Meet Gunvolt’s Rival, Copen, In Azure Striker Gunvolt

By Ishaan . August 15, 2014 . 2:30pm

Gunvolt has a rival in Azure Striker Gunvolt. His name is Copen and he’s dubbed “the Psychic Slayer”. Copen harbours a deep hatred for Psychics and the Sumeragi group, and is dedicated to eradicating psychics.


Copen feels that, left unchecked, Psychics are a threat that will eventually subjugate anyone that doesn’t have their powers, and has made it his mission to destroy them. He has no powers of his own, but his scientific mind is on par with Sumeragi’s best scientists.


He’s also a highly skilled fighter. Using Psychic Element samples that he has stolen and analyzed, Copen has created equipment that can replicate Psychic powers. As a result, when you face him, he will use powers that he has replicated from the game’s Psychic bosses.


Lazy Laser: Copen fires a giant laser that continues going after Gunvolt by passing through a series of wormholes. Based on the psychic elements of Merak.

Arrogant Radiance: Copen switches his shield to attack mode and fires at Gunvolt with a giant laser beam and photo guns. Based on Iota.




Blazing Bombers: Copen fires rapid balls of energy that explode as they charge forward. Based on the psychic elements of Viper.



Power Grab: Copen fires three special shots that temporarily freeze Gunvolt’s abilities. Based on the psychic elements of Carrera.


Gorgon’s Gaze: Copen fires a special beam of light that paralyzes all in its path. Based on the psychic elements of Elise.


Flesh Eater: Numerous flies chase Gunvolt around the screen. Based on the psychic elements of Stratos.


Multiplicity: Copen’s Special Ability allows him to produce several doppelgangers that all charge at Gunvolt at once. Based on the psychic elements of Zonda.


Azure Striker Gunvolt will be available in North America via the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo 3DS on August 29th. It will cost $15. A release is being prepared for Europe as well, but has not been dated yet.

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  • Flash Fire Blast

    Copen’s crotch spike too stronk plz nerf.

    • J_Joestar

      you mean Zonda right?
      Copen only seems to be making duplicates

      • Flash Fire Blast

        Whoops, my bad.

  • Ryujin

    Getting some vague Gundam Unicorn vibes from that shield. :P Design is looking good, though.

  • Tom_Phoenix

    Copen looks like Gundam X Divider in human (or android, not sure) form.

    • Off course the best version of Gundam X in that series! LOL

  • Surf

    Unicorn Gund-

    Oh its Gunvolt. Looks really cool. Cant wait to play the game

  • TheGioG

    Fighting against the ability-copying rival, eh? Cue the sweet-ass rivals battle theme, its Z̶e̶r̶o̶ ̶v̶s̶ ̶X̶ Gunvolt vs Copen. Dang, his character design looks awesome. Copen for post-game playable character pls.

  • So when is the anime coming out? There is going to be a anime for this right? There has to be a anime for this! Somebody get on that ASAP! Can’t wait to play this over and over again!

  • Kroz

    he is like if proto man had mega man’s powers. if we get a sequel i hope he’s playable, can’t wait to play this game.

  • King Dedede

    Meh, at least he doesn’t have an entire army of giant indestructible robots to wipe the Psychic race out.

  • SetzerGabbiani

    Copen is Protoman/Zero I suppose.

  • Revorse

    Damn. All those robot designs are awesome as hell.

    • King Dedede

      They are not robots, they are Psychics, something in the lines of an X-Men Mutant, unless you’re talking about the common minions in the screenshots.

  • Namuro

    This guy could easily be a protagonist himself! What a design!

    Also, I’d like to think that this is what Blues looks like when he takes off his helmet! LOL

    • King Dedede

      I don’t think people would like to play as an obviously racist guy who commits genocide to people of an entire race.

      • Namuro

        I didn’t say that his personality makes for a protagonist, but his design sure does!

