Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance Coming To Wii U Virtual Console

By Ishaan . October 2, 2014 . 8:58am

Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance is coming to the Wii U Virtual Console on October 16th, Nintendo of America announced this morning.


Harmony is the second Castlevania game for Game Boy Advance, developed after Castlevania: Circle of the Moon.


On that note, Castlevania: Circle of the Moon, as previously reported, will be available for Wii U Virtual Console on October 9th. Prior to that, you can download Castlevania: Dracula X in North America today.


Also available today is Harvest Moon 2 (the Game Boy Color game) for Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console.

  • kylehyde

    The only handheld castlevania that has elude me.

    • Mike M.

      It’s pretty universally regarded as the worst one hands down. Not a bad game, but by far the least unique.

      • kylehyde

        I heard that is was the less praised of the GBA castlevanias, but still I want to play it because I felt that something is amiss. Is like a series that one likes, maybe there is a seson that didn’t fared well, but maybe after that season the things got better. Anyway I don’t think that it could be worse than mirror of fate

        • Mike M.

          That’s probably fair to say. I didn’t even think of Mirrors of Fate as a real Castlevania game. That demo was awful, so I didn’t buy it.

          Castlevania is down there with Mega Man as essentially a dead series now. Can’t complain too much since we got some really good ones. Wasn’t gonna last forever.

        • GH56734

          Harmony of Dissonance is an enjoyable, yet short Metroidvania (Aria of Sorrow and Dawn of Sorrow, and depending on your mileage, the latter two DS games, are the best of the bunch though).
          It was hated at the time because:
          a) Konami wanted to save cartridge costs, and nixed sound samples completely, instead opting for a chiptune track that did a bid disservice to the compositions and ironically earned the game the “Dissonance” moniker. (you could try searching for arrangements, they sound so much better than the in-game stuff)
          b) a particularly severe case of bad GBA palette, with an obnoxious flashing outline around the character.
          c) short length, a relative lack of content.
          Check the TAS for it by the way, it’s hilarious.

          It’s worth your time though. And if you feel it ended too soon, you’re right – there’s more to it than what it seems ;)

        • Mirror of Fate was so booooring

      • Tatsuya1221

        Huh, always thought it was circle of the moon that was considered the worst, though i honestly don’t find any of the metroidvania castlevania’s bad to begin with so meh.

  • Tiduas

    My eeaaaars, oh god my eaaaars!
    (No, I really don’t like the music in this game).

    • GH56734

      I guess I’m a masochist :P

  • Michael Kelehan

    And that means that Aria of Sorrow won’t be far behind. That’s probably my favorite CV aside from SOTN.

  • RunningWild1984

    This game could of been decent if it didn’t sound so awful.

    • GH56734

      There’s a way to rip sountracks from GBA games with a much higher sound quality than what you hear from the GBA hardware speaker.
      I really wished some emulator, or Nintendo’s own VC, implemented something like that for high quality sfx while playing the game.

      It wouldn’t help much with Harmony of Dissonance in particular, since it was composed with chiptunes – but it’s really amazing for other games (especially Mother 3)

  • glenngunnerzero

    Oh sweet Dracula X is out,
    Oh it’s the SNES version screw that.

    • GH56734

      A rom-hack (maybe officially released like Sega did with Hidden Palace? One can dream) combining the SNES version’s visual effects and soundtrack with the PC-Engline level design and enemies would be really interesting :)

    • Derek E Nay

      I did like Dracula X… Only because I played it before Super Castlevania lol. I loved the graphics and music; but I understand the hate ^.^

    • Branden Thomas

      Gotta look for “Rondo of Blood” not Dracula X.

  • Not much fan of 3Ds but those are indeed good updates!

  • Ms_Fortune

    Dissonance was easily the worst GB CV, horrible music, badly designed castle and incredibly uncreative bosses.

    On the bright side that means Aria is close.

  • NightzeroAX

    Successor of Fate, VK2k2, Chapel of Dissonance, Aqueduct of Dragons, and the song that plays in the clock tower are very underrated. The only things I had problems with was how it was trying to be SoTN and the final boss was just derp.

  • Not my favourite Castlevania game but I did really enjoy it when I was younger.

  • KazukiNanbu

    i must be the only one who thinks that the music is no that bad

  • Göran Isacson

    Ah man, this one. While I really liked the magic system (Creating an ice-spike around your fist and smashing it through your enemy was superawesome), the bosses were superduper easy and the music… there were some good ones, but you can REALLY tell they downsized the quality.

  • Ric Vazquez

    Another one I wanted for 3ds on the go, but no, Wii U *sigh* welp at least it helps the wii u

    • Here’s hoping for a NN3ds release, since it has does have more memory than the old 3ds.

      • Ric Vazquez

        I really hope so too

  • Branden Thomas

    Circle of the Moon and Aria of Sorrow are all your need for GBA CV’s.

    Harmony of Dissonance looked and sounds like feces. CotM’s ONLY problem was how dark it was back in the day but it should be a non-issue on the Gamepad.

    • I still don’t get why people are giving this game a lot of crap for it’s sound. When the GBA in general didn’t have the best capabilities in that area. You’re literally complaining over very low quality samples, accompanied by muffled audionot being used over GBC sound.

      • Branden Thomas

        Logic says that if it’s a sequel and it sounds and looks worse than the game that directly came before it then yeah dude…it’s a “no shit” situation that people will have a bone to pick with it.

        Nobody is saying this game is the worse game in history. It’s just one of the weakest CV games to come out of the Metroidvania-style ones and it’s one that most people don’t revisit.

        That’s also complete BS. Mega Man Battle Network 3 and the Zero series had amazing music, Minish Cap sounded great, the Metroid games had more prominent percussion sounds than even Super Metroid’s music. Donkey Kong Country 3’s GBA port had it’s music praise by many even moreso than the SNES version.

        The GBA doesn’t sound like garbage if the composer took time to put effort into working with what they got instead of bitching about what they can’t do. Clