu on the game’s official website. You can view her profile below:


Nyotengu – Naughty Tengu Princess:

Deep in the mountains of Japan, legends of a mysterious and beautiful female Tengu have been passed down from ages old. She is said to have descended into the human world out of simple boredom, but since rumors of Bankotsubo’s death reached her ears, taking revenge on the ninja who killed him has become her single obsession…


Fighting Style:

Her haunting beauty belies an incredible strength, which along with her ability to fly and attack from midair, makes her a formidable opponent. She practices Tengu-do, a unique Japanese martial art passed down since ancient times.


Country: ?

Sex: Female

School of combat: Tengu-do

Age: 1018 human years

Birthday: ?

Blood type: ?

Height/Weight: 172cm/?

Measurements: Bust: 93 cm; Waist: 58 cm; Hips: 88 cm

Occupation: ?

Favorite food: Bean paste dumplings

Hobbies: ?


A price for Nyotengu has not yet been announced.

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  • Maxwell3000

    The DLC never ends. I still kinda want it though…

  • subsamuel01

    Wouldn’t be surprised if they released a complete edition on the PS4.

    • And then immediately get back to releasing more DLC costumes starting the week after release :)

      Seriously though, that would be a MASSIVE amount of data. When I went looking for Marie Rose to download on the PSN, I had to scroll through, like, 200 pieces of DLC. Most of it being costumes. It’s insane.

      • Tincho D

        Nothing wrong with releasing as much cosmetic DLC as there is a demand for, but yeah, an eventual physical release (4-5 months from now?) with all the existing DLC already included and unlocked, ideally available for next-gen consoles too, would do wonders for the people who want to get into the franchise but refrain from it thanks to the mountain of existing DLC.

      • Spidermang

        It’s honestly not that much, each costume “dlc” is actually just an unlock, while the 15 or so catalog files are actually what have the costume data & are around 40 – 60 MB each

    • Death Metal

      That’s what I’ve been hoping since the PS4 was released.

      • Anihilator

        You not alone)))

    • Death Metal

      That’s what I’ve been hoping since the PS4 was released.

  • Christopher Nunes

    So I guess they’re not going to localized her name from the Twitter page a while back? Well it’s OK, gives people their own opinions what her name can be (Nyotengu is basically calling her “Lady Tengu” not really a name but a title).

    Looking forward to her.

  • Strawberry Starlet

    “Additionally, the studio has also ERECTED a profile page for Nyotengu on the game’s official website…. Naughty Tengu Princess.” I see what you did there. :P

  • CptPokerface

    Descended into the human world out of very Morrigan like of her. She look like she’s bound to have some really stylish alts too, since I got a bit of a Bayonetta vibe from her too.

  • Arcade Miss Fortune

    Has anyone found out about her English Voices for North America? (or want to guess on who it is?)

  • “… the studio has also erected a profile page for Nyotengu…”

    You could have chosen so many words there. But you didn’t, because DOA. lol

    ( ^ – ^ ) /

    Aw, why am I so immature? That gave me a laugh.

    • Altin

      Seems alright considering Team Ninja gives Nyotengu the nickname of “Naughty Tengu Princess” :D

  • KuroNathan

    is DoA5 U dual audio? I’m in love with the japanese voice for this char

    • Sakurazaki

      It is dual audio, so have fun :)

      • What stinks is that you can’t pick and choose audio. I would like some characters to speak English, and some to speak Japanese; depends on the character y’know?

        Coincidentally KuroNathan, the Virtua Fighter guest stars (Akira, Pai, Jacky and Sarah) are all audio locked, per tradition. So the Americans are speaking English, Akira speaks Japanese and Pai speaks Chinese. That’s the only exception to the rule.

        Sakurazaki is right though; you can switch audio no problem in the options menu. In the full retail game or the free-to-play “a la carte” digital version.

        • werewolfgold

          Pai speaks Japanese as well. No Chinese.

          • Mario Bros

            yep, i was gonna say that too.

          • Durr. *facepalm*

            You’re right! I haven’t actually played VF5: Final Showdown or DOA5 Ultimate in awhile :P

            I wonder why that is though, come to think of it. Pai IS Chinese… that’s weird.

          • werewolfgold

            In Virtua Fighter, the characters will only speak either English or Japanese regardless of what country a character is from. Lion is from France (speaks English). Brad is from Italy (speaks English). Shun Di is from China (speaks Japanese), etc.

            Tekken does have more variety. They really upped the ante in Tekken Tag Tournament 2. They have people speaking Spanish, Russian, Portugese, Japanese, English, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, French, German, or growling noises depending on the character (and then they all can understand each other for some reason). I would think that it must be expensive to maintain compared to just 2 languages.

        • like Tekken?

          • I… uh… don’t know Tekken well enough to answer that confidently. I’m gonna say, “yes” anyway though, even though the only Tekken game I own is Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection Online :P

            Hey man, in the battle for my attention, DOA, Soul Calibur and Virtua Fighter got there first. I only check in with Tekken every once in awhile. Sorry about that. I do think Tekken does the same thing though; Japanese character speak Japanese, English speakers speak English, etc. Because Lili does speak English, and Asuka speaks Japanese, right?

            I also don’t play a lot of characters when I do check in on Tekken :P

  • John Hayabusa

    A female Tengu is fine too.

  • AndyLC

    Adding “Tengu girl” to my list of “fetishes Team Ninja games gave me”

  • Kornelious

    The more I know, the more I love <3

  • TheBlackRabbit

    1000+ years old huh….would still date.

    • kmantle

      That’s A LOT of… experience, if you know what I mean, hehe

      • TheBlackRabbit

        lol indeed.

    • Mr_SP

      “1018”. As if this is supposed to make the age difference less intense. “Oh, she’s only (one thousand and) 18! Still so young and delicate!”

  • azureknight

    It sounds like she is yandere for a certain modern day super ninja.

  • Arcueid Brunstud

    sweet been wondering when the last dlc character will come out now I know when to buy the game

  • Krazyfan1

    “Her haunting beauty belies an incredible
    strength, which along with her ability to fly and attack from midair,
    makes her a formidable opponent. She practices Tengu-do, a unique
    Japanese martial art passed down since ancient times.”
    “ability to fly”
    does this mean what i think it means?


    I wonder if bundle of all 3 new characters is still in Team Ninja’s plans. I haven’t purchased any new characters, so I’m gonna wait and see if they are gonna release one before the end of the year.

  • Tincho D

    “School of combat: Tengu-do”

    Looking forward a physical release of DOA5U Arcade with all the DLC so far already unlocked on the disc like Capcom did with Ultra.

  • devilmaycry0917

    rumour says DOA5U will be coming out in Japan in this september
    the DLCs should be cross-buy like they did in DOA5 –> DOA5U

  • Black Heaven

    Age 1018…

    It’s like… they just added 1000 years to her actual age. *_*

    The 18 sounds like a convenient hint on how old she’s supposed to be as a human, 1069 (or any random 2-digit above 40) might not sound too right to some people.

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