Fairy Fencer F Trailer Shows Off “Fairize” Feature

By Ishaan . August 23, 2014 . 5:00pm


NIS America have shared a new trailer and screenshots for Fairy Fencer F. The trailer highlights the game’s “Fairize” feature whereby you can fill up you Tension Gauge, and then Fairize, merging with their fairy partner into a Fury Form.


fairyfencer_01 fairyfencer_02 fairyfencer_03 fairyfencer_04 fairyfencer_05 fairyfencer_06 fairyfencer_07 fairyfencer_08 fairyfencer_09 fairyfencer_10 fairyfencer_11 fairyfencer_12 fairyfencer_13 fairyfencer_14 fairyfencer_15 fairyfencer_16 fairyfencer_17 fairyfencer_18 fairyfencer_19 fairyfencer_20 fairyfencer_21 fairyfencer_22 fairyfencer_23 fairyfencer_24 fairyfencer_25 fairyfencer_26

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  • alhamega

    Wrong video, folks.

  • endril

    Combine with your fairy to become a gundam.

  • Ryker

    At least the screens look sweet!

  • Genjo

    well at least we got both good news lol a new gundam breaker 2 is awesome news xD

  • sidspacewalker

    Doesn’t Tales of Zestiria have a similar mechanic?

    • God


  • Spirit Macardi

    I’m tempted to get this, if only because Kaiji “Kenshiro” Tang is the voice of the main character.

    Also, I can’t tell if that fairy in the fourth picture wants to make a contract, or if it’s about to grab a giant ring and go save Phantomile x3

  • Prinny Dood

    2 more years dood! And sony can finally put the ps3 to rest. Then we can get more ps vita support dood! *Looks both ways* God i wish this game was for the vita!Doooooood!!

  • mckun

    The Video is Gundam breaker 2.

    So Fairy fencer F can now pilot mechs? Outside of that great screenshots.

  • DesmaX

    Man, Compile Hearts really stepped their game u


  • Morningstar

    Okay, why is there a Gundam ad in the article?

  • makubexnas
  • I see Ishaan is half asleep again…

  • Yan Zhao

    There’s Gundams in FAIRY FENCER F!? Yo ULL!!!!!

  • indra jaya

    “Fairize”, with internet, everyday you learn a new word… oh by the way, that bald old man looks creepy… :D haha…

  • Alright, let’s put up the real trailer here :) I got ya covered, Ishaan


    Pleasant amount of restraint shown by Compile Heart. Only Harley got a “jiggle” shot, and it was quick, and she’s older than all the lolis in the game, so it’s relatively cool. Good for you, Compile Heart! Keep not being pervy xD

  • Louis Zorrilla
  • Kornelious

    …..I know that the characters Fairize forms kinda look mech-ish, but they can’t be THAT easy to confuse Ishaan XD

    Here’s the actual trailer. I have to say, the voice actors are fitting and seem to to a goo job. Though Eryn sounds a bit disinterested…..Though that could just be in the character. Though no matter what, the game is still gonna be awesome and I can’t wait for September 16th! :D


  • idrawrobots

    Oh cool, this game has Excalibur

    • Spirit Macardi

      Oh god, I keep trying to get over Troy Baker’s great roles that he’s left behind, and I just keep getting reminded ;_;

      • idrawrobots


    • God


      From the United Kingdom

      I’m looking for him.

      I’m going to California~

  • Watched the real trailer from posts below. Some of their voices are not what I pictured them to sound like, but overall I am pleased =^_^=

  • KazukiNanbu

    there was a gundam breaker 2 trailer?? i did’t notice it because i wanted to see the pictures(and because i already saw the trailer) hahahaha

  • darke

    Gundam Breaker F.

  • Whoops, this was supposed to go into the Gundam Breaker post. Sorry, I pasted in the wrong code. Fixed!

  • Ni ~Algidus~

    wow. so we fuse with our fairies and we turn into gundams? can i still pre order this game? can’t wait for “We are Gundam” trailer.

    jokes aside. I already imported the game and it was okay so i’m going to skip the localized version. Also, Harley/Harlet is love

    • Pablo Sanchez

      So its not great?

      • Anewme…Again

        That’s a new I.P. from Compile heart, so the chance of that game being great is really slim.

        Usually with Compile heart, their first game from a new serie are bad or decent, but get a lot better with each new game of that serie after.

        • God

          As a fan of the Original Hyperdimension Neptunia, i strongly disagree.