        Besides, aren’t main characters in most Western games are like that? Killing off a whole alien race, Wiping out all the Nazi, etc. And people love them!

        • King Dedede

          Yup, i can agree with that, but judging by his description, his design doesn’t fit him, it would have been better for one of the Sumeragi psychics, if they wanted to create a Sentinel-like character, i think they should have made him look older.

          • Namuro

            C’mon, it’s a Japanese game with a very Japanese design! They’re not gonna make the “rival” drastically different from the hero. Just like Sasuke to Naruto, or Vegeta to Goku. Or in this case, more like Blues to Rockman.

          • King Dedede

            Well, japanese rivals are usually created to be relatable, so if they felt the need to create one, the could have made some kind of guy who acts like Magneto from X-Men

          • Namuro

            As a villain, yes, that would work, but to have an old person as a direct rival to a teenager would be…rather weird and mismatched. I mean, in X-Men, Magneto’s rival is Prof. X, and that works well because they’re in the same age range with similar experience and background.

            Rivalry is not always restricted by age, but it works better (at least in work of fiction) because it’s supposed to represent a competition between two similar forces.

            Besides, people (especially Japanese people) prefers younger-looking characters anyway. And he fits right in with all the “oh-so-fabulous” characters in this game!

          • King Dedede

            What i mean is, if the hero and the rival were supposed to be similar, the rival should have a more noble yet different goal from the hero, if they wanted to use this design that seems to match a good guy better, i think it should have been for a nicer character.

          • Namuro

            Isn’t…that what they’re already doing?

            Copen’s goal is actually quite noble, since he’s taking it upon himself to fight in order to protect those without powers, but he obviously takes things too far, due to his deep hatred for the Psychics. And that’s where he clashes with our hero, Gunvolt, who is fighting the same enemy, the Sumeragi, but with a different goal in mind.

            They’re both young and ambitious, with incredible power, which they want to use to make the world a better place. But they cannot avoid facing off against each other, due to the different views on things.

            Sounds like a good rivalry to me!

            But you know what? You should try playing the game first, and see how his character actually plays out. We don’t really know too much about this guy at this point. Heck, he might actually doesn’t hate the Psychics, but act like so in order to fool someone, or maybe hes’ brainwashed, or maybe he’s a double agent, a robot in disguise, Gunvolt’s son from the future, etc. LOL

          • King Dedede

            What i mean is, i feel like Copen’s goal is not noble at all, even if his personality turns out to be great, it has been stated that he eradicates Psychics, and i lack what is needed to sympathize with a racist who actually STEALS part of the power of the Psychics he kills, i find that hard to relate to, it already seems that he already did murdered some Psychics, so even if he gets a change of morals, he will probably have already murdered someone by them.
            What i mean is, he doesn’t seem relatable, he might turn out to be, but i really don’t feel like he will.

          • Namuro

            Well, nobody said that you have to “like” him. I mean, he’s an enemy in the game.

            As for me, I was only praising his design, which I think looks really good.

            Anyway, if you feel uncomfortable with a character like this in a game, you might want to pass on this, then.

      • Shippoyasha

        I love playing as genociders. Genocide CUTTER!

        • King Dedede

          Genocide is fine, but i would never play as a racist guy.

          • British_Otaku

            Seems like you are cutting your experience of games short for no real reason, it doesn’t need to reflect on you (especially with all of the races being fictional and it being a game).

            Some characters are just characters. Some Valkyria Chronicles recruits have a personal issue with men, women, a specific race, heights (Literally a fear of heights for a sniper? Justified with backstory but still), working as a team and the Imperial faction which often expresses itself in gameplay, not just in cutscenes and blurbs of text.

          • King Dedede

            But do those Valkyria Chronicles characters kill the people they have issues with?

          • British_Otaku

            That depends on the case, it is more of a light nod to how characters work especially as you don’t need to have to use all of the characters.

            The characters who dislike men/women or working as a team (some characters like everyone), get a stat decrease from being with them while in combat.

            Some characters get a stat boost because they love nature, love the desert, happen to be able to see in the dark and happen to be a masochist who gets more powerful as they lose more and more health .

            A major character who has an issue with an innocent race is ultimately an ally, learns to understand other people and such aside from none of that race being an enemy. The Imperials (bad guys but another faction are on your arse too) have some of your team hate them especially so they will get a lot of chances. Oh and some of your team dislike major characters in your team, but killing your own characters especially major ones isn’t something you are likely to do.

            If you have played Fire Emblem, it is fairly similar in the sense that characters are well defined but ultimately can be picked by you. It seems Lost Dimension can be compared as well.

            EDIT: In Lost Dimension, one of my characters killed all of my allies when he went into a rage mode so I lost… >_> Does that count?

          • Shippoyasha

            I’m ok with it as long as we see what makes them tick and if the game is interesting for it. It’d be interesting to play a proper villain and not some antagonist who only takes a few major twists to turn fully good.

            This whole psychics deal reminds me of X-Men.

            There’s some ‘racist’ villains in the lore you can kind of sympathize with considering the world is turning insane thanks to the rise of a new power. And they can be complex, interesting characters if pulled off right.

        • Namuro

          And I counter with Kaiser WAVE!

      • AkuLord3

        I didn’t realize that psychics were another race but the same race, just people with powers : p

      • Firekitty

        Considering there are a bunch of psychics using their powers for evil in this game, I’d say he’s probably justified? It’s a bit extreme to decide that EVERYONE in a group must be bad because a few people are, but it’s also a 100% common and relatable mistake.

        Also, he’s called the rival, not a villain, so odds are the hero will change his mind with the power of Friendship, and they join forces by the end of the game. We Fujoshi are an important demographic!

  • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

    I’m impressed by how good the bosses’ designs are; so much nostalgia for the days of Mega Man / Mega Man X~.

  • OkamiKing

    I am protoman!!!!

  • Ric Vazquez

    Take my money Inafune, all $15 of it.

  • Captain Levi

    That design. Awesome.

  • Sentinel

    So is this our Protoman then?

  • Asuna Ilano

    Asemu Vs. Zeheart?

  • Go2hell66

    But is he playable?

    • spyro20

      i was thinking the same thing.

  • Vash bane

    GUUUNNNNDDAAAA…. oh wait wrong game (that shield tho) sounds like a interesting boss specially because of him using boss abilities.

  • s07195

    Mainly red and white design, rival, and uses a shield? I don’t know who that reminds me of at all. XD

  • Isuke-sama

    Lazy Laser, Arrogant Radiance. Probably the best title for a video game boss ever.

  • Ying

    This guy’s design reminds me of Chaud’s from the Megaman anime

    • spyro20


      • Ying

        Yes but no. In the anime, Megaman and Protoman were the Net Navi’s of humans. Megaman’s was Lan, and Protoman’s was Chaud who looks a lot like this guy. Same white/black hair, cameo pants, even the facial structure looks similar.

  • RagingTiger44

    Protoman with a gun and shield. Looks like Protoman’s operator Chaud from Megaman.EXE. Rival to main character. The comparisons…

  • AceEsper

    That guy looks pretty freaking cool!

  • Dianatos

    Look at those X’s. It’s like they gave the blue protagonist Zero elements and the red (read: pink) Protoman Rival some X elements. Superficial, I know, but I love the idea of playing with and mixing and matching the character traits of Mega Man characters in order to make this non Mega Man game.

  • Twilleppac

    I might like Copen’s design more than Gunvolt’s, and I already liked his a lot.

  • Michael Chen

    With him firing lasers, he somehow reminded me of Craft from MMZ 4.

  • XiaomuArisu

    Hello Future 2nd playable character

  • WyattEpp

    He stole Unicorn’s shield. :<

  • Göran Isacson

    huh. So the power-copying dude is the villain in this game. Gotta admit, that’s a nifty twist.

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