Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Announced For Early 2015 Worldwide [Update]

By Ishaan . September 1, 2014 . 12:14am


Resident Evil: Revelations 2 has been officially announced. The game is being developed by the core staff of the previous game.


The protagonists of the game will not be Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield. The game will feature a completely new setting and new protagonists.


New information on Resident Evil: Revelations 2 will be announced next week, Capcom said at Sony’s pre-TGS press conference. The game will be at TGS as well, where it will be playable.


Resident Evil: Revelations 2 will be released in early 2015 for PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

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  • Go2hell66

    Unnecessary but ok, plz dont suck…

    Development time is too short so im already leaning towards this is gonna suck

    • Ali

      You have no idea when development began so, maybe not pe a pessimist without all the facts?

      • Go2hell66

        considering they have no gameplay footage to show i’m going to guess not that long ago

        but hey if you think this game is gonna be amazing i’m willing to take bets :p

        • Cheesy12

          “The game will be at TGS as well, where it will be playable.”

          I’m assuming there will be footage when TGS comes around.

        • Ali

          The devil is in the details, they’ll have a playable demo at TGI Friday-err TGS Gameshow I meant. Hopefully they’ll have a nice trailer to go along with the gameplay

  • It was already leaked, but always nice to have confirmation. I’m playing the original on Steam and really enjoying it. The teaser was great.

  • HerosLight

    As I was watching the livestream, when I saw that “Biohazard 2”, my heart skipped and I thought it was going to be RE2 Remake, then the Revelation part drops down.

    First Revelations was great since it DID have the feel of the older RE games (Survival Horror).

    I’m glad it got a sequel.

    • MD

      Revelations absolutely did not have the feel of the older RE games. Not even a little bit. Much closer to RE4/5 than anything pre-2005.

      • HerosLight

        The Jill parts were for me, but yes, I guess it’s close to RE4.

  • John Hayabusa

    Glad that this has been officially announced. I enjoyed the HD Steam version of the first game very much.

  • NeptuniasBeard

    If this actually ends up going on New 3DS, then I’ll have to actually consider getting one…

    • Tristan Diaz

      Official English trailer states it’s coming to PS3/PS4/X360/XBONE/PC.
      Seems like Nintendo hardware is out of the cards this time.

      • Dimitri Theodosakis

        Just Time being Nintendo is out can’t say forever

  • Tristan Diaz

    Nice to see it happening, and I like the fact that the Zombies are making another comeback. Hype meter isn’t through the roof yet, not until the TGS demo is shown on the web. xD

  • Dexward

    Dafuq you doing, kid?

  • Ben Green

    JUST TAKE MY WHOLE WALLET SONY!! And this is probably not coming to 3DS, so it will be a lot bigger than the first entry, as this one won’t be held back by weak hardware.

    • Aaron K Stone

      The constraints of the hardware is what made the first one good and not an overblown mess of explosions and set pieces.

    • Enzo

      Held back by weak hardware? You clearly have no idea about the process of the creation of RE: R if that’s what you think.

  • Otoya

    What??? No 3ds this time? No way!!!!

  • mojack411

    Well I’ll be getting this for the PS3 but still kind of miffed that its not going to be on the console that gave Revelations its start.

    Also, the point of the Revelations subtitle was that it “revealed” what happened in certain plot holes between games. If this is a completely new story and new protagonists, then why is it still called Revelations? Didn’t want to go on to RE7?

    • gantarat

      I feel like Capcom make 2 Resident Evil series
      Resident Evil Number – action oriented with horror element Resident Evil Number
      Revelations Series – survivor-horror(or action-horror ?)

  • I liked revelations that was the best Resident evil I’ve played in a long long time, It felt like a proper resident evil survival horror instead of action shooter,

    And raid mode was awesome!!!

    • triablos

      I thought raid mode was kinda bad, it was essentially the story mode but just coop. I got bored of it quickly.

      • HerosLight

        Better than Mercenary mode :/, I like “story-coop”.

        • triablos

          I liked mercenary mode. Capcom also liked it so much they made a game out of it xD

  • Rohan Viajar

    I wish it has Rebecca chambers

    • alexis cortes

      Me too!.

  • Capcom is just like: “Well thanks Nintendo. SEE YA”

    • James Robert Thompson

      ‘Smell Ya Later!’

  • Ali

    ‘Terrasave’ on one of the tshirts suggest Claire could possibly cameo? Regardless. I want to see Jessica Sherawat again.

  • Desk

    So kind of like a fresh start. That’s always cool

  • Brandonmkii

    More shootin, less scary plz

  • Göran Isacson

    Huh. This will most likely be set in the same continuity as before, and apparently people go around with wristbands showing they’re not zombies this time around? That’s a neat twist- one would think that a world altered by so many viral outbreaks would eventually start to change in ways like this. I wonder if it will be a gameplay mechanic to take care of civilians, and keep an eye out for their wristbands if they’re turning into zombies, a form of time-limit in-game. Could be neat. Could be like Dead Rising too, so… who knows.

  • It feels like us Nintendo users have been abandoned…

    • Sav


  • Dylan Anantha

    Nintendo: Your welcome for saving Resident Evil, Capcom.

