Margaret Confirmed As Paid DLC For Persona 4 Arena Ultimax In North America

By Ishaan . August 26, 2014 . 11:58am

Margaret, who was recently announced as DLC for Persona 4 Arena Ultimax in Japan, has been confirmed as paid DLC for the game in North America as well.


Atlus USA announced this morning that Margaret will be available one week after Persona 4 Arena Ultimax’s release on September 30th. Screenshots of her can be viewed below, along with trailers for Chie, Ken/Koromaru and Labrys.


Chie Trailer:



Ken & Koromaru Trailer:



Labrys Trailer:




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  • Huh, Press Y for Boss Form?

    • P3 Messiah

      I guess is the Unlimited Form like Blazblue.

      • NeoStrayCat

        More than likely…

        • Afternoon Intergalactic

          Brings me back to the horrors of score attack mode…

    • James Reilly

      Score attack mode being playable most likely. Lol this will be fun for casual matches.

  • 하세요

    “Just suck it up.”
    Rise, one does not simply just “suck up” Margaret’s damage.

  • Afternoon Intergalactic

    That’s fine. I’m content with this, although I probably won’t double dip DLC and will wait til it comes overseas. Oh well, it keeps things fresh for when I also buy the American release a month later.

  • Herok♞

    Fine by me they are giving out the other two for free so I don’t mind paying for one character

    • Limbless

      The distraction tactic worked, then.

      I hope you don’t think it’s mature of you to say you’re okay with something that SHOULD be complained about.

      • Herok♞

        I buy my Blazblue characters full price after launch as well and this was after buying the LE because at the end of the day its more content that I want, for me instead of having to spend $24, the cost is down to $8. I have no reason to complain. Also whats immature here is trying to question and take issue with what another adult does with their money. If you have an issue with this more power you, otherwise its a non issue for me.

        • God

          The meaning of “mature” is different for each individual, neither of you should judge the other.

      • Yan Zhao

        The complain is getting old. Get over it. This is the industry now.

        • Ash_Riot

          Tell me your opinions on Capcom and their on disc DLC. Did you hate on them? Just checking you’re consistent. ;)

          • Yan Zhao

            I dont hate Capcom for doing DLC. I hate them for the WAY they do DLC. P4U’s DLC is handled much better than Capcom’s. There’s a difference, so nice try, please go educate yourself.

            Be that as it may, I dont complain about it, I just chose not to buy it if I dont like it. Simple. Maybe you should try doing the same.

          • Ash_Riot

            I already stated that I’m getting this down the road when it’s cheap. And just so we’re clear; the principle is the same for both capcom as it is with this game; they’re both on-disc dlc, so no, you’re not being consistent with your belief there. The only person who needs to educate themselves, is yourself. Street FighterxTekken is worse than this, sure, but it’s a similar enough scenario.

            Persona Arena 1 didn’t have this problem, so why should this game, which is the sequel?

  • ryougazell

    Did they say how much? I will get her for sure.

    • mckun

      Probably 7-8 USD.

  • Josef217

    I’ll just wait for the 3rd version of the game xD haha with all the dlc chars and like 1 or 2 hours of extra story no thanks capcom oh wait…

    • Afternoon Intergalactic

      They may release a digital “ultimate addition” which comes with all the DLC like they did with the original.

      • Jadfish

        but… this IS the ultimate addition. No wait, its more than that, it’s the ULTIMAX addition!

    • James Reilly

      Good luck considering the last persona fighter had no “new version” at all.

    • César H. Sandoval

      This game is a sequel, it’s not a 2nd version of P4 Arena.

  • DeadLineDance

    I love all three of her Personas being on the character select screen at once. Just hanging, like, “Why yes, we are her badass crew.”
    Come to think of it, they ARE three of the handsomest male Personas… (if Ardha counts) …perhaps they are the studs she’s keeping? (Along with Yuu and Theo, of course.)

    • God

      Ardha is half male and half female, why not?

  • RunningWild1984

    Is she gonna be the Kokonoe of the game?

