Persona 4 Arena Ultimax DLC Prices Revealed For North America

By Ishaan . September 26, 2014 . 12:26pm


Atlus USA have shared information on the paid downloadable content for the North American release of Persona 4 Arena Ultimax. Margaret, Atlus said, will be released as a DLC character on October 7th, the same day that Marie and Adachi revert from free to paid DLC. All three characters will cost $4.99 each.


Other downloadable content that will be available for Persona 4 Arena Ultimax includes the following items:


  • Complete P4A Story: $9.99
  • Glasses Packs:$1.99 each, or $5.99 full set
  • Additional Colors: $1.99 each, or $5.99 full set
  • Navigator Voices: $2.99 each, various set prices.
  • Yosuke, Teddie, Aigis, Nanako, Mitsuru, Adachi, and Fuuka voices will be available Sept. 30th, rest of the cast available on Oct. 7th.
  • More DLC to be announced later


Persona 4 Arena Ultimax will be released on September 30th. You can view a trailer for Margaret above. She uses the Grimoire de Coeur, which contains three personas—Cu Chulainn, Yoshitsune, and Ardha.

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    5 and not 8? Alright, I’m slightly surprised, although I fear for the “more DLC to be announced” bit, then again, there’s no word on the music tracks you can buy on the japanese version, so it might just be that.

  • DragKudo

    Nice i still have five bucks on my psn. Kind of sucks the past game story is paidd dlc, unlike the blazblue extend.
    What else is there to give us?

    • Sky

      DLC songs.

    • God

      NO, don’t compare it with Blazblue Extend, the Calamity Trigger recap was ABSOLUTELY AWFUL, and only included an EXTREMELY small fraction of the story.

      • DragKudo

        It covered the main parts we needed to know.
        Arena’s awful story only needs Labrys’ story and Liz’s story.

        • God

          DUDE, there are stories for all characters in Blazblue, knowing only most of the true ending doesn’t help you enjoy all the other stories in story mode.

  • LightningFarron19

    Holy crap, Atlus really went all out on the overabundance of DLC. I get doing 1 or 2 different DLCs, but 5? With more along the way?

    Sheesh, and they complain about Capcom squeezing the pennies and nickels out of their games.

    • DragKudo

      This is no here near Capcom level. Calm down

      • 하세요

        Atlus could put in 3 characters and make the entire rest of the cast DLC and people still would think Capcom is worse.

        Interesting to see who defends what in various discussions.

        • DragKudo

          No they would not support that. I wouldn’t support it.

        • God

          If we consider the amount of games that get Capcom’d, they would still be comparatively worse.

        • Narrator 1

          This is nowhere near the level of the same company that locked behind DLC fully one-fourth of the playable cast of one of their fighters (Street Fighter x Tekken).

    • Zangetsu777

      Here recently Tecmo Koei getting just as bad as Capcom

      • Slayven19

        Tecmo only does stuff with costumes, they don’t do characters DLC unless the game has been out a long time.

    • You do realize the majority of that is cosmetic, right? Not extra characters and what not?

    • Zeik56

      I believe in the Japanese version the glasses, color packs, and announcers carry over from the original Arena and the announcer’s are unlockable in-game just like before, so there’s really not that much new DLC.

      Margaret is really the only meaningful piece of DLC you have to pay for. (And maybe the music packs that aren’t listed there but are available in Japan.)

    • Afternoon Intergalactic

      What’s wrong with having more choices? If you skipped P4A and want to experience the story, it’s available to you. If you want cosmetic changes that don’t affect the game whatsoever, there’s an option for that too. A lot of this DLC was also available in Arena, it isn’t something new.

  • César H. Sandoval

    Sweet! they will include the original P4A history after all!

  • Snorlaxation

    So is it too late to get them free?

    • Zangetsu777

      The 1st week Marie & Adachi are free

      • Snorlaxation

        Sweet. Thank you.

  • Zangetsu777

    Never expected Margaret to be available so soon.

  • Pdugna

    Sweet, $5 is definitely better then the usual $8 :D

  • Smiech

    Dat Margaret theme, though.

    Also, $5 is way better than the $8 I expected. Alright Atlus, I’ll bite.

  • Yan Zhao

    Dat Margaret theme.

  • Dwight Goodman

    Of all the characters, why is Margaret’s theme the Battle Hymn of the Soul variation?

  • Sky

    Seems reasonable. I hope they don’t overprice the songs. I’m definitely buying PQ songs day 1.

    • NeoStrayCat

      They aren’t, they’re about $2/3 a set. Kinda dull no complete song/track set, yet.

    • Afternoon Intergalactic

      It’s $3 for the PQ songs and $2 for each other set of 3. As Neo said they haven’t made them all into a bundle.

  • Mike Pureka

    Wish Atlus would pass the hint back to Arc Sys; Paying $5 for freakin’ announcer (or $9 for two!) is insane. $3 each is a more reasonable price point.

  • God
    • NeoStrayCat


      • Eat you heart out, Zangief.

        • NeoStrayCat

          Not just Zangief, Guile and Charlie can Suplex too. (Not only that, but various characters in certain fighters can suplex too, lol.)

  • Jin Kisaragi

    Michelle Ann Dunphy wasn’t able to reprise her role as the voice of Margaret due to family reasons.

  • Dianatos

    Not $7.99 for characters. That’s good

  • Travis Boswell

    I wonder if I’ll have to buy the glasses/navigator DLC again if I own them for the first game?

    • Zeik56

      I believe they carry over.

  • friendly neighborhood_dude

    5 bucks is a reasonable price.


  • koksuckaahh

    Is the p4a story dlc similar to blazblue calamity trigger reconstruction?(Compressed and easier to tell wich is canon, or is it the exact same story ripped from the original p4a? (each character has there own story) this is the deciding factor of whether or not i keep my original p4a because as it seems i have very few reasons save for the story mode…which i have yet to finish.

    • Pouh

      It’s exactly the same as the original P4A.

      • koksuckaahh

        well i guess that’s 9 bucks i get to save

  • XaviIniesta

    I thought I remembered reading something about getting the P4U1 Story for free somehow. Like a pre-order bonus, or free for the first week like Marie and Adachi, etc.

    Any info on that, or did I remember wrong?

    • NeoStrayCat

      Its only Adachi/Marie free for 1st week only, not the P4A story, though that was included in the JP PS3 ver. Newcomer Package.

  • Merei Sanju

    All I can say is, I hope there is a Japanese magazine scan to show if there is another (or more) character(s). Since like for Blazblue Chrono Phantasma they did add 2 more characters well after the console release. Well for now I hope they add the only living Persona 3 character who is not a fighter (most likely won’t?), which is Fuuka. Seems Fuuka will worse than Teddie, a character that never leaves the support role.

    • mckun

      I think that’s a mistake on the USA site. It’s not another character.

    • Zeik56

      That’s actually explicitly explained in Ultimax’s story. There’s a relatively significant portion devoted to Rise and how and why her Persona evolves to fight.

    • Saphira

      Lol you’re forgetting Theodore. Everyone forgets Theodore… he actually has a higher chance of being a fighter than Fuuka doesn’t he? XD

      • Merei Sanju

        Too bad Theodore is cold ground like Persona 3’s female main character, he’s somewhere in the disregarded area.

    • MrJechgo

      My opinion:


      – In P3, Mitsuru was always ready to step in and fight, but was waiting for the right time and/or for the “new recruits” to be prepared enough. When Fuuka came in, she decided that it was time to let Fuuka handle the support and let her be part of battles, because apparently, she couldn’t support and fight at the same time. Also, Fuuka has a fragile health… good luck fighting Shadows with that handicap…

      – In P4, Teddie came out as a weird mascot with absolutely no fighting skill… until he faced his Shadow and gained his Persona and at the same time, Rise got hers and realized that she got support the time.

      – Theodore is the only remaining character that could be added to the roster. However… if THIS happens, people are gonna rage HARD. Why? Because Theo’s role was mostly linked to P3’s female protagonist (FeMC), who doesn’t exist in the game’s canon, as even in P4A, P3’s protagonist is referred as “him”, a.k.a. Minato/Makoto. You could argue that P4 Golden added references to Theodore, but that was because P3 Portable got released before Golden, thus… they took liberties to tie the Velvet Room lore between games. We all know Theodore is gonna be a cameo in P4AU, but his omittion might be a bigger issue than we think.

      – Since FeMC has been discarded, Shinjiro can’t be added to the roster either… because he’s dead and will remain as such.

      – However, if the Malevolent Entity is still present and that it can still change shape, I honestly don’t see a problem at having unlikely/dead characters as playable, as they could pass as yet another disguise for the Entity. Picture this: the P3 cast meeting Shinjiro face to face. Imagine how shocked, and mind-screwed, they would be. You think the P4 cast meeting Adachi is shocking? That’s nothing compared to meeting a DEAD character.

  • NeoStrayCat

    If anyone’s wondering…

    More details and pricing on the NA/US version’s DLC content not mentioned here.

    • Covnam

      Thanks! Those BGM packs look really tempting. I hope you can get the free DLC through the PSN without having the game yet like usual just in case it’s slow to arrive.

      • NeoStrayCat

        Not a problem, you can still get them even if you don’t have the game, just remember to put them in your cart on your PSN account and then “purchase” them for the Free stuff, its that simple. Better if you just get them also from the PSN Web Store, which is more efficient and quicker. :3

        • Rol

          These prices seem pretty darn reasonable, ESPECIALLY since they are letting you bring over any purchases you made in the first Persona Arena into the second game (glasses, navigators). They could have easily made you buy those again.

          • NeoStrayCat

            Could, yes, but at least they’re being generous, lol. :3

  • Afternoon Intergalactic

    Navigators for each character can also be unlocked in-game by completing both routes of score attack on the hardest difficulty with the desired character.

  • Hinataharem

    The story DLC is just the story from the first game, right? This will have it’s own story?

    • NeoStrayCat

      Yeah, the P4A story is or would be more likely a condensed linear story route.

      • jinkusiraga

        Nope, it’s the full story.

        • NeoStrayCat

          Well then…

    • MrJechgo

      Yes to both. P4A had its story segmented into character chapters, which you can download if you don’t own the first game.

      P4AU will have its own story, being a continuation, but instead we’ll get 2 chapters, but with multiple characters in each, similar to MK vs DCU, MK9, Injustice and of course, BBCP.

      The downside is that we MIGHT end up with characters being unplayable during the stories.

      • Hinataharem

        Its ok. I prefer a big continous story to a bunch of character story modes.

      • koksuckaahh

        Will save data from p4a be usable in the p4a dlc in ultimax?, like being able to continue where you left off or do you not know?

  • Slayven19

    I really want to wait till this is cheap but I want margaret and I’m willing to bite the bullet for what I want for once.

  • mojack411

    After seeing the amazing prices for the Hyrule Warriors DLC, this is just depressing.

    • dawnbomb

      not really, if you played arena 1, (or other serious fighters) most of the DLC is ACTUALLY free, and unlockable. it’s DLC because they put extremely hard conditions on unlocking them. for example to get nanako voice in the first game, its 3.50$ or something, or beat score attack with any character.

      score attack has every opponent read your controller inputs, maxed meters and specials, and to make sure your an elite your first enemy is a input reading yosuke with permenant max sukukaja. he so fast when he jumps above you and does a down attack, noone can even tell what side of you he will be on when he lands.

      but don’t worry, if you somehow beat that there is the rest of the entire cast to fight next. yaknow, or 3.50$. I believe fuuka was something like due every single possible combo with every character, including the really hard true pro fighter moves with like 45 button input combos.

      or 3.50$

      so as i said, it’s free, IF your really good and determined.

      basically it’s overpriced on purpose, not just to make money, but to encourage people to attempt to better themselfs, and unlock them legit.

