Rise of the Tomb Raider Is Launching Exclusively On Xbox In 2015

By Ishaan . August 12, 2014 . 5:45am

Rise of the Tomb Raider, the sequel to Square Enix’s Tomb Raider reboot, will be released exclusively for Xbox in 2015, Microsoft and developer Crystal Dynamics said at Gamescom this morning.


Crystal Dynamics’ Darrell Gallagher said that Rise of the Tomb Raider will have Lara discovering what it means to become a hero, and said the game will feature “bigger, better and more challenging tombs” than the previous game.


Rise of the Tomb Raider will be released for Xbox sometime during the Holiday 2015 timeframe. It sounds as though the game could be a “timed” exclusive, but this is unconfirmed as of now. Additionally, Microsoft refrained from saying “Xbox One” specifically, so it sounds like the game could be in development for Xbox 360 as well.


Update: Crystal Dynamics have commented on the exclusivity agreement.

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  • Shippoyasha

    Cool. I just hope it doesn’t stay in the kind of malaise we saw of her in the trailers. They were listening after all. Bigger tombs is what everyone was asking for.

    The exclusive thing sounds fishy. They never commit to those. Might be months or even a year wait for others.

  • AlteisenX

    This is definitely loosely worded. No way in hell would this be Xbox exclusive in the straightest sense. This is just Xbox’s old tactics showing again.

  • Kaetsu

    I’m surprised this is an exclusive but it’s more likely that it’s a timed exclusive. I doubt Square Enix would let this be an exclusive since they would miss out on a lot of sales.

  • Shenanigans, I say!

  • David García Abril


  • Armageddon

    Hey I just remembered Ryse was exclusive too but then it came to pc

  • Splinter

    This exclusivity doesn’t make any sense. I plan to buy an Xbox One someday, but I’ll definitely wait for the Definitive Edition on PS4.

  • YouGusta

    Exclusive? yeah for 6 month.

    Microsoft being Microsoft instead of making their own exclusives they buy from others, smh.

  • ZEROthefirst

    Had no intentions of getting this game in the first place, but with more multiplat to exclusive/timed exclusive shit from Microsoft yet again I’m definitely never touching this. You know Microsoft this kind of thing you like to do hurts you more in the long run because it makes people trust you less and less when they have to flip-flop on consoles because you want more money.

  • Hector Velar

    keyword “will be released exclusively for Xbox in 2015” and “will be released for Xbox sometime during the Holiday 2015”. What I read is that it will be initially released for the xbone during Xmas time 2015 and then early 2016 will be release for all the other systems with all the bugs fixed and extra content. Thanks microsoft for taking the initial release, I will buy the PC version once they fix all their bugs and have extra content and half the price.

  • Tincho Kudos

    Wasn’t this announced for PS4 too? I don’t get it

    • Godmars

      A reveal trailer was shown off at E3, with everyone assuming it was multi.

      • Tincho Kudos

        Maybe, but I’m sure the preorders for the PS4 version were up as soon as it was announced. Even amazon had preorders for PS4, if it was only an assumption it is a big big mistake

        • Godmars

          Especially, comically, if those pre-orders were greater for the PS4 version.

  • Tom

    Not that I really wanted to play the next game that much but making a well known multi-platform franchise is bullshit. It’s a crime agains the gamers. Noone will buy the Xbone to play the next TR.

    • HarakiriKami

      Multiplatform development is expensive and taxing on developer focus. These companies gotta keep up with demand you know

  • Brimfyre

    As long as the words, “Persona. Exclusive. Xbox.” are never uttered in the same sentence, then they can have all the fun they want with a series that was basically dead, and just finally managed to pull itself above water, only to have Microsoft place it’s boot on top of it’s head.

    • HarakiriKami

      The last game had too many flaws and the bs from Square with DLC.

      This is already an improvement. They can focus on not making the game run like shit. So when its ported down the line it’ll run even better everywhere else.

    • NeptuniasBeard

      I honestly doubt even Sony would pay to keep Persona exclusive if ATLUS decided to take it elsewhere. So no worries there

  • nekolife

    Well this doesn’t sound like a problem to me. I’ll be happy to play the 1080p 60fps Rise of Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition on PS4 later.

  • NeptuniasBeard

    This might just be the new Bayoneta in terms of incoming backlash…

    • Godmars


      • NeptuniasBeard

        Popular IP whose first installment was multiplatform but it’s sequel is exclusive to one console. The less popular one at that. Though this one has the potential to be even worse since Tomb Raider sold 2-3 million more units than Bayo.

        • HarakiriKami

          But 4 million people own Xbox One’s

          • Aristides

            Yet more people bought Tomb Raider Definitive edition on PS4

          • Godmars

            Not everyone who owns an XB1 is going to buy it. Same with Bayonetta.

          • HarakiriKami

            yes but you only have 1 million people who could possibly complain about tombraider

          • Godmars

            The point is that over three platform, there were four million people who bought it. Whereas this move wont really promote XB1 sales, and Crystal Dynamics/Square just cut down the game’s potential sales by 2/3.

            When all is said and done this is a slightly good thing for MS, but a bad thing for devs, pubs and a majority of gamers.

          • just remember that Xbox 360+Ps3 together have sold more than 100 millions but the Tomb Raider sales couldn’t even reach 10 millions.
            so, the numbers here can be way worse. :(

  • Busted


  • Paul Rodriguez

    That sucks but it is fine. I’ll survive. I skipped years of Tomb Raider games before playing the reboot on PS3/4. In fact I skipped so many, before the TR game on PS3/4, the last one was Chronicles in 2000.

  • Kornelious

    You…..Bastards >:(

    Well if what happens normally occurs then it won’t be long before the PS4 gets the ‘Complete” version or whatever, so I’ll let this pass for now -_-

  • LDM

    It’s most likely timed-exclusive, as someone mentioned earlier. Major third party exclusives are practically rare these days. I see a PS4/PC(hopefully)Wii U released maybe 2016 or 2017.

  • AverageGamers

    Wow, and here I was thinking if I’m getting the new gen, it’ll be PS4…
    Oh well, crossing my fingers it would still get an Xbox360 release just like Mortal Kombat X… that way I can still play the game without the need to force myself to get XboxOne

  • artemisthemp

    Guess I will wait on the Definitive Edition for PS4 and PC

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