Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth2 Coming West In Early 2015

By Ishaan . August 28, 2014 . 7:20am


Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth2: Sisters Generation is coming to North America and Europe, Idea Factory announced this morning. The game is a remake of the second Neptunia game for Vita.


One the changes in this game is that you can now have four members in your party and four more supporting characters. Additionally, the characters now move and speak during event scenes.


Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth2 will be available both at retail and digitally in both North America and Europe. The game will be released in early 2015. You can visit its official website here.

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  • AlphaSixNine

    Year of Vita continues onto 2015! HELL YEAH! >:D

    • idrawrobots

      Year of the Vita?

  • lozffvii

    Di-Did I read that correctly?
    BOTH Retail and Digital for BOTH NA and EU!?
    *Techno rave party!*

    • Alice

      Took the words out of my mouth!
      >> Pre-orders as soon as it appears
      Can’t wait, still enjoying Re;Birth1 :)

      • lozffvii

        I wasn’t going to get Re;Birth 2, because I have a habit of Plat’ing the trophy collection for Neptunia games (accidentally did it in MK2, purposefully did it in Victory and PP) and I’ve heard the requirements for Platinum in RB2 are extremely time consuming.
        However, now I feel I must get a retail copy to encourage IFI to keep doing the good thing and giving us in EU our Retail copies.

  • Persona, Disgaea, Tales of, Hyperdimension Neptunia…..I think I’ll just stop getting JRPG’s on consoles altogether because they all come out on PSP and now Vita as a sort of definitive version with extra content these days.

  • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

    People can keep on hating on the PSV; but the third party support has picked up a lot this year [and going into tthe next]~.

    • Mostly for JRPGs at least.
      Which is fine by me! Western Sony may not be paying much attention to the Vita, But Japan is! And thats all that matters! XD

    • Christopher C

      vita is a JRPG/indie console. In Japan it’s safe, but in the west there’s nothing the average gamer would want.

  • Sentsuizan_93

    And I only downloaded this yesterday. Wooo!!!! ^o^/

  • John Hayabusa

    I nep so neppy right now. This nep is going to be neppy.

    • AlphaSixNine

      Me talking to my Vita :3

  • TheBlackRabbit

    well shit…that was fast

    • ThirdChildZKI

      Actually, they did the same thing for the Jp releases. As soon as HDNR1 hit, they announced 2. Looking forward to seeing how the Oracles play. I get the feeling Histoire’s either gonna be a healer type, or a powerful magic type.

      Plus, dat Chika. . .

  • Randgriz

    Week of Neptunia news!
    Re:Birth release
    Neptunia U in japan
    and now Re:Birth 2 localization announcement

    Whoop whoop

    • Christopher C

      forgot the Nep VII trailer, which is still cryptic.

      • Randgriz

        Totally forgot!

  • Jin Kisaragi

    I’m going to try and finish mk2. I’ll play this after I play Re;Birth 1.

  • Im excited, i hope CH will make victory for vita too after they finish victory 2

  • Yay! Now I really need to finish the first one.

  • Land of Green Pasture

    OMG… Retail… my digital tears will finally stop…

  • AlteisenX

    This is great news for me, as I love the series for its battle system, and having 4 party members will be nice. Though I think that would make it too easy…? I mean mk2 was already pretty easy but meh. Hope they fixed the Laststation shares issue.

    • RedSuisei

      Just hope they balanced other things out to compensate for the additional party member.

      • darke

        It can’t be worse then rebirth1’s brick wall you run into in chapter 2. :(

        • Original Maincharacter

          Jeez. I just got over that yesterday. I don’t wanna blame it on lack of party member and it’s very nice that the game has some difficulty to it, but HDNR1 is riddled with steel fortresses instead of actual boss battles.

          IFCH has always been really shit at stat distribution and finding that perfect balance. Just look at Agarest.

          • Landale

            Sounds like they kept the difficulty of the original Neptunia then? The normal enemy:boss difficulty ratio was all sorts of fucked up in several dungeons.

            Agarest? Base stats: Vitality, always as it’s the only stat you gain no real benefit from when it’s gear based. After that the gear handles everything. Generally any IF game where you can distribute stats is like that, going by what I’ve played anyway..

  • Strawberry Starlet

    CPU Candidates on Portable. Gotta say, it makes sense.

