Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd Set For November Release

By Ishaan . August 11, 2014 . 7:24am

Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd has a release date in America and Europe. The game will be released in North America and Latin America on November 18th, and on November 21st everywhere else in the world.


At select retailers across the world, pre-ordering the game will allow you to avail an “Americana” module for Miku, which was the winning entry for the PiaPro collaboration for the 2011 San Francisco J-Pop Summit Festival.


In North America, pre-ordering the game from GameStop will get you the Americana module, as well as an Extra Character Pack containing Vocaloids Akita Neru, Yowane Haku and Kasane Teto. You’ll also be able to avail these characters for free if you own the first Project Diva F on PlayStation 3 or Vita.

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  • im assuming that if i have Project Diva F on PS3 but plan to get the second on Vita, it wont give me the extra characters…or will it?

    Either way awesome, loved the first, and am glad we keep getting them (albeit slightly later )

    • Pdugna

      Nah Vita DLC is Vita only PS3 DLC cam prepackaged.

  • Carlos Escalante

    Loved the first…..debating if I should get it for Vita or PS3 :S.

  • Erde

    Wait a sec. Since when has Kasane Teto been a Vocaloid instaed of UTAU?
    Neva forget. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pA5PGVMHhQI

    • Risingrose

      She has never been. She’s always been an UTAU. In fact, the game calls her, Neru, and Haku as Extra Characters instead of Vocaloids because they aren’t. Neru and Haku are fanmades and Teto’s an UTAU.

      • Erde

        Thanks. I was a bit confused there for a sec.

  • Christopher C

    Ooh I’m adding this pre-order to my trip to GameStop on Friday.

  • thrak

    Where is Persona Dancing All night, SEGA?… >_<

    • Manny Being Manny

      They haven’t even announced a release date for Japan yet. Sega/Atlus has already confirmed a US release.

      • thrak

        Thanks and I remember that, but I was just kind of asking a rhetorical question directed at my frustration about lack of any information concerning that game (Dancing All Night) I hope it is not cancelled or anything…

        • Hexodious

          Persona 4 is Atlus’ baby, they won’t cancel it.

          • thrak

            Yep, but with Arena and Q also being connected to their ‘baby’ and P5 in the works…Who knows…

        • Manny Being Manny

          I think Atlus is waiting until Tokyo Game Show to give a lot of new info. For Persona 5, too.

          • thrak

            I also place my bet on TGS. But if they’ll decide to keep the information secret until the last minute, well…Atlus, my rage knows no limits, remember that. :) Yes, I’d buy P5 blindly, but Dancing All Night…no, thank you. MikuPersona is hard to pull off, I want to know whats there for me


  • PreyMantis

    Well, there goes my allowance…

  • Luis Camargo

    Goodbye money. Hello addictive music game.

  • LuluKoizumi

    Well I know what to waste my birthday money on XD

  • Brimfyre

    look at shorty she a little cutie o

    The way she shake it make me want to get all in the booty yo

  • Keko

    I went over the hype limit long time ago. Already planning to pre-order it!
    By the way, it’s kind of weird seeing “North America and Latin America” written in the news of a game. I got used to the Internet forgetting there are countries in America besides USA, Canada, Mexico and Brazil.

  • Jake Joe

    Any word on the DLC being cross-buy???

    • megamanZ95

      i assume it will be. it was cross-buy for the 1st one

    • MXC

      Yeah the extra Vocaloids are cross-buy. I got them for Vita and PS3 despite only having the Vita version.

  • Shippoyasha

    This fall is going to be a wallet apocalypse!

  • Quizler

    One of my most anticipated games, Too bad I have to go preorder it at gamestop now, I got too used to amazon.

  • Hound

    Yay! I can make Teto do every song <3
    (unfortunately not in Teto's garbled metallic-y robot singing XD)


  • Micrll

    “You’ll also be able to avail these characters for free if you own the first Project Diva F on PlayStation 3 or Vita.” This is not correct, you don’t get them for free if you just own the first game you needed to have purchased the DLC for the first game to get it.

  • Daniel Jeanbaptiste

    TOO CLOSE to Pokemon!

    Getting the Vita version but dang to close.

  • tturtlejosh

    I only read Hatsune Miku and instantly though for the PS4 hahahaha ;-;

  • About time it got dated. Better late then never, right? ;)

  • Mark

    already have both JP versions and the NA version of the 1st, I’ve had this pre-ordered for months. It’ll be nice to get the additional Vocalo for free.

  • Herok♞

    So many games for that week Pokemon, Miku and Persona

    • Amaya

      Also Dragon age Inquisition Nov 18th D: They are killing me!

  • Elliott Moon

    will there be a physical copy for Europe this time round????

    • DS23

      Pretty certain it’s physical release all formats everywhere this time.

  • Jeffrey

    Wait, so if I have the original game, I’ll get the new Vocaloids regardless of pre-ordering? That sounds good! Don’t really want to deal with GameStop again after the whole mess up they had with the original Pre-Order Bonus.

    • Justin Graham

      Well, not quite. You need to have previously bought the extra characters DLC pack for Project Diva F to qualify for the loyalty bonus in Project Diva F 2nd. Otherwise, you still have to pay for them.

  • MaidKillua

    There was once a time when I couldn’t possibly care less about Vocaloid. Then I started playing Osu and now I must also have this game… The singing moe girls have taken me…


  • Xerain

    I think there might be a misunderstanding int eh article about the Free Neru, Haku, and Teto pack. With the Japanese version, if you had already purchased that DLC for the original F, you could DLC the version for F 2nd for free. I assumed this would be the case for the US release.

    While I cannot rule out the idea that they’ll just give this DLC for free to everyone who owns F regardless of if they bought the DLC or not, this seems very unlikely to me. A miscommunication seems much more likely.

  • Ren Yuumei

    YES! i’m SO damn hype

  • Kayriss Wins

    I just recieved my Snow Miku Figma in the mail today and now this get’s a release date?! hot damn today was a good day, although I wish this Snow Miku design was a module in Project Diva F 2nd.

  • Ric Vazquez

    This year has been hard on my wallet *sigh*

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