Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Trailer Provides A Quick Look At New Features

By Ishaan . September 16, 2014 . 3:59pm


Atlus USA have released a new trailer for Persona 4 Arena Ultimax that provides a quick rundown of the game’s new features. These include:


  • Playing as Shadow variants of the fighters
  • SP Skill Boost
  • Launch Skills using S Hold System


Persona 4 Arena Ultimax will be available September 30th for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in North America. As previously reported, the game is not region-locked.

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  • Yuki97

    I hate arc system works. Im only in this for persona.

    • God

      Mind sharing the reason behind your hate?

      • Kaitsu

        DLC characters totaling up to be more than Capcom’s infamous upgrades.

        But it’s just DLC characters in general for me. DLC characters should not be announced before a release, that makes no sense. It’s SFxT all over again.

        • God

          I feel ya, i don’t hate them for that, but it sure is annoying as hell.

        • Jake_Indiman

          At least they are offering the dlc characters for free for the first week. But yeah, I feel your pain for SF x TK.

      • Yuki97

        Most of their games are either trite or boring. Blazblue was good until chronophantasma, and Persona 4 arena was oversimplified. I dont care for guilty gear, and Arcana heart is otaku bait. The only thing I want to play from them is Undernight inbirth.

        • Bobby Jennings

          I didn’t know they did Under Night. I thought someone else did that.

          • Göran Isacson

            That is so. French Bread are the developers behind Under Night, and Examu did Arcana Heart. ArcSys were the producers of the 3rd game for the west however, so that might be where they got their misunderstanding.

          • Yuki97

            Oh I see, need to do my research next time then… Undernight inbirth is what chrono phantasma could have been.

        • God

          Huh, i thought it was a random hate comment, but i actually agree with most of that, especially the Blazblue thing, and the lack of Hazama just made me want to punch kittens, wich i did, in honor to the aforementioned Hazama.

  • Dexterino

    Waiting for Ridley for confirmation in this game…. XD

  • cameron forsyth

    so what is the practical use of the S Hold system? it’s not just an alternative way to perform supers? is it.

    • Afternoon Intergalactic

      As far as I know, the only practical use that I have seen so far is making the cross slash – issen link easier in narukami combos. Im sure more competitive uses will be found.

    • lunier

      Akihiko get’s a fully invuln Kill Rush (B) from his S Hold (a lot of characters seem to get some sort of invuln move, but Akihiko’s is the most useful imo)

      Also good for characters who link supers together, like Narukami and Minazuki

  • Haunter!

    They forgot to mention the only mechanic that matters: Junpei’s baseball meter.

    • Afternoon Intergalactic

      If he has a full count his next hit fatals. Yup.

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