Watch The First 30 Minutes Of Senran Kagura 2

By Ishaan . August 8, 2014 . 1:01pm

Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson was released in Japan yesterday, and Japanese YouTube user kagawa888 has begun sharing footage of the game. In the video below, he takes on the first 30 minutes of the game. (Thanks, GoNintendo)


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  • Fronkhead

    Really enjoyed what I’ve played of this so far, the overhauled combat system makes it a lot more challenging and satisfying to play than previous games.

    Tamsoft have really outdone themselves on the presentation front as well, with production values leaps beyond Burst and higher still than Shinovi Versus, it looks great and runs at a stable framerate most the time in 3D mode, with 2x antialiasing (4x with the 3D off), and the animation and character models have a lot more life to them too.

    Hope it sells well, though it’s a shame I’ve seen some dismiss the game based on its more challenging difficulty.

    • Firion Hope

      Thanks for the informative write up!

    • British_Otaku

      I assume you are one of the folks on SIA or GameFAQs, I’ve seen a lot of people who have been struggling to adapt to the difficulty curve. The control and mechanical overhaul puzzled tons of folks, so I’m sure I’ll struggle when my Nyu Nyu DX arrives later in the month as well.
      The difficulty could have an effect on the sales, but the otaku factor still seems to be there in spades.

    • lpchaim

      Thank you for taking the time to write all that, really appreciated.
      If I may inquire further about the framerate: you say it’s stable even with 3D on this time around, does it feel better without it? I mean, at least a stable 30 fps? Was hoping for 60 with some dips here and there, but not really expecting it.
      Also liking that it actually seems challenging to a degree. Burst, at least, was very easy in general.

      • Fronkhead

        Thanks for the kind words.

        Sadly it isn’t 60fps (I reckon it could have been if they didn’t insist on antialiasing, few 3DS games have 3D and antialiasing at the same time!) but it is pretty much a rock solid 30 like Shinovi Versus was. Framerate does dip at points though but nothing ruinous.

        Though if you switch the 3D off the framerate never falters, but then you lose the great feeling of spatial awareness that you get with the 3D on: you really can pick out individual enemies (especially when they are in midair) well. One of those games where 3D benefits the action I’d say.

        Yep, if you found Burst easy (as I did, where the “challenge” came from racking up huge combos over anything else) you’ll find a lot to love here. The AI puts up a decent fight too.

        One worry I had was that the game would get progressively easier as you level up like with SV and Burst, however from what I’ve played (just got to the final chapter) that hasn’t been the case: given the even split missions-wise for characters and the many combinations of partners, I can’t say I’ve yet levelled up to a point where the game hasn’t lost its challenge. Yet.

        • lpchaim

          Nice to hear that, it’s what I realistically expected anyway. Maybe one day!

          Wasn’t aware about SV’s framerate as well, even though I do have the limited physical edition preordered for a console I don’t even own yet haha

        • British_Otaku

          The difficulty stays up for the entire run? Well done.
          I like an upward curve and the leveling system not destroying the experience is good to hear.

    • michel

      I don’t know what to say… I can’t argue about the gameplay, but the production values looks like they have the same flaws of Shinobi Versus, with even inferior graphics… In any case, whatever our opinion, this game is shaping up as en epic flop, news from Japan talks about 20% sellout… :(

      • Fronkhead

        It’s just a lot more polished than previous games, right down to the menus. And the production values are definitely higher, with far, far better animation (one of the problems of Shinovi Versus). Environments are fairly basic, yes, but like Shinovi Versus’ environments it’s to keep the game running at a fair clip.

        Character models have had more work but into them, though, and the lighting model is better. Here’s a comparison from 2ch (probably not safe for work given this game)

  • Shippoyasha

    If the game has complaints that it’s too hard, maybe they can have a free DLC or something adding in an easier difficulty.

    I can understand not all gamers are in it for the action and just want to get on with the visual novel elements of it. But I do welcome the technical feel of the new game. The new monsters also look incredibly intimidating as well.

    • Kayriss Wins

      It’s an adaptive process if you ask me, I’m sure with enough practice it will get easier, I felt the same way about Burst and Shinovi Versus at first but I got better the more I played it.

    • Kumiko Akimoto

      How could you not be in it for the action at least somewhat? It’s the biggest part of the game

  • Kornelious

    Whoever thought I would have the attention span to sit through a thirty miute vid-….What?….It’s Senran Kagura……Well heck yeah! XD

    The game looks amazing and a vast improvement from the first Senran Kagura. (Not that there was anything wrong with the first) It looks much more dynamic and has a lot more adventuring and platforming to add to the busty ninja action!

    When Xeed brings this over, i hope we get a nice Limited Edition or at least physical this time around (Still mad I missed out on the European version with the 3D poster :( )

  • Sam Malik

    I hope that MarvelousAQL localize this on a card like Burst. After hearing that the Vita games are digital only here it has me a little worried. I perfer my SK games on the 3DS because they know their limits on what can rip and what should not.

  • J_Joestar

    wonder how many people will be walled by Yomi…

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