  • E.T.993

    The lack of 3DS is astonishingly surprising, but the lack of Wii U just makes me facepalm. Thank you Capcom. THANK YOU.

    • Sav

      you’re welcome.


    Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!!

  • James Robert Thompson

    Maybe it’s a delayed release for Wii U/New 3DS to make those touch pad features? I doubt it, but I’ll hold out just in case, and if not then consider steam if the reviews are good.

  • Tarkovsky

    I have a feeling the bracelets are going to play an important part in the game since it specifically says “concept” teaser. Then again, no matter what they do with this game, fans are still going to be pissed. It’s new RE vs old RE basically and both sides don’t want to give in. Ah well, you can’t please everybody. I personally just look forward to playing the game.

    Edit: Just read the caption on Youtube and realized that the video is full of secrets that hint at what the game is going to be about. If anybody is interested, here’s what somebody has to say about the teaser.


    0:11 – 0:22 : Classic Resident Evil/ Biohazard Door opening sequence.

    0:23 – 1:03 :
    -Woman in background holding a plate with hair covering half her face resembles “Rachael Foley” from “Resident Evil: Revelations”.

    -Man with “TerraSave” t-shirt. TerraSave is a non-governmental human rights organization from “Resident Evil: Degeneration”. “Claire Redfield” happens to be one of the prominent members of TerraSave. Which could hint that Claire is the main character.

    -A painting or photograph of a boat could be seen in the background. Maybe a nod to the “Queen Zenobia, Queen Semiramis or Queen Dido” ships from the first “Resident Evil: Revelations”.

    0:44 – 1:04 A potted “Herb” can be seen on the table besides a glass of wine next to the woman who resembles “Rachael Foley”.

    0:34 – 1:02 A Man and a woman on “our right side” besides the photo of the ship are discussing. They sorta look like “Barry Burton” and “Rebecca Chambers”.

    0:35 – 0:57 An “umbrella” can be seen leaning against the pillar in the background. A nod to the “Umbrella Corporation”.

    1:00 -1:22 A woman holding a sign saying “Itchy, Tasty”. A reference to the “Keeper’s Diary” from the first Resident Evil game

    1:04- 1:30 A drawing of a zombie-like creature can be seen on top of a cell.

    Entire video: The bracelets the people wearing are originally green; at the 2nd half of the video, the bracelets are now Red. Which Could signify these bracelets are probably a “Zombification monitor” of some sort?

    This was the best I could do. Dunno if there’s any other clues in this video.

    If I’m putting the clues together properly, If Rachael is still alive in this game, it takes place before Revelations. Revelations took place in the year 2005. Terrasave seems to be involved. “Resident Evil: Degeneration” happens 1 year after the events of Resident Evil 4. RE4 events took place in 2004. Which means Degeneration happened in 2005 as well as Revelations.

    RE: Revelations 2 would most likely fit before the events of both “Resident Evil Revelations” and “Resident Evil Degeneration” set somewhere between (1999 – Early 2005).

  • Buitronthecrazy .

    i feel betrayed…

  • Sav

    hope to see claire somewhere.

  • AuraGuyChris

    So somehow, they turned this sub-series that many enjoyed into one of those unmemorable Resident Evil spin-offs…

  • Juan Andrés Valencia

    No 3DS? :S

  • triablos

    I don’t think revelations sold that well on 3ds. To be fair, it’ll only hold back the other versions.

    That said I’d love to see a version of revelations2 for the N3DS.

    • Serge

      The 3DS version sold 0.79 m, PS3 version sold 0.58m, Xbox360 version sold 0.17m and the Wii U version sold 0.09m.
      Nintendo alone sold more copies of the game than Xbox and Sony.

      • Ni ~Algidus~

        do you have the source of this information? i want to look at it

  • Ni ~Algidus~

    Terra Save at 0:30 caugth my attention. I hope that Claire is playable this time

  • JustThisOne

    New protagonists, huh? Well, not to spoil the ending or anything, but it’d be very interesting to start playing from their side. You know who I mean: them.

  • Brion Valkerion

    Not surprising to see it not on 3DS. The game/series never gained real traction on handhelds after several efforts, especially knowing their main bread winner is on console/PC.

    Look forward to see what they do with it when we get actual footage in a few months.

  • CozyAndWarm

    Woooow, screwing over Nintendo hard after Revelations 1 was originally 3DS-exclusive. Not a single Wii U or 3DS release. That’s just slimy, Capcom

  • Mugiwara

    Please, let Clarie be the protagonist and maybe… some people from Outbreak, right…? Ok, I will stop dreaming now.

  • monkey king

    Honestly, intrigued.

  • Ispheria

    At least bring it to the new 3DS, it’s like, 2x as powerful as the old 3DS and it looked great on that

  • Kamen Rider Rayz

    I only certain for one thing, the villainous Albert Wesker WON’T be in this game. But who knows? Just my prediction. All in all, I am SO FREAKING EXCITED FOR THIS! HELL YEAH! :D

  • Hinataharem

    I want a dog protagonist

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