      • Based Ignacio Puppo

        IF they really wanted to encourage people to “better themselves”, they wouldn’t even offer a paid alternative. Not to mention that beating these ‘hard modes” doesn’t make you better at a competitive environment, it just forces you to cheese the CPU.

        • dawnbomb

          if your really a good fighter, you don’t have to cheese to win against an opponent who is doing stuff like that.

          if your smart, and a good fighter, you’ll just use it to your advantage, being unable to do so just says something about your skill level. a skilled fighter would abuse the fact that their reading your inputs, and input fake inputs only to cancel and lock the CPU into a counter animation, only to counter that yourself.

          it’s called score attack for a reason, it’s defiantly possible, easy even for veterans. it just depends on how high (or …extremely low in your case) ones skill level and mental capacity are to counter an opponents strategy.

          it’s pretty much a given in any game where the enemy does a auto counter to you, to adapt and abuse it. like absorbing a lighting counter, or reflecting a physical counter, or making a enemy unable to heal before a heal counter.

          • Based Ignacio Puppo

            Your first two paragraphs are, basically, you admitting that I am right. You cheese the CPU, you trick it. Playing against a CPU is not the same as playing as other players. Players adapt, CPUs do not.

            It’s funny how you assume that my skill is “extremely low” out of thin air, resorting to personal attacks so soon? Keep it classy.

            And the fact that the option to pay for it is there, means that the game is constantly trying to make you cave in and buy them.

            Regardless, it’s funny how you felt attacked over a single paragraph when I was disagreeing with your poorly thought out opinion,

          • dawnbomb

            its not a trick. animations have been around from the dawn of gaming. virtually everything in any game has a animation, its not a trick at all. pros go over frame data of attacks and movements and mechanics and look at the best possible and least risky methods of striking.

            they look at hitboxes, attack box radius, and other various things. your free to think its a ‘trick’ if you want, but it’s how games are, and regardless of if you like them or not they exict.

            of course they are interested in getting players to throw up cash for their inability. but its not like you actually have to pay to access any content, but it’s technically free. go execute some combos and beat up some NPCs. if a player can’t even do combos or beat a npc, then ya i’ll call them unskilled.

            just…yaknow, stop being bad. feel free to call me a flamer now, but the fact is if someone can’t even do combos or beat a npc, then thats a lack of skill. Its not like their god tier impossible or something. It’s pretty normal, and fighters do stuff far harder then that all the time. pretty much every serious fighting game has some mode to have you train a combo or fight a strong AI. I can’t really think of any that don’t.

          • Based Ignacio Puppo

            Is your reading comprehension nil? You can’t even type properly, “Your” instead of “You’re”, “Their” instead of “They’re”… Making sense of what you are typing alongside to “What the hell did he understood by what I said?” is a complete and total nightmare.

            You still keep missing the point, though. Want to lock features behind the hardest modes? That’s fine. Offering a paid alternative is not, it’s tacky and greedy. I never even said that I couldn’t finish it nor wanted to, you just put words in my mouth, not that it would affect my argument anyways.

            And if you really think that fighting the Unlimited versions of the characters, on the hardest difficulty settings, can prepare you to fight real people on a high level… then you should go to any tournament on your area and see how you fare, I guarantee you won’t make it out of pools.
            But hey, if being able to clear these modes makes you think that you are on par with Dogura and the like, more power to ya.

            Oh, and by the by, since you seem to think you are familiar with the FGC, most pros don’t train against CPUs because they cheat and you can cheese them, you learn almost nothing by fighting hard level CPUs, you can’t even learn proper footsies, at most you can practice doing combos under pressure.

          • Zeik56

            There’s nothing wrong with offering a paid alternative. Not everyone has the skill or patience to complete the hardest modes things like that, if they are willing to pay to unlock them that should be their choice.

            You’re looking at it the wrong way anyway. Most games would simply sell them and offer no alternative. You pay money or you don’t get the content. Letting people with the skill or patience to unlock it in game by completing difficult tasks is the unusual part, not the fact that there is an option to buy it.

          • Based Ignacio Puppo

            Then why not offer cheat codes? Why have to PAY for it? It’s tacky, it’s greedy. “Sure, you can have them with no effort! Just give us your money”. Like how they did with Kagura on BB, don’t wanna play through the slow-paced storyline to unlock the game’s sole unlockable character? “Just give us your money!”. ArkSys is NOT doing you a favor, nor to the people that lack the time/skill, they just want their money.

          • Zeik56

            Because being able to put in a cheat code would completely defeat the purpose of putting them behind a challenge to unlock? When the alternative is paying money significantly more people will be willing to take on the challenge to unlock it for free. But if all you have to do is put in a code how many people are going to bother trying to unlock it legitimately?

            And I’m not saying that offering a paid alternative is totally altruistic. Of course they want money. They’re a business like any other. They’re out to make money. Offering a paid alternative for those that are willing to pay is smart business move, and I say more power to them, as long as I still have the option to unlock them in-game without paying money. I win, they win, lazy-people-with-more-money-than-time win.

          • Based Ignacio Puppo

            Well, then we’ll never agree I believe.

            I mean, I do agree that it’s a smart business move… for them, but I won’t be championing microtransactions on console games. Ever. Want to lock features behind the hardest, cheapest modes or challenges? Go ahead, but don’t be so greedy about it that you are gonna add a paid option, respect your customers a little more.

            Furthermore, “But if all you have to do is put in a code how many people are going to bother trying to unlock it legitimately?”, this only applies to Fighting games(as far as I know), but when it comes to hosting tournaments, having to unlock everything on every console is a bit of a nightmare, remember vanilla Street Fighter IV and it’s conditions for Akuma and Ryuken? Sure, it extends the life for single player, but since now it’s isn’t as easy as coping a save file from a console to another, hosting tournaments is a nightmare… well, was, since now most fighters comes with the entire roster unlocked from the get-go.

          • Zeik56

            Having a bunch of extra navigator voices probably isn’t going to make or break a tournament. But if tournament organizers can supply several consoles and copies of the game they can probably spare a few bucks to unlock those navigators if they really really wanted.

            That argument would make more sense if we were talking about characters, but the most blatant example of that which comes to mind is smash bros. and I know for a fact many tournament organizers would prefer to pay a small fee to unlock all the characters instantly than having to worry about carrying around several save files with all characters unlocked. Putting that stuff behind the hardest challenges without an alternative to unlock them certainly wouldn’t benefit tournaments.

          • Zeik56

            There’s nothing wrong with offering a paid alternative. Not everyone has the skill or patience to complete the hardest modes things like that, if they are willing to pay to unlock them that should be their choice.

            You’re looking at it the wrong way anyway. Most games would simply sell them and offer no alternative. You pay money or you don’t get the content. Letting people with the skill or patience to unlock it in game by completing difficult tasks is the unusual part, not the fact that there is an option to buy it.

      • God

        Actually, every Navigator had to be unlocked by beating Score Attack with 3 specific characters… wich made it even worse, since it wasn’t as simple as beating it with whoever you like… And dat Elizabeth, i still have nightmares about that Elizabeth…

    • British_Otaku

      I just don’t like most DLC policies in general including Hyrule Warriors, but Arc System Works games… >_> Really.

  • ndjn3979

    she hawt

  • Demeanor

    And Helel.

  • urbanscholar

    Hmm I want all colors for everyone…the DLC age we live in

    • MrJechgo

      $6 for every color is a decent deal… because BlazBlue has the same color pack, but triple the cost.

      • British_Otaku

        Other games have a vast library of recolours and costumes for free.

        I’ve only played 3DS CS2 for BlazBlue and probably will continue being that way till I see more “final” releases for all of their games.

        • Slayven19

          The first persona didn’t get one so this one won’t either probably. This is the final release but since atlus is always having sales that might be your ticket.

          • British_Otaku

            Still haven’t played any of the Persona games, fighting game or not, so I can wait even if I do appreciate your advice (though Atlus deals don’t really spread to Europe). Cheers.

        • Zeik56

          What games are those pray tell? Selling alternate costumes and colors is the norm, not the exception.

        • Zeik56

          What games are those pray tell? Selling alternate costumes and colors is the norm, not the exception.

  • Sakurazaki

    omg she’s gorgeous

  • MrJechgo

    I honestly don’t get it… They will give us only 2 out of 3 characters for free? At this point, why not just make them all free for 1 week?


    • Haunter!

      It’s simple: money.

      • And perhaps a hundred colas.

        • Haunter!

          What do you think the money is for?

    • Zeik56

      They’re letting us have two out of three characters free and you still find a reason to complain? Why not just ask them to give you the game free while you’re at it.

      • MrJechgo

        Good grief… they started a “trend” that they’ll give us the characters for free for one week, but back out for Margaret.

        If you start some kind of promotion, go with it for every item of the same kind…

        That’s not THAT hard to grasp…

        How do you explain that people complained when Sony DIDN’T do a 2-week free promotion for Zeus and Isaac Clarke for PSASBR? Because they were expecting it for them to do so after they did for Kat and Emmett Graves.

        Like I said, consistancy… if you’re gonna offer free characters for one week, then offer ALL OF THEM for free for 1 week, not some of them. In that case, DON’T offer them free for 1 week if you’re gonna back away in mid-promo.

        • Zeik56

          That is one the most ridiculous self-entitled things I have ever heard someone say.

          “You’re giving me two out three characters free? How dare you?! I demand all of them free or you better make me pay for all of them!”

          In what world do you live in that offering one thing free means everything else is automatically free? There’s no part of the promotion that states every one of these DLC characters will be free. The promotion is that the first two characters are free. That is the promotion. They’re not even pretending like Margaret could be free. We know well before launch that she is not. (It’s also more than they offered Japan btw. They only got Adachi free. And only for physical copies.)

          • MrJechgo

            Many of us thought that Atlus would have given us Margaret for free for 1 week after both Adachi and Marie got the same promo, not to mention that all 3 characters are released at the same exact time.

          • Zeik56

            It’s not their fault you made false presumptions with no factual evidence.

            Also, they are not available at the exact same time. Both Adachi and Marie are available day 1. Margaret isn’t available for another week. I think that would be a clue that she’s a separate deal.

          • ShadowDivz

            He lives in america. The land of the free, including DLC. =D

            (awesome, unintentional rhyme)

  • Prithivi

    I’ll have a hard time deciding who will be my main character: Adachi, Margaret, Marie or Rise…

    • Harvey Tejada Loto

      I choose margaret

  • Altas COULD include fem protag from P3P if they really wanted to. No one said she wasn’t canon. Just alternate universe.
    If they allowed her to be alongside Minato, that would open the door to bringing Shinji back.
    The way I see it, if Theodore is canon, so is she.
    Also, when will Atlas stop neglecting poor Theo? I would actually pay for him.

    • KanjiLikesBoys

      I wish P3She was in PersonaQ. I love her so much

  • xe7en

    Does she have beato’s color pallet in umineko? They share the same jp voice actor and would be awesome if it is.

  • artemisthemp

    What could the Complete Story DLC be?

    • Chaka_

      its the story mode from the first persona 4 arena game.

      • artemisthemp

        Strange that, they didn’t included that

      • JeanLucAwesome

        That’s pretty cool, for me at least. Cause I had to trade in my copy because of the region lock. (my ps3 being an import ‘n all)

  • Dr. Claw

    I wish there were a place to make noise to add “Dual Audio” as is available on disc in the Japanese version of this game…

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