Yes, The Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy Is Coming To PC

By Ishaan . September 18, 2014 . 9:27am

Final Fantasy XIII on PC? It’s happening. Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will all be available on PC by Spring 2015, Square Enix confirmed this morning.


Final Fantasy XIII will arrive first, on October 9th, 2014. Square Enix are pricing it low at $16/£10.99/€12.99. Furthermore, if you pre-order it on Steam, you’ll get 10% off, bringing the price down to $14.40. The game will contain English audio and text in English, French, Italian, German and Spanish.


If you don’t want to use Steam, Final Fantasy XIII will also be available via Square Enix’s online store and other PC digital services.



  • Rentekabond

    I’m down to clown with this. Did they say if it’d have the Easy Mode stuff like they had in the Japanese Version that we never got?

  • DesmaX

    lol, same price as IV. Kinda shows how ridiculous the price of that game is.

    Well, I’m buying it, don’t mind playing it again

    • Extra Z-001

      To me, I like Square Enix’s pricing idea. They know how prestigious their old games are. And that, since their newer games aren’t well received by everyone, and controversial, and can be bought used cheaply, that selling them at that price. Which will make more people likely to buy them.

      They know what their games are worth and what to charge for them. And are pioneering higher prices for mid-tier games on mobile, which is healthy for the mobile industry because it shows a market for good games and higher prices more similar to what people would pay for 3DS of PlayStation Vita games. Rather than just free to play games.

  • Yeah, I never did 100% the original. And I don’t have easy access to a PS3 nowadays, so maybe now I’ll have a shot at completing the trilogy.

  • DesmaX

    Oh, right, it’s asking for 30gb of space too; not surprised.

    Well, I downloaded the 50gb of Titanfall, so I think I candle this one

    • SlickRoach

      “candle this one” Did you just mix can with handle to make an old, new word?

      • DesmaX

        ok, you got me there. I meant “Handle”

  • SHSL Big Bro

    Incredible, after all these years of not having a console, I’m finally getting console games for my PC. First MGR:Revengeance and now MGS V and FF13 Trilogy…and for 13 euro?? smh

  • Kai2591


  • ギャビン

    I want to know what version they are porting, is this the 360 version or ps3? It should be interesting to see how this works out.

    • Joseleeh

      most likely the ps3 version since the installing size is 30gb, though graphic wise there wasn’t much difference between the xbox360 and ps3, but the ps3 had the cutscenes in 1080p which accounted for so much difference in disk/install size.

      • Pereb

        The size of th PS3 version was 41GB though. Then again they might have compressed the video on this release.

  • Manny Being Manny

    will wait until its 4 dollars during a Steam sale

  • monkey king

    Care very little about replaying the first one, but the second and third at a framerate that isn’t sub 20 should actually be pretty great, now I don’t have to feel bad about never finishing 13-3 on ps3.

  • Daniel Rossevelt

    Nice I am a little disappointed that this isn’t XIII-4 but XIII trilogy for pc is cool to.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    the only good thing I see out of this is the mods and edits people will come up with :]

    • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

      Like naked mods, right~?

      • MrTyrant

        Sex ones would be more appropiate haha

    • Extra Z-001

      The good I see in this is the industry influence it will have.

      With Square Enix supporting the PC so much. Along with Konami and Namco Bandai and Capcom, lots and lots more Japanese games will come to the PC.

      And this will not only mean that Japanese RPGs will come out on lots of devices, there are Windows desktops and laptops and tablets. And perhaps soon handhelds, there are Linux handhelds.

      But this will mean increased exposure and sales for Japanese RPGs. And will become a serious method to support Japanese RPGs that have sadly had bad sales. Steam makes games easy to find, play, and support.

      This means that game franchises like Tales and Disgaea could go from selling a few hundred thousand copies over a few months, to selling several million copies over several years.

  • monkey king

    Has anyone seen the specs? They might be preliminary but they seem to me like SE is actually putting some effort in these ports.

    OS: Windows® XP SP2 or later
    Processor: 2GHz Dual Core CPU
    Memory: 1 GB RAM
    Graphics: NVIDIA® Geforce® 8 Series/ ATI Radeon™ HD 2000 series VRAM 256MB or later

    • DesmaX

      Square has always been solid with their PC ports. Last Remnant was great

      • Ispheria

        omg…someone remembers The Last Remnant besides me lol

        • Jeremy Barnes

          I keep waiting for a sequel to it

  • Come on, Final Fantasy XII… I know they’re thinking it! That has to come over eventually.

    • ShawnOtakuSomething

      When ever they make an HD remake of “that”
      Take out Vaan and you got yourself a sell

      • Gemlit

        Make Vaan more open with his thoughts and I think some impressions of him may change.

        • Pyrotek85

          Yeah I didn’t hate Vaan, unlike some other protagonists, he just seemed pretty dull. Reminded me of a user made avatar that they try to insert into the rest of the story.

      • aizen310

        Exactly! Vaan felt like a slapped on character. Ashe, Fran and Balthier felt more like an actual main character than Pretty Boy 12.0 :/

    • Ethan_Twain

      Was that game popular enough to warrant a remake/rerelease/port?

      I don’t mean to suggest it’s bad, it’s my favorite RPG. Period. But among the larger audience I don’t much see enthusiasm for the title.

      • I think were XII to be released today, people would look upon it far more kindly than they did back when it was released. It was ahead of its time.

        • LegacyOfWu .

          If history has shown anything, it is that the internet grows less kind with time. You think the “it plays itself” gambit complaints were bad back then?

          I love FF12 and would day 1 buy an HD re-release, but it certainly wouldn’t be treated any more kindly today. Seeing “walking simulator” as one of FF13’s tags shows us as much.

    • NeptuniasBeard

      Now, would this count as port begging, Mr Moderator? ;)

      • No, because Square have clearly voiced their intent several times to bring the games over to PC. It’s just a question of which game is next.

        • Maybe FFIX?

          • IX would be interesting to see, because it’s never been ported anywhere before. Both VII and VIII had PC ports back in the day, but IX never did. I wonder if they’ll just resort to emulation for that one.

          • Yeah, that’s why I suggested it. I’m totally down for a FFXII PC port but… I doubt my laptop could play it, since I can’t even run PCSX2.

          • Extra Z-001

            Maybe they can do a little bit of both. They can emulate the game at first and then kind of reverse engineer it over time with updates.

            One of the nice things about lots of tools like emulators and other things, is it becomes easier and easier to extract assets.

            And one of the nice things about PC gaming and Steam is that unlike the XBOX or other consoles, updating is really cheap and easy. And games can always be work in progress where they can keep updating and supporting them.

            As it just so happens, SEGA are just now doing some big updates to their Dreamcast collection games.

          • Extra Z-001

            Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy IX are my favourite Final Fantasy games. So I sure hope so, at least someday.

    • Milton O’Bannon

      Please, this. Say what you want about my tastes in rpgs but XII is definitely my favorite gameplay wise.

    • Extra Z-001

      Final Fantasy XII has its ups and downs. So does Final Fantasy X.

      They’re both certainly some of Square Enix’s newer and more graphical games. I hope they bring both to Steam.

      I terms of story and characters and the world. I’d most like to see Final Fantasy IX. At least in terms of Final Fantasy. But many of their PlayStation 3 and other PlayStation 3 would be really nice.

      Like Star Ocean 3 and 4, and Dragon Quest VIII, and Kingdom Hearts and other games like that.

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Hrnnghhh. Yesss! I wish they would release the trilogy all at once but thats okay!

  • Monterossa


    • Stephen Mc Devitt

      Very inappropriate. There’s children on the internet.

      • Monterossa

        you mean those children who killed people in FPS games nowadays?

        • Stephen Mc Devitt

          Not THOSE children!

  • Stephen Mc Devitt

    Can someone ask Square-Enix to include a mod kit? I mean look at Sonic Generations and Skyrim.

    • FivePointedTheStar

      I would LOVE this. Oh my god…

    • ShawnOtakuSomething

      thats what I’m saying…see what people did with 7 mods?

    • Cybersteel

      Like nude mods?

      • Stephen Mc Devitt

        No. I mean replace your whole party with goats or those dudes from Team Fortress 2 or something. Same thing happened with Resident Evil 4.

      • Learii

        nude party mod you mean

    • DesmaX

      Steam Workshop for Lightning Returns would be glorious.

      inb4 make the dog from LR party member

  • FivePointedTheStar

    See, now THIS is a game I’ll pay $16 for. Unlike Final Fantasy IV on Steam…

  • Txu Zai

    Guessing this will be a terrible port, for so cheap i’m guessing no work has gone into using a pc’s potential.

    • Your guesses are as good as your guesses I suppose

  • Anko Is Furious (King T.G.P)

    I really hope these aren’t terrible ports.. Then again I’m going to buy it whether it is or isn’t lol.

    • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

      As much as I enjoyed playing FFVII and FFVIII on PC back in the day since I didn’t own a PSX, Squaresoft’s ports to PC have always been kinda subpar. Hopefully, these will be better~.

      • I agree. Hi res pixel cloud gave me glaucoma

  • Simon

    it makes me mad that all this company ever does is find ways to make money off things released way in the past, instead of developing anything new. I get that these help fund new properties. but their ratio of new titles as oppose to re-releasing the old is terrible

    • Genesis

      I have a feeling they ran the original developing talent off.

    • Buy ps4 in March and try saying that again

      • GH56734

        The FF 15 demo isn’t coming out the same day as FF Type-0 HD (the re-release) – You only get a download code you can only use whenever it’s out :/

        And frankly:
        FF X/X-2 HD PS3/Vita – rerelease of a PS2 title
        FF Type-0 HD PS4/XB1 – rerelease of 2011 PSP version
        FF Agito Vita – rerelease of iOS port
        Chaos Wars Vita – rerelease of iOS games
        FF7, FF8, FF3, FF4, FF13, FF13-2, FF13-LR – PC ports of older games
        FF7 remake… of a minigame – iOS remake of a minigame from a PS1 game
        infamous FF6 iOS – lazy RPG Maker-style remake of a SFC game
        Dragon Quest X iOS/3DS/PC – port of a Wii title
        DQ 1/4/5/6/8 – ports of SNES/PS1/DS/mobile games
        Kingdom Hearts compilations – ports of PS2 games
        Rise of Mana Vita – a port of a F2P iOS title

        This year, they announced a demo for XV15 (and a trailer), and an English Asian localization for Chaos Wars Vita trilogy, along with a DQ spinoff. (and DQ11 -no ressources to localize anything DQ besides bite-sized iOS rereleases of DQ1/2/3 either)
        Not even mobile/F2P sub-par stuff is announced as they used to.
        Spreading themselves thin with even the KH3D / Type-0 teams assigned to finish KH3/FF15.
        They do have a huge problem :/

        • Monterossa

          I see no problem. ports and remakes are actually what the fans asked for.

  • LightningFarron19
    • Reiswindy

      “Walking Simulator”


      • SlickRoach

        Hallway Simulator is a more accurate description.

      • PowerOfTheFlamesIori

        At first I thought you said “Walking Simulator Solid”. Walking as Snake WOULD be pretty cool.

    • Kai2591

      “Walking Simulator”


    • Tom_Phoenix

      They should have created a new category for the game:

      “Corridor Simulator”

      • Quan Chi

        You mean like walking dead? xD

      • I like the game. But I love your comment lol

      • Alt-Encephalon

        “Corridor Simulator” sounds like a significantly more interesting experience. I’m not sure even a “Stationary Wall Simulator” could quite live up to this level of sweeping boredom. I don’t think its really surprising it would end up in the Steam big o’ pile of shovelware.

  • Shippoyasha

    My god, some people online are SALTY about it. Delicious!

  • Yan Zhao

    I’ll wait for the inevitable nude mods first :3

    • Just play kagura and be done with it. Or go on google and type penis

      • PowerOfTheFlamesIori

        He could be into girls… Not that there’s much going on in that department either.

  • Tom_Phoenix

    Well, if you needed any further proof that Steam has a QA problem, here it is. :P

  • Kai2591

    I checked the Steam store page:

    “The following Asian languages are supported by the version of this game released for Japan and the rest of Asia.

    Subtitles and interface: Japanese, Chinese (traditional), Korean, English

    Voiceover: Japanese”


  • KanjiLikesBoys

    I can’t wait for all the mods!

    Mmmmm Shirtless Snow at all times

    • Pentakill Karthus

      OF course kanji would want that!

    • fairysun

      I want Lightning in Sephiroth’s outfit …
      Come on modder, you can do it.

      • KanjiLikesBoys

        OMG Hope in Ace’s uniform from Type-0!!!!!!

  • Rin

    Imma cry! please don’t destroy the purity that is lightning! SAY NO TO NAKED LIGHTNING MODS!

    and PLEASE NO SEX MINIGAME MOD T_T Imma cry pplease don’t do those!

    • Freud_Hater

      Honestly, that’s about the only way to make Lightning interesting anymore.

    • PowerOfTheFlamesIori

      Those mods are LITERALLY the only thing that could make me come within 15 feet of this game…

      And I don’t even find her hot.

    • mckun

      There’s already LightingxHope, LightingxMob and LightingxVanilla so there’s no purity anywhere with this woman. This is Japan!

  • Narrator 1

    I hope they do what Netherealm Studios did to their PC ports of Mortal Kombat and Injustice — just release the complete editions with all DLC packed in. XIII-2 especially needs this as Lightning’s story and the only non-Auto Attack fodder fights in the game are locked away by DLC.

  • pokeroi

    don’t care about FF XIII, but this gives a hint about FFXV on PC. Do it SE!

    • EX+

      No, it won’t. Not anytime soon.

      And personally I don’t really want it to.

      • pokeroi

        Why not? You don’t have to buy it if it’s true.

        • EX+

          Okay, sorry if I offended anyone.

          • pokeroi

            You didn’t. Just curiosity.

  • NyaBoy

    1080p 60fps Lightning Bikini mod ! My dream become true !

    • If you were going to mod anything about FF13, I’d go straight for the goddamn voice acting. Do people only do this for movies?

      • Monterossa

        just buy the Asian version and you’ll get Japanese dubs.

  • HououinKyouma


  • All I want is a mod that adds Kimi ga Iru Kara back into the game.

  • Sp4rkfist

    Lightning never die!!!!

  • ndjn3979


  • xxx128

    Ride the lightning /m

  • Black Heaven

    Regarding possible mods for this game…

    Is it possible if modders can revamp the whole battle system of FFXIII (first)?
    If I recall correctly, the battle system of Lightning Returns is what is supposed to be done in the first game, as shown briefly in the montage of clips in the earliest gameplay trailers (2006) of FFXIII. If you could somehow restore dat ATB… I dunno, great?

    Oh and… could you also add extra stuff to the actual game? Like backtracking to Sunleth Waterscape and other places in Cocoon. Such a waste if dem gorgeous views were only seen once.

    I say that would be more worthwhile mods, aside from the popular demand for nudies. :P

  • easter

    Finally, Steam backgrounds to enshrine my waifu Lightning for all eternity on GabeN’s platform of choice.

  • dark_ogamiya

    “The game will contain English audio and text in English, French, Italian, German and Spanish.”

    Not only English audio, but also Japanese.

  • flameraver64

    Let’s hope it’s optimized for PC (and will have options to even make it look better, or if not, at least options for different graphical settings).

    Also, reaaaaaalllllyyyyy hoping it signals a possible XV release on PC

    • EX+

      Ff15 won’t release on PC until about 5-6 years afterwards. Aka, after the 15 sequels are completed.

      • Jero

        Dunno man, XV is being developed in the PC with directx11, and now having XIII… Doesn’t sound so far fetched to say the game would be released on pc. Let’s wait for type0 tho.

        • EX+

          I do think it will make its way to Pc. After the sequels are done. So with that, 5-6 years is pretty reasonable.

  • SevenPesoPedro

    So, I guess now some modder can finally turn FFXIII into a good game.

    But first there will be the nude mods, of course.

  • Ecchitori

    YAY!! :D

  • RagingTiger44

    Good old Square Enix giving the fans what they want. Oh wait…

    • Extra Z-001

      Well, there are at least some people who are fans of Final Fantasy XIII.

      Fans aren’t all the same. People like different things.

  • JustJam

    Wait if that’s the case then maybe I shouldn’t buy Lightning Returns then. I have XIII and XIII-2 already but still not sure about the last one.

  • Krystal Henderson

    Despite hearing how terrible FFXIII is I haven’t played a Final Fantasy game in a long time so I’ll probably pick this up. I remember buying FFVIII and having to play it with only a quarter screen because that’s how crappy my PC was. i was so happy when I could play it in full.

    • Herok♞

      FF13 isn’t terrible its just very hit or miss for some people. Most either really like it or hate with no real middle ground

      • Really? I enjoyed parts of it but I would never ever play it again.

    • ShawnOtakuSomething

      its was just hallways

  • Spidermang

    So I made a comment about nude mods which got removed on a site that frequently posts news about games with near nude girls and jiggle physics.

  • Nicholas Perry

    Yes. Yes please. I Do hope they offer an option for a smaller download with more compressed FMVs. And I hope the 30GB isn’t resultant of more compressed FMvs than the PS3 version. That would ruin part of it for me.

  • CozyAndWarm


    Although I have no interest in the XIII games personally, this is fantastic to hear for the chances of future FF releases on PC. Just announce XV for PC already, Square…

  • Extra Z-001

    One step closer to having Tales games on the PC.

    • kuronox

      Tales of Vesperia with all the PS3 content because I want to play as Patty.

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