          • Nix da

            Sadly i have to agree.

          • natchu96

            Oh boy, God disagrees.

            *grabs popcorn*

      • Ni ~Algidus~

        for me, no. it was not great. it was fun to play but nothing to get hyped about. If you’ve played a Neptunia game before, the game systems of FFF will feel almost the same, with the differences being the Universe and some minor things. In the end it fell under the “it was alright” category for me

        • JeremyTMH

          I didn’t really like how the endings turned out. >.>

        • Pablo Sanchez

          mmm,so thats kinda sad to heard, no release for me I guess, tks

  • Suriel Cruz

    It is ok to be greedy and want every upcoming RPG? I mean, I just got Tales of Xillia 2 and I’m thinking on Fairy Fencer f already. :^D “Gotta’ LOVE RPGs!”

    • DanielGearSolid

      After the extreme Jrpg drought of 7th Gen…

      We DESERVE them all!


      (Currently recovering from Jrpg withdrawal)

      • There was a drought? *looks at large shelf filled primarily with them*

        • ehtnah

          drought? hum…. I don’t know but my shelf is breaking (tooooo much games!!!!), and my wallet is empty soooo….mayby a drought of money? or space in my poor shelf?

      • ishyg

        Drought? I haven’t even finished any of the ones I’ve got (primarily due to lack of time, and lack of PS3).

      • Man, you must’ve missed some great games if you didn’t notice Eternal Sonata, Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon, Tales of Xillia 1 + 2, Tales of Vesperia, Last Story, Xenoblade, Ni No Kuni, the Atelier series, Ar No Surge, Valkyria Chronicles, Natural Doctrine and way more. I mean, those are the great ones I have played. I have also played… uh… interesting stuff like Enchanted Arms, Infinite Undiscovery, Trinity: Souls of Zill O’ll, Tales of Graces F, and tons of others.

        And oh yeah, Final Fantasy games and Compile Heart stuff are out there too. Gotta look a *little* harder DanielGearSolid ;)

        Just because these games aren’t force-fed into your TV every commercial break (like all the sh** EA does that commands a multi-million dollar ad campaign) doesn’t mean they’re NOT out there. You’re missing out!

      • Ric Vazquez

        Amen brother, the FPS infestation was strong on last gen.

    • Ric Vazquez

      After the FPS infestation of last gen we deserve it, so yeah it’s okay to be greedy with RPG right now XD

  • aizen310

    I see waifus…
    Waifus everywhere! :O

    • Ric Vazquez


  • Naryl

    the trailer was cool and all but I could only think about something while watching it…. I HOPE IT HAS JAP VOICES OPTION !!

    I have nothing about ENG voices of mature characters.. but when they try to make a young cute girl voices… you get Vanille.

    • Crimrui

      It sounds like they picked up people on the street to record this. There are times when English is done right in JRPGs…. these are not one of them…

      Want to hear something worse then Vanille? Try Star Ocean’s Lymle.

      Anyway, I’m getting this ether way.

      • SupaPhly

        “It sounds like they picked up people on the street to record this.”

        NISA voice acting in a nutshell

        • Eh, they know that’s not their audience. There’s a reason their games almost universally have dual audio.

      • Hinataharem

        Lymle’s voice was awful, ‘kaayyyy

        • Crimrui

          Oh God, the horror…
          Thankfully, the International edition with Japanese audio option was a savior. :3

      • Naryl

        you only need to pick ANY game with ENG voices where one character is either a kid or a high pitch cute young girl… I’m sorry but you have to use a kid to give voice to a kid or.. be japanese.

  • natchu96

    I like that Harley girl. Guns + boobs + overkill.

    Step 1: Blast everything in sight
    Step 2: If necessary, think of a Step 2.

    No matter what game I’m playing, that’s how I roll.

  • Steven Higgins

    Aaannd, THIS is why I have to break my rule about getting one game a moth.

  • Ric Vazquez

    And this is one of the reasons to not focus too much on PS4 yet

  • This… doesn’t really work to sell me on the game. For what seems to be trying to be uber attacks, they certainly seem to be… bored when preforming them.

    As for the attacks themselves…. Eh. Take it or leave it. Nothing really wows me, and I’m like to see if there’s a way to just skip the animations due to my general dislike of overly long attacks.

  • HonoraryCMC

    Welp. I already know who my main party will be. Fang, Tiara and Ethel.

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