  • chroma816

    Paid DLC? Eh…I’ll still probably get her. Wish she were free, but we’re getting Adachi and Marie for free so whatever.

  • s6_miller

    Few questions, firstly why is she paid DLC rather than being free like other two? Especially considering she’s being released after only one week of being out. And is this going to be the last P4A game?

    • Afternoon Intergalactic

      1. Because the developers would like to recoup some of the cost of creating these bonus characters.

      2. There’s been speculation that it will be the last P4A game, especially when the in-game tournament is now called “P1-Climax”. Nobody is sure though.

  • Lastlight

    Labrys has the sexist accent in the history of accents (English of course)
    Whats the name of her voice actor

    • D-Rev

      Cindy Robinson

      • Lastlight

        Thank you

    • James Reilly

      Labrys English voice would be if Makoto Nanaya from BB tried a Brooklyn accent impression the whole game.

      • Lastlight

        Is….is that bad :(

        • Hound

          No, that’s good. Atlus incorporating pseudo Brooklyn and Jersey (Joysey) accents in their games lately adds a nice touch.

          Too often, VAs seem to try to imitate Japanese VAs (to disasterous results.) Imitating legitimate English accents simply isn’t done with enough variety.. and the results are quite welcome

    • Aisha Lee

      Cindy Robinson who also plays Makoto Nanaya from blazblue. Also plays Amy Rose (currently) from Sonic and Naurto’s Mom from Naruto.

    • thrak

      Sexist accent?… I think Adachi has one. I mean, putting ‘bitch’ in all his phrases…Okay, okay…I understand you just forgot ‘e’ in ‘sexiest’

      • Lastlight

        Thanks for the correction lol

  • Robert Backland

    I’ll wait for it to go on sale to even that out.. I’m not going to start paying 70+ dollars for a game, and that’s what this all is..

    • The Watcher

      $70? Where are you buying your games?

      • Hound

        He’s including hypothetical DLC costs

    • Ash_Riot

      Exactly. Why should we pay for the game new when they do crap like this? What’s even the point anymore? Vote with your wallet.

  • Blesmi

    LOL paid dlc before the fucking game is even out? Good shit Atlus, with this kind of garbage along with charging “premium” prices for no reason (PQ for example), you’re becoming almost as godawful as NISA.

    • SlickRoach

      NISA is one of my favorite companies but yeah, I feel ya on this one. On top of being a $60 fighting game (which the most I’ve paid for for one is $50 for BB:CP) and all this DLC too? When it was first announced I thought it was an upgraded version a la Ultra Street Fighter IV but “because story” it’s full price. I’d be iffy buying all this DLC for a $40 fighting game, yet alone for $60.

      • César H. Sandoval

        I’d rather pay extra for a true sequel (new story and gameplay mechanichs) than an “expansion” ala SF4.

      • Afternoon Intergalactic

        Because drastic system changes, almost doubling the cast, new story, redone online lobbies, shadow mode, etc.

        Why would you think it was an “upgraded version”? Releasing sequels is the trend with ASW games.

        • SlickRoach

          You said shadow mode twice

        • Limbless

          Consider this a question to all of your replies: Why are you so desperately defending shoddy business practices? I’m looking forward to the game too, but putting characters who are ready at release and therefore should be in the game to start with, and are literally on the disc, behind an arbitrary paywall is just penny pinching, and the fact that it’s been done before or that the game is otherwise good doesn’t make it okay.

          Seriously though, why are you defending it? I’m not being rhetorical.

          • Afternoon Intergalactic

            Are you talking about DLC characters? Because I was trying to justify the creation of a sequel as opposed to an update in the comment you replied to.

            Also, I really don’t know where you got that I was “desperate[ly]” defending anything; for the most part I’ve just tried to keep the discussion from spiraling into yet another “ON DISC DLC SCREW ATLUS/SEGA” rant that has been started time and time again.

            Sure, I’m alright with the way this is being handled, but I’m not out on a crusade to convert people to my line of reasoning.

          • Limbless

            If you want to start picking arguments apart, fine.

