Pikmin 3, Star Fox 64 3D And More On Sale On U.S. Nintendo eShop

By Ishaan . September 26, 2014 . 8:28am

The final week of the Super Smash Bros.-themed sale is underway on the Nintendo eShop. Until October 2nd, the following games are available at discounted rates:


Donkey Kong Country Returns (3DS) – Down from $29.99 to $19.99

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (Wii U) – Down from $49.99 to $29.99

Game & Watch: Donkey Kong Jr. (DSiWare) – Down from $1.99 to $1.49

Donkey Kong (3DS) – Down from $4.99 to $3.49

Donkey Kong (Wii U) – Down from $4.99 to $3.49

Donkey Kong Jr. (Wii U) – Down from $4.99 to $3.49

Kirby’s Dream Land (3DS) – Down from $3.99 to $2.49

Kirby’s Dream Land 2 (3DS) – Down from $3.99 to $2.49

Kirby’s Dream Land 3 (Wii U) – Down from $7.99 to $4.99

Kirby & the Amazing Mirror (Wii U) – Down from $6.99 to $4.99

Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures (Wii U) – Down from $19.99 to $11.99

Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures (3DS) – Down from $19.99 to $11.99

Pikmin 3 (Wii U) – Down from $59.99 to $39.99

Star Fox 64 3D (3DS) – Down from $39.99 to $29.99

Animal Crossing: New Leaf (3DS) – Down from $29.99 to $19.99

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  • Casey McMahon

    Nice price on Tropical Freeze

    • IndigoRift

      Yup that’s the highlight of the sale for me, but I’m still gonna wait for a B1G1 or B2G1 at a retail store since I don’t have MK8 or Hyrule Warriors either.

      • SaiyanJedi_Trunks

        Toys R Us and Target have done some great Wii U sales with either the B2G1 or B1 G1 40% off.

  • Jero

    When I saw this yesterday I thought “hey I might grab starfox” thinking that, because it’s such an old game it would be 15 dollars. Mistake. I might grab a physical copy, I’m pretty sure if I dig a bit I can find it cheaper. Though maybe I should wait for the new 3ds because of the improved 3d.

    • darke

      Occasionally I regret not buying the 3DS just on principal, because I see some games in the style I like… but then I see these supposed discounts and then decide I’m happy with only playing on one expensive portable device at a time. >.>

      • Jero

        There are good deals, just not by Nintendo. I think they overestimate the value of their games. I have bought all atlus games on the 3ds for like 15 dollars each, pretty cheap imo.

        • darke

          I was always a sega kid (nintendo seemed non-existent in Australia), so things like the remakes of the Donkey Kong games and Star Fox interest me… but seriously not at that price. Those sales discounts are the sort I see on the PSN a couple of months after release for most of the games I get. That starfox in specific is just facepalming. :(

          • HarakiriKami

            20 and 30$ games seem ridiculous to you?

            Meh no wonder game companies are going out of business.

            People spend more money on dinner.

          • darke

            1) It’s a sale.
            2) It’s not even a good sale.
            3) Comparison of an optional purchase (games) to a staple need (food) is useless. Please compare it to another non-vital consumable in the future (the standard example is movies) so I can properly point out the logical flaws, rather then facepalm at the lack of care put into your argument.

          • HarakiriKami

            10-20$ off is a big sale for a Nintendo game considering the fact that they retain their value for so damn long. You’re not gonna find one of their games at a retailer cheaper than that you know.

            Eating out at a fancy restaurant is necessary now?

            People overpay for food that isnt even high quality.

            Games on the other hand, cost way more than movies

          • darke

            “10-20$ off is a big sale for a Nintendo game ”

            So you’re not just saying this sale is a bad sale; but that bad sales are standard?

            I look at the PC: it gets good sales.

            I look at the PSN: amazingly both the EU and US get good sales.

            I look at the eShop: and apparently I despair at getting a good sale.

            And why do I care they “retain their value”? They’re a digital purchase, you can’t sell them. >.>

          • HarakiriKami

            You do know these digital games ARE cheaper than the retail copies, (which retain their values)

            I find it ridiculous that I cant sell sealed copies of a mass effect or a first party sony title and get more than fucking 10$ for the game XD

        • HarakiriKami

          No, the rest of the industry just decided to have a race to the bottom. Lol.

          Their games dont depreciate for a good reason you know.

    • HarakiriKami

      Nintendo games dont go down in price with time.

      They go up.

      • Jero

        Yeah, good and rare third party games like Radiant Historia or Xenoblade Chronicles. But starfox 64, the remake for the 3ds? I doubt it. It’s just one of those games that end up costing 5 dollars in those boxes full of cheap and old games.

        • Reiswindy

          Xenoblade Chronicles is First-Party. (Clarification)

          • Jero

            Well I think it’s actually second party. Buy yeah, my mistake.

