Meet The Characters Of Alphadia Genesis For Wii U

By Ishaan . August 22, 2014 . 2:58pm


Natsume are publishing one of Kemco’s RPGs, Alphadia Genesis for the Wii U, in North America. This morning, they shared profiles for some of the game’s characters, and also touched upon its story. Let’s start with that:


Alphadia Year 1092: Fifteen years have passed since the end of the terrible Energi Wars, where clones were used as weapons. Two kingdoms, after nearly destroying each other and the natural resources of Energi, signed an important peace treaty, and have been co-operative neighbors ever since: Augustine and Archleign, where the story of Alphadia Genesis begins.


And now, on to the cast of characters you’ll find in the game:


Fray is a member of the local guild in the Kingdom of Archleign, and a skilled swordsman; though he’s been invited to join the national army, he prefers the freedom of working on his own schedule.  He has a younger sister, Aurra.  His primary element is Fire.


Aurra, an early addition to the party, is an Energi researcher and an expert on clones from the recent Energi Wars. She worries about her brother, and wants to name clones after food. Her primary element is Light.


Enah, a clone accidentally activated by Fray, is a Model 2000, and more stable than the Model 1000.  Wielding a deadly chakra, don’t get between her and her master!  Her primary element is Water.


Corone may look meek and demure, but her soft exterior and manners hide a core of steel! From the Kingdom of Augustine, she has been sent by her king to discover the mystery behind clones who have begun murdering their masters – but does she have an ulterior motive?  Her primary element is Light.


Walter is the other member of the Augustine Kingdom investigation squad. He looks down on guild members like Fray, believing anyone with real talent should join their nation’s army. He’s very hot tempered and will squabble frequently with other party members. His primary element is Water.


“We have been waiting for an opportunity to launch a Wii U title since the system’s release in late 2012,” said Hiro Maekawa, President and CEO at Natsume. “Alphadia Genesis provided us with a fantastic opportunity to bring our fans an RPG we’re sure they’re going to love!”


Alphadia Genesis will be released on Wii U in North America this Fall.

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  • Rwokkefeller

    About time the Wii U got some old-school JRPGs!

    • PreyMantis

      Are you saying Earthbound, Golden Sun, Breath of Fire 2, Uncharted Waters: New Horizons don’t count as old-school JRPGs?

      • Rwokkefeller

        Those games are Virtual Console though. I’m talking about old-school JRPGs developed in this age for Wii U, such as this and Pier Solar HD.

        • PreyMantis

          Ah, okay.

  • NintendoPSXTheSecond

    Interested. That’s about it though.

  • Kornelious

    Defs gonna be my first Wii U Digital purchase! :D

  • Kaitou21

    Played this on my android a while back, it was alright, gave me about 20-30 hrs. of gameplay i think.

    • Kaihaku

      Did you spot any notable differences between the Android version and the Wii U version?

      • Kaitou21

        Nope, so far it seems like an exact duplicate/perfect port.

        • Kaihaku

          Too bad, I was hoping that there would be some additional content. Ah well I’ll still pick it up and enjoy it.

  • Tiredman

    Sincerely hoping they keep the price reasonable. If they do, I will buy it, if they don’t, my backlog is huge and I am currently working on Tales of Xillia 2 so my jrpg itch is being scratched.

  • Hound

    More and more spontaneous Fall 2014 games to keep track of T__T
    I’ll have to magic up some money making scheme and an additional scheme to get me out of work to play =/

    • Sorry! It was originally looking like a winter release but the localization process went very quickly so we decided not to hold it back :)

      • Hound

        There’s always room for e-shop games. It’s the bigger ones that’ll have to fight (or be fought for) =P

  • keithmaxx

    More RPGs on Wii U? Consider me interested!

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