            “I don’t see anyone else throwing a fit, do you?”
            You are saying that any dissent toward what they’re doing is childish and an overreaction. Trying to shut down a reasonable argument that way is childish and totally ineffectual in itself, as is saying that since the argument has been brought up before it’s simply a “rant”. That isn’t true. It is legitimate criticism of continuous bad practice, and why you as a consumer think it is simply to be dealt with is worrying, since it’s likely many defeatedly agree.

            And what’s with the “[ly]”, that was perfectly correct.

          • Afternoon Intergalactic

            Was I picking arguments apart? I just wanted to know why you used “desperately” (sans the [] now, it was my mistake before).

            Regarding my previous response toward Ash_Riot, I was responding toward his “sore arse” comment, which I do consider childish. I’m fine with people legitimately criticizing something, but most of the time it’s simply a bashing of the company/developers, without real explanation as to why they consider the practice detrimental to the industry. I guess that’s why I’m a bit wary.

            I really don’t want to debate this further, let’s agree to disagree and leave it here. Thanks for your responses!

          • Limbless

            Did you not notice “mike dickson”‘s classy “the butthurt is real” comment he was responding to?

            But if you want to leave it there, fine. Peace out.

        • colorblindnightmare

          Thank you for speaking common sense. You actually paid attention. This game has a crazy amount of content. Why can’t people see that?

          • Afternoon Intergalactic

            To be honest, I doubt many of the people commenting have even played the game, or at very least read all of the articles posted to siliconera.

    • Sakurazaki

      Aren’t we getting two characters for free?

      • The Watcher

        exactly, that’s why i don’t see why people are making such a fuss

      • Limbless

        Them being free for the first week isn’t a favour from Atlus, SEGA and ASW; them being charged for seperately at any point is a money grubbing slap in the consumer’s face from them.
        Same to you, The Watcher.

    • mike dickson

      the butthurt is real

      • Ash_Riot

        The only one with a sore arse is people who support this – on disc DLC is what Capcom got in a lot of trouble for – with Atlus it’s just a-okay all of a sudden? Remember, Atlus are now owned by SEGA and I have no doubt that it was them that forced this since let’s face it, SEGA are a shadow of their former selves nowadays.

        • Afternoon Intergalactic

          I don’t see anyone else throwing a fit, do you?

          • Ash_Riot

            I hope you keep that tone when Capcom or whoever else do the same exact thing, then.

          • mckun

            I wanted to point out that I actually do but…I boycotted Capcom after the fact that it was implied that I had to buy a whole new game with little to no content to be in the FGC for that series. USSF4 right after buying SF4 and UMVC3 after MVC3.

        • mike dickson

          I know what you mean but yeah you guys are over exaggerating right now your complaining about a paid dlc character cut Atlus some slack there not Capcom there not telling you here’s 20 dlc characters for a game with 8 character rooster making you pay for each one individually for 12 a piece that’s just ridiculous but anyway at the end of the day nobodys putting gun to your head and its not complusary to get anyway

          • Ash_Riot

            But that’s where things are going, though. Who’s to say that whenever they make another Persona Arena game that they don’t do that? They’re testing the waters with Margaret as dlc.

        • Cazar

          It has nothing to do with SEGA. Atlus was already dabbling with DLC before the acquisition and they have more independence now as a subsidiary than they did under Index as just a brand.

          And people seem to keep forgetting that Arc System Works has a big hand in this game as well. The DLC practices here are no different than what ArcSys has been doing with their other recent fighters. Atlus, as the publisher, is obviously making the final calls but there’s no reason to doubt that there would be some degree of influence.

          • Ash_Riot

            Yup, nothing to do with the company who, ya know, OWN THEM?

          • Cazar

            Well clearly that went over your head.

          • Ash_Riot

            Yeah, I know Atlus did it before they were acquired by SEGA, but just waving SEGA away from any responsibility is really silly.

            I don’t recall on-disc DLC for Persona Arena 1? Do you?

          • Cazar

            I don’t recall it on BlazBlue CT either, but I do recall it for SMTIV.

            I get that blaming SEGA is the popular thing to do but the reality is that the entire industry is changing; arguably for the worse. And Atlus and ArcSys are no exceptions to that.

          • Ash_Riot

            I don’t disagree with you (Arc System and Atlus both need a slap, honestly), I just think all parties involved are guilty, SEGA included.

        • Vesperion

          Lol, Why do you just randomly blame Sega?

          • Ash_Riot

            Cause they own them? If you really think Atlus don’t get told what to do off their owners, then you you’re being ignorant.

          • Vesperion

            Atlus can treat their fans pretty well, but you’re being ignorant if you think of Atlus as some knight in shining armor that wouldn’t hit your pockets up for DLC.

            They’re still a business who’s plan to make money. Being owned by Sega doesn’t change that.

          • Ash_Riot

            And you’re an idiot if you think Atlus have always done this. Look at the PS2 releases, sure, they re-released/ported their games, but there was a wealth of new features on each release to justify it. Plus, they never did this with Persona Arena 1, which people keep ignoring.

          • Vesperion

            No need for name calling. I personally don’t care about on disc dlc since its been there even before capcom made sfxt. Besides Atlus has been beating the horse known as P4 for awhile now make all sorts of cash grabs on it before sega even bought them out.

            and it’s not like P4U doesn’t have DLC. that game stopped being supported after 1 update, but why the hell would you make DLC characters only to bring them out the first week like that?

            But since you work for Sega/Atlus i’m sure you can tell me right?

            “Plus, they never did this with Persona Arena 1”
            Nintendo games never used to have DLC, but i guess that isn’t true since they never did that before

        • Herok♞

          I look a things on a case by case basis

          Capcom: They locked the characters on disk
          Kept them unavailable for months
          Used models from previous games
          charged $20 after making you wait months unless you had the Vita version($40 more dollars)
          The game didn’t have an arcade counterpart receiving updates and new content
          Not ok in my book

          Arc: Locked Characters on disk
          made them available right away
          made 2D models from scratch
          Is giving 2 of the 3 characters for free in the launch week.
          The game had an arcade counterpart that was updating up to launch of the game,
          Ok in my book

          So I am not just going I love Atlus and everything they do I have reasons for not liking how Capcom handled their on disk dlc compared to how Arcs did it

        • Mr_SP

          Why do you think it’s on the disc? It’s not on the disc in Japan – it got announced at the same time the game was released, so unless it was finished months before, could not be on disc. The only reason it could be, is because the US version is getting released a fair bit later – except it won’t be on-disc, because translators rarely do that, and leave it as close to how it was as they can.

          • Qunton C.


            Everything for all DLC characters is already on the JP disc dump that surfaced a few days ago.


          • Mr_SP

            Have those people modded the game to give them playable characters? Even if they have some assets on there, they can’t legally release it unless it was all complete when they got it passed through the ESRB equivalent. You’re showing a lot of menu images, all of which we’ve seen in trailers and promotional art. That they already exist is not surprising – we knew they did.

            Heck, we’ve seen their trailers, we KNOW they had beta versions of the characters for a while. The question is, are those characters actually working safely in the released version of the game?

          • Qunton C.

            Man. Even in the face of all that evidence, you’re still in denial. Persona fanboys are hard headed it seems.

            So lets see, some of those images are from in-fight graphics, not just menus. The awakening and super cut-in images have been pulled from the disc, (I have them but didnt upload them because there are a LOT of files to sift through and find them) as well as battle sprites and animations. The battle sprites currently cant be viewed, but all the DLC characters have their respective battle sprites in there, evidenced by the file names. Oh, and a steamer on Nico has been using Adachi all day with no problem, despite the game (and by extension Adachi) not being officially out yet. Heres a cap of his online victory screen: So yeah. Those characters are on the disc. There’s no denying it.

          • Mr_SP

            A screencap of a victory screen? Come on, man. Can’t you actually post something that can’t be photoshopped? I have seen far more realistic fakes than the stuff you’ve posted.

            You haven’t posted battle sprites because “they can’t be viewed”? People have nabbed the sprites for Persona 4 Arena, so it makes no sense for the sprites for Ultimax to be impossible to view, especially when you have plenty of other image art, which is surely saved in the exact same file format.

            Why don’t you actually post a link to this streamers videos? Why don’t you find the battle sprites? Either you’re not trying hard enough to fake me out, or your not trying hard enough to display evidence you “already have”. Either way… You’ve got *nothing*.

          • Qunton C.

            Wow. The denial is real and it is strong. Since you’re so dead set on saying im making stuff up, let’s try this… Go look at the psn profile of the username in my “photoshopped” screencap, Type-kazemaru. Go look at his trophies. He’s HAD the Adachi DLC trophies unlocked. Ill post some screenshots for eveyone to see, but I want YOU to go look at it yourself because that will finally prove that im not lying. I cant change things on the PSN server.


          • Michael Revis

            FYI: Character portraits and trophy data =/= a full character.

            It seems you’re the only one in denial about anything.

          • Mr_SP

            So, one guy has it. Why is it that one person has the DLC, and not anyone else? Did he say it was hacked? Does he have a review copy or some other insider bonus? Why isn’t it that his feat is not being repeated? Why is it that all of 4Chan doesn’t have the Adachi DLC already? More importantly, why doesn’t he have the Margaret DLC already? It’s the only DLC anyone would consider paying for.

            You’re taking a lot of suspect information, and making a case on it.

          • Vesperion

            You guys have been going on for awhile, so i kinda lost what was being said. Doesn’t sound like he’s trying to fake you out.

            I’ve seen the image dump from the disc and i don’t think someone would waste time photoshopping those 2000+ images. even the music/dlc music was there

          • Mr_SP

            Oh. I actually went to look it up, and apparently the guy who hacked the game can’t actually unlock Margaret, until they release the patch that has her game files in it, when they release the DLC.

            That’s all I needed to know.

          • Vesperion

            The disc has her files. You’ll just be buying a unlock key from atlus.

            That guy was only extracting images, music, sprites and the like

          • Mr_SP

            Except that’s not the case. The hacker who created a mod file to unlock any DLC that’s on the disc (Adachi, Marie, premium palette swaps) can’t unlock Margaret, because the needed files will be in the next official patch. That’s what the release post said.

    • Sega screws everything over *insert “Hey what did you expect” Schweppes’ slurping Uma Thurman ad*

    • The Watcher

      Atlus gives you 2 Free characters on the first week and people still complain about paying for a future character? As long as the price is fair i see no wrong here. Perhaps she was a last minute decision anyway.

      • Asura

        Do you not comprehend that people want the game done and finished upon released to be satisfied?
        This is not a hard concept to grasp.

        • Yusei Asakura

          But Its been said that DLC from the first game carries over … SO…the only ones that seem to be getting screwed over are the ones who didn’t buy the first game when it came out and ..EU so basically if that is true. You’re talking about possibly 20+ bucks saved +16$ for the 2 characters not to mention Tarot cards that you can resell and make back

        • Mr_SP

          But… it IS finished. Margaret is a single character that adds nothing to the story, and at most, adds 4% complexity to the gameplay. The DLC that *does* add something to the story is free for everyone who downloads him. Not “everyone who buys the game”, but “everyone how knows the game is released”. The only people “screwed over” are the ones who want to main Margaret.

      • Ash_Riot

        She’s on the disc DLC. But go ahead and be a hypocrite and hate on Capcom and ignore it when Atlus do it, since they’re “so awesome” or whatever.

    • Dkmariolink

      Its not Atlus, its SEGA…

      • Hound

        eh.. Atlus has always had some quirks with special game releases, etc. The DLC for SMT:4 and Persona 3 having 3 versions kinda count.

        • Mr_SP

          One re-release with bonus features, more Social Links, and a 20 hour bonus story, and one PSP version with a completely re-worked story, dialogue and sidequests? DEVIOUS!

          DLC for SMT IV that makes the game easier and provides additional challenges for dedicated players? Horrifying!

          One paid character DLC in a game with 21 characters to start with? Monsterous!

          Next people will start complaining that it’s screwing over the players in the arcades.

          • Hound

            I wasn’t complaining. I was stating that Atlus releasing a couple DLC characters is just about the same as their traditional re-release of their games and the DLC additions that were present in SMT4. It’s not one of those foreign things..

            There’s no need to get get all defensive >__>

          • Mr_SP

            Actually, it kinda is a foreign thing. Atlus has been doing it since SMT3: Nocturne Maniax. Square Enix had FFX and FFX-2’s International versions, and the KH Remasters have all been the re-released “Final Mix” versions. Three versions of RE1 on PSX, MGS Integral, Substance and Subsistence, various third versions of Pokemon games (and technically the dual releases themselves).

            Exclusive pre-order DLC is downright common, extra DLC is nearly standard, and updated rereleases are not an exclusively Atlus scenario. You can’t point out Atlus as being the reason. The reason is that it works, and many companies stick their hands in it.

  • Well, as long as it’s not over 5 bucks I guess it’ll be fine…

    • eliel

      i get the feeling its gonna be 7.99 like the terumi character dlc for BlazeBlue

  • Byron Kerrison II

    I fail to see the problem. At least we’re getting it too.

  • Sav

    this whole damn game series is nothing more than more persona milking.

    • Hound

      Milking creates loyalty & awareness. Awareness improves sales of future releases. The 2 anime, 3 movies, and multiple stage plays also help.

      It got you to talk about it and that adds to the value of the series as a whole. Every major game company should be milking something with fair-quality products and cross-overs. They’re really missing out.

      • colorblindnightmare

        Besides with this paticular cross over they’ve got an entry in the Fighting Game Community that is basically guarentted advertsing.

    • mckun

      Persona 1 and 2 exist?

    • ShadowDivz

      Milking is only bad if they do it badly.

      I:e. some persona fans like fighting games. person themed fighting games make sense. but if it turns into COD(little difference. new release every 6 months) then its milking.

  • DigiWing

    It sounds like people forgot about all the content this sequel brings and that it’s been two years since P4A

    • Abysswalker90

      How can it be 2 years since P4A if Kanji still has that hair?

      • Mr_SP

        *facepalms* I… You… P4 Arena *THE VIDEOGAME* was released 2 years ago. In 2012.

        • Abysswalker90

          Well, I wouldn’t know, I’m a EU.

    • mckun

      Adding on: DigiWing doesn’t mean two years for the P4. Its been two years since P3 yes but not P4A. Its only been a few months because this ties in with the dancing game along with the ending to P4G.

      • Mr_SP

        *facepalms* Look at me other reply.

        • mckun

          What other reply? Unless you are DigiWing I’m utterly bloody confused.

          There was nothing under DigiWing at all besides well…moi lol.

          • Mr_SP

            My reply to Abysswalker, who also replied to DigiWing. Let me quote.
            “*facepalms* I… You… P4 Arena *THE VIDEOGAME* was released 2 years ago. In 2012.”

            That is to say, in real life, not in the setting. It’s a sequel to a game released two years ago. Unless you live in Europe. For everyone else, it has been two years. Your response fails to address the issue that Digiwing was actually speaking of.

          • mckun

            We get it now calm down. Most of use who posted here didn’t read Abysswalker’s replies NOR your reply just this one. Including me. I barely scanned this whole thread. I think you are missing that fact lol. The thing was that OP wasn’t really clear, thus confusion.

            But don’t worry I’m not replying again my good sir!

  • icup ✔️

    does anyone release finished games anymore? i like to only pay once for a disc and expect everything to be on it and not have to worry about digging for more loose change along the way.

    • Arrngrim

      Can’t get any worse than Team Ninja with DOA5…

      • Vesperion

        The way they handle those DLC outfits is a mess, but they handle the characters pretty well.


    expected sadly, I’ll either wait until the game goes on sale alongside the DLC or a complete version comes out (if there’s any more planned DLCs that is) to get it, a shame Atlus is pretty much pulling a Capcom with this game, I was trusting them with their practices a lot up until the big Persona announcement last year :/
    And I’m aware they already started doing this with SMTIV (and possible some previous games I’m now aware off), but I don’t think missing a few sidequests with bonus demons/equipment is quite as bad as missing a full playable character on a fighting game that are being promoted before the game is even out, especially since they’ll probably price these over 5 bucks

    • mckun

      You do know that two of the characters are free right and a lot of other stuff (depending on what version you get.) And you don’t have to buy Marg unless you are maining her. I’m buying her for lulz (Maining Ken/Adachi myself.)

    • Mr_SP

      Pulling a Capcom… With one paid DLC, and two free early bird bonuses that otherwise cost money?

      You do know that offering DLC does not make you “a Capcom”, right? Margaret doesn’t even have a story mode – Adachi does, but not Margaret. At worst, Atlus is pulling an Arc System Works. Oh, wait. This game IS produced by Arc System Works. Silly me.


        eh, releasing and promoting DLC before the game is even out is still bad in my book, if all of this was done after the game was out, then I’d be more indifferent to the whole situation as they are creating content to keep the game alive after release, this is basically squeezing more money money out of the buyers wallet after they just bought the game. And yes, I can always not buy them, in fact, I’ll do that if I find the characters playstyle to not be my thing, but even if 2 out of these 3 DLCs announced will be “free” for one week, it’s still not an attitude I’m happy with. For all what I care, they could have had these in development after the game went gold and, if they simply waited something like a month or two after the game was out to start announcing them, then I’d be cool about it. It’s hard to really judge whether this is a capcom or not as no one has the disc to see if the content is locked, so my example might be wrong, but I still see this as bad dlc practices (and no, having the stuff “free” for a limited period of time doesn’t suddenly make it right)

  • Prinny Dood

    So tell me dood! Why isnt this on the ps vita dood!?

    • Jedahaw

      Probably later? They did the ssme to Blazblue, iirc.

  • Lazulis

    Well, considering how much it costs to make a fighting game character, one out of three being paid isn’t that bad

  • Kamakuma

    It’s honestly discouraging seeing the Persona fanbase in a dispute over something so small… They are releasing two of them as freebies for the first week. (You can still download it even if you don’t have the game btw…) So why so many complaints about an optional char…? v..v

    • icup ✔️

      for a fighter, a character is part of the meat of the game. it’s not cosmetic like costume or accessories which are completely optional and wouldn’t hold any actual effect.

  • Yan Zhao

    Reading the butthurt in these comments is real.

    You can never please these entitled masses, even with they already gave 2 characters to you for free.

  • Gryr

    I will gladly give Atlus my money. Why? Because they actually make good games that are worth full price.

    I’ll only stop supporting them is if they start putting less effort into their games.

  • Istillduno

    How to sneak day 1 dlc past idiots 101;

    1) Make game

    2) Set aside a couple of characters during development and say that they aren’t part of the game you paid for on day one but are in fact free DLC which totally wouldn’t have just come with the game on release last gen, despite being devolped at the same time and all, honest.

    3) Set another character aside during development and charge extra for it.

    4) Watch fans defend one portion of the game being cut out an put behind a paywall because 2 portions were cut out then given back.

    In before all 3 characters are found in full on the disk when somebody hacks it.

    • Mr_SP

      So, I pay for game, and I don’t pay for DLC, and so I am forced to “buy” day one DLC? I mean, at worst this is like the free dlc for Dragon Age Origins and Mass Effect 3… Except that it’s free for everyone.

      If anything, it’s more like ASW considered releasing Adachi and Marie as paid DLC, then said “Eh… Nah. Forget it. We’ll just give them out for free for a bit.”

  • Kevin Lima Ferreira

    In PS2 era all of them would be free… I don’t get the logic behind paying “full price” for a “full game” that is not really “full”. If it was released months after the game was out, it would be okay, but it’s clear Margaret is already on the disc. Anyway, since I’m a fan of the series I will buy it.. But it’s sad having to pay more than the full price of game.. It seems every video game company is doing day one DLC now.

    • mckun

      Hey brother.

      • Kevin Lima Ferreira


  • Nice Boat Quatro

    I wonder what are Shadow Koromaru’s secrets

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