          • Jaku618

            Nintendo owns Monolith Soft.

          • Jero

            Yeah, that’s why it’s second party and not third party (as I said earlier and corrected). It’s not first party since it’s not a game by Nintendo but a game by monolith soft a subsidiary of Nintendo.

          • Jaku618

            Thats like saying Pokemon is a second party as well since Gamefreak is a seperate company from Nintendo.

          • Jero

            Would you say project x zone is first party too? It was developed by monolith soft under Bandai management, just like xenoblade chronicles under Nintendo. Plus Xenoblade Chronicles came out in 2010 and monolithsoft was sold to Nintendo in 2011.

          • James Enk

            guys this is a silly argument MonolithSoft is studio fully owned by Nintendo, MonolithSoft is Nintendo, nothing else to say there. You may call it boat party if you like

          • Codename: D.A.V.I.D.

            Nintendo already possessed around 80% of the company at 2007. The thing is, we should rather be using words like subsidiaries and affiliates.

            But about the common use of “first-party”, what it uses to encompass is quite broad and to be considered so it doesn’t even need to be an owned company; yet for this case while there wasn’t a complete adquisition they had a majority.

            “Second-party” is even more muddy in definition, unsurprisingly as it was first coined as a marketing term. Let’s say it would have to be a company of which the platform holder has minor or no stock but a exclusivity deal for the game. But it doesn’t always apply as easily.

            Anyway for Xenoblade it’s safe to say it’s “first-party” as a) Nintendo funded b) They own the IP and c) Nintendo published.

            As for what you mentioned, the “Project X Zone” case, it’s not uncommon to have a subsidiary co-developing or to be hired for an external company, I guess as long as it’s profitable. The same happened with Brownie Brown (Now 1-Up Studio) working alongside Level-5 for Fantasy Life.

          • HarakiriKami

            Monolith Soft is a first party studio.

            Second party refers to independent corporations

        • HarakiriKami

          Nah its 42$ on amazon right now XD Ocarina of Time 3D as well. Still full price.

          The only place you find them on discount is at a retailer clearing stock. Like they did with kid icarus uprising a while ago and now you cant find a copy cause its out of print apparently.

          Its cheaper on the eshop. Same with alot of nintendo’s games these days.

          Nintendo’s games prices dont get undercut severely at retailers because they manage their supply in proportion to the demand for their games very well.

          When they dont games like Spirit Tracks end up dropping in price heavily and the game only ships 400k copies all sold at bomba bin prices. ( which means retailers get no money and they dont buy more of the game)

          Thats why trade in value for their games is also very high. You can get a lot of money for a copy of a used nintendo game.

        • mikebrand83

          Starfox 64 being “just one of those games that end up costing 5 dollars in those boxes full of cheap and old games”?
          I think retailers (and publishers, in the case of eShop versions) have a better idea of what games actually sells, and what can only be flushed by dropping them in the bargain bins.
          Hence why most Nintendo games retaining high prices and trade-in value even years after release (Metroid: Other M being a good example of ones that don’t fall into the “most” category), while games like Tearaway went half-price barely a week after release.

  • Jordan Ortiz

    So, the much newer Tropical freeze is down $20, yet Pikmin 3 is practically full price?

    • Rv

      Both games are discounted twenty bucks…

      • Jordan Ortiz

        My point was that Pikmin 3 is far older and should cost much less, especially as theses are downloads over physical copies.

        • HarakiriKami

          …. Games arent supposed to cost less just because they’re older. I really dont understand that mentality.

          They cost less when they stop selling. Its supply and demand. Games dont suddenly “age”

    • Ace Trainer Chris

      Pikmin 3 was given out for free if you registered Mario Kart 8. Most people jumped on that one.

  • ddh819

    I wish the wii u pac man game was like pac man vs

  • Ms_Fortune

    Whoa, that’s a good ass price for freeze dong.

  • Matthew Brannock

    star fox would go on sale while my 3ds is dead

  • Perro

    My question is why Star fox 3D still $40 otherwise?

    • HarakiriKami

      I dunno. Are games supposed to drop in price or something?

      • Perro

        I would hope they drop in price, only to increase in price several years later as collector’s items

        • HarakiriKami

          It depends on how many copies of the game exists and how much the stores have on hold. Thats why used games hold lots of value for nintendo titles.

          • Hound

            Well that and Nintendo deals with used game outlets much differently than stores that only sell new copies.

            From what managers have stated, they really don’t get much stock outside of customer-made pre-orders. As such, used copies of Nintendo games fetch a heavy price in such stores, since the demand often exceeds the supply.

            I find it unfortunate since the more unpopular Nintendo games remain at a price too comparatively high to catch my interest. It does damn good for their pre-order sales though

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