  • I’m Nepping out right now! Lol =^_^=

  • Manny Being Manny

    adding portraits is the biggest improvement. I hated the 3d models during cutscens

  • Morningstar

    So with rebirth recently released does that mean we’ll get a Victory port once Re;Birth 2 hits the west?

    • Christopher C

      no, that’s entirely up to CH if they want to do a port. Idea Factory publishes the game, but CH is responsible for the development.

      • Tyler Beale

        That reminds me. The ports have been handled by other devs (Felestia/Tamsoft), yet they continue to recycle assets from mk2 and Victory. I like Field of View, but Victory’s World Map theme is better IMO, and most of the dungeons I’ve visited so far (I’m on Chapter 3) are straight-up CopyPaste (haha) jobs from Victory.

        I like how they included some of the original game’s artwork, though.

        • Christopher C

          The games are pretty much fix the story and give it Victory’s gameplay.

  • Christopher C

    they work fast.

  • MistahBlob

    I wish we’d be able to get the NISA character DLC… but that’s never gonna happen…ever.. =(

    • Limbless

      I’d find it funny if there was, and they went around wearing huge black bars, putting whiteout on signs and sp**king w*th n**dless c***orship.

  • Eric Harris

    this stings a little since I totally forgot about the LE for the first one and didn’t even try to get one. Makes me less interested in collecting other Vita games. Perhaps I will go the cheap route and try to grab the standard when they are really cheap.

    • Kornelious

      Trust me, the way that worked out, You probably wouldn’t have gotten one anyways :(

      • Zalin

        So true I was on there the moment they got listed and I still didn’t get one. Now I am monitoring ebay and amazon everyday looking for one that’s not to crazy priced. I refuse to let this go I shall get one!

        • Kornelious

          Heh, Good to know I’m not the only one who feels that way :)

        • Tyler Beale

          I gave up on it (I had Amazon credit saved up just for that) so I just bought it on PSN instead (along with Minecraft PS, ’cause why not)

          • Zalin

            Sorry to hear that and that you where unable to get one. Might have been different if they listed it right and only allowed only one copy per customer but I know that some people got 3 copies….

          • Tyler Beale

            NISA limits their LE preorders to 3/cust. Of course, I was a bit slow because I was typing in my Amazon password with one hand (in the iOS app) and doing something else with the other at the time it went live. That, combined with the app itself being all confuzzled, made me realize that it wasn’t such a good idea.

            Then I went to Safari, tried many times to add to cart, proceeded to checkout, got to the final confirmation screen, clicked “Place Your Order”, and…BAM. Pwned. Errors abound, then IFI said they sold out (which I didn’t believe at first…), then I thought “Fuck it, I’ll just buy some PSN codes and download it instead so I won’t have to wait.”.

      • Eric Harris

        I heard about 3 minutes. I’m not even going to look on Ebay what are they $250 probably? My priorities are elsewhere. They probably should have released 10,000 copies. But whatever, no LE means money saved. Helped me to get my spending priorities straight. Maybe cancel a few PS3 and Vita pre-orders.

        • Kornelious

          Oh no! The backlash of Iffy’s crappy ordering system is making us lose people from the dark side of LE’s! X(

          • Landale

            Blaming IFI? Aside from the low number of copies, the issues were all on Amazon’s end.

          • Zalin

            I do blame IFI, because I can’t put the low number aside. What they should have done was demanded more straps or made 2 limited editions the first 1000 buyers got the straps nisa did the same thing for the first neptunia game LE. Then they said one per a costumer this did not happen I know that one guy got at least 3 and many more got 2 to resell on ebay. They should have lowered the amount to 1 per order like they said they where going to do but instead they shipped them out anyways.

          • Manny Being Manny

            Its a LIMITED edition. I think people forgot what limited means.

          • Zalin

            A limited edition just means it’s a one time item, it dose not mean it needs to be rare. A limited item is something a company makes for fans that want a little bit more from their product a way for us to help support that product more then just buying a standard edition. Have you ever seen another limited edition video game world that immediately went up 5 or more times its worth the moment it got released? I haven’t that’s because they messed up and did not even attempt to understand their western fan base. What they did in japan will not work in the west, the neptunia series is where it’s at today because of it’s western fan base because the first neptunia game sold really bad in japan at first. Nisa during its NA release sold 4 times in just pre-orders then what japan had sold at the time. So the 1000 units is a slap in the face for it’s fans and supporters, people who love this series as much as I do should at least be a little mad at IFI they have shown that they have bad business practices and didn’t even do enough research into the people they where selling to.

          • Zalin

            After righting this I was saved! I just got myself a copy for a very good price happy very very happy here! But still IFI needs to work on what they are doing and still not happy with them I ended up spending way more then I should have it they made enough for us fans!

            Thank god my holy grail has been found.

          • Landale

            Pooling my response to your posts into one:

            As Manny said, Limited Edition, it’s long since lost it’s meaning with them being practically made to order with multiple types thrown in to the mix as well, like you’re requesting. They’re under no obligation to make them a wide spread thing, nor were they necessarily even in any sort of position to do so if they wanted to. You say they should have demanded more? They were based on what was left from the Japanese release. This was known weeks in advance.

            And, actually, yeah collectors stuff do tend to skyrocket in price once the official source is exhausted. If there’s actually anything unique about them. Most “Limited Editions” don’t do that, because they’re so wide spread.

            And trying to compare NISA’s sway over matters with IFI’s? One is a branch of a company that’s been around for years, and was on pretty good terms with IF/CH at the time. The other is a branch that’s been around for less than a year, and isn’t even doing what it was originally made to do. Unless they’ve updated their site, it should still state that their intent is pretty much just information distribution, it’s been a couple weeks since I checked though. They were never openly intended to be a localization branch. They picked up Monster Monpiece because no one else would, that they moved on to the Neptunia games period was surprising, as were some recent interviews where they expressed an intent to move toward officially being a localization branch, which is pretty much a thing now with Re;Birth2 confirmed. They’ll likely be given more support from the main part of the company on these matters from here on, but to assume that they’d get it right off the bat is crazy.

            And on your final point you’re blaming IFI for something Amazon did. Amazon told them they’d be able to ship internationally, then decided to revoke that without telling them until days after. It was confirmed that it would be 1 per customer, Amazon didn’t uphold that. Amazon fucked the international customers, Amazon fucked the customers in general, Amazon enabled the scalpers, Amazon fucked IFI.

          • X14

            It’s not IFI’s fault that scalpers are charging ridiculous amounts for the game reselling copies that what is most likely an Amazon error has caused. While you’re complaining about the lack of a limited edition, all of EU has been given the cold shoulder and given the digital only treatment.
            However, the silver lining in this situation is that IFI have learned from this and are producing a retail copy in EU, so I think any of these “bad business practices” are overruled by the fact that they do understand their people, and they’re learning one step at a time, this is a new company that don’t have many resources.

            Which is really why I love the Neptunia series as a whole, it’s come a long way since HDN1, and it gets better and better improving on what came before.

            And what’s more important than any of this is that we all have an opportunity to get and play the game, and I think that’s the most important thing here.

          • darke

            No. “Limited” means “Limited”. It can be time, it can be volume, it can be location, it can be many things and is usually multiple (though volume is usually the #1 limit in games).

            And if it isn’t rare, then what the heck is the ‘limited’ about otherwise? If everyone can get one, what part of ‘limited’ is it?

            Good grief, it’s like no-one understands English nowadays.

        • Zalin

          right now 2 have sold for $390 and others have bids on them for around $400+ it’s insanity! And I am insane I put a limit of $300 for me on one, if it where any other series I would say the hell with it but the neptunia series is something special for me.

        • Tyler Beale

          There are trolls selling the thing on Amazon for OVER 9000!!!! …But seriously, they’re selling the thing for waayy more than what it’s actually worth. I saw it for as much as 9000 though.

  • Kornelious

    Awesome! Not even a week after the first releases and they already announced the second! It looks even better than the first too! (And especially better than MK2 with the new portraits :D) Early 2015 is a little way’s away but isn’t to bad…..

    Still a bit sour that I wasn’t able to grab the LE for Rebirth 1 (And now have to wait for it to drop in price at eBay -_-) But hopefully this time around Iffy will make more and have a better pre-order system for them :)

  • idrawrobots

    So getting this!

  • Zalin

    Let’s hope they do a better job with this one’s limited edition. I don’t think poor iffy heart could take another riot.

  • DingLayGorFe

    YES! YES! Now Nep U come over please

  • DingLayGorFe

    Early I hope is January…

  • Yan Zhao

    So is Re Birth 2 basically the Vita remake of Mk II on PS3?

    • Tyler Beale

      Yep. AKA Re;birth1 with Mk2’s story.

  • Yaggyu

    hope i still have money left

  • Darkwing7


    just got my LE Re birth 1 and apparently i got it for free

  • Tyler Beale


    EDIT: *watches trailer* Oh thank god.

  • Tyler Beale

    Way to put spoilers in the trailer….

  • artemisthemp

    HDN is still the best game in series due to the story and battle system but, mk2 had some really nice Fanservice scene and let’s not forget that Re;Birth 2 will feature RED, yes RED http://img3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20111005185349/hyperdimensionneptunia/images/6/66/Red_background.png

  • Zoozbuh

    YES!! Physical for EU too so no need to import this one. BEST news ever :)

  • Prinny Dood

    I already knew it dood! Am i calling it right now. Noire is coming next year to dood! *chest puffed up from absolute assurance*

  • Narukami75

    How I feel about the Ranters not being able to get the Hyperdimention Neptunia Re;Birth1 LE

  • AkiraScare

    Loli HEAVEN!!!! (*_*)

  • EtherealEarth

    I know this is a sequel and all, but what of the Victory and mk2 and other versions that are coming out?

    Are they the third and fourth installments in the series or just remakes?

    I am considering playing the title, but many versions confuse me :/

    • X14

      Remakes, generally following the same story as the first two games HDN1 and mk2, however characters, story and gameplay have been updated, more so in Re;birth1 than Re;birth2.

      Nothing on a Victory Vita port yet.

  • Daniel Rossevelt

    Early 2015… No! I just bought Re;Birth 1 yesterday, but I can’t wait, and also I hope they stop those stupid special/limited editions they only serve to depress me, not to mention quite a few people only buy them to re-sale them, I hope they are punished with slow slicing (aka death by a thousand cuts)

  • Kayriss Wins

    Normally I’d be disappointed with the announcement of localization that’s a year from now but I’m okay with it cuz it will give me enough time to play Rebirth 1 and other games I’ve bought yet haven’t got a chance to play, but on that same note, with a release date this long from now I’m willing to bet the release of that Noire spin off and Senran Neptunia are even farther from now which kinda bums me out.

    • Tyler Beale

      You mean Neptune Warriors, right?

      And they said EARLY 2015. For all I know that could be Janurary….

      • Kayriss Wins

        Nah, the fact that you can get your cloths ripped off in that game makes it Senran Nepunia lol. And regardless of how early in 2015 that still means we probably won’t see the other Neptunia games this year like I was hoping for… which baffles me since we got that Idol Simulator very fast.

        • Original Maincharacter

          Not to mention it pretty much uses the same engine as Shinobi Versus. It’s 100% Senran Neptunia.

        • Tyler Beale

          I didn’t expect to see any more this year (but it’s baffling, considering that they’ve already done at least some voice recording for Re;birth2). But believe me, if it was still in NISA’s hands, then Japan would have 10 more Neptunia games while we only get like 3 of them. Though I can’t wait for Noire’s game (if only it would at least have a proper English title…) and Neptunia U.

          Oh, speaking of which….I WILL KILL THOSE BASTARDS WHO DARED TO HOLD MY LADY BLACK HEART HOSTAGE LIKE THAT. (and actually finish mk2 this time)

  • I just hope we get a physical retail edition in the UK this time, I’m finding re-birth such a grind without DLC, as I got the American Retail copy and can’t access DLC =[

    • Landale

      Re;Birth2 will have both physical and digital options for both regions.

      • That’s great, thanks for sharing that,

        Though annoys me a bit a bit that its not consistent ¬_¬

        • Landale

          Actually, they’ve been pretty consistent. Their aim with releases has been higher with each release, Re;Birth2 will be IFI’s third game and is a clear improvement in terms of options over Re;Birth1 and Monster Monpiece.

          • I mean how in the UK with Neptunia
            Neptunia PP – Physical
            Neptunia Rebirth – Digital only
            Neptunia rebirth 2 – Physical =?

          • Landale

            That’s mostly just due to the change in who’s handling the game. PP was NISA, the Re;Births are IFI.

  • Grunwald

    I only have so much money in my wallet damn it

  • BlackGirlGamer123

    They sure are picking up the pace with the localization. Let’s hope for a limited edition.

  • WhyWai

    Thank you Idea Factory. I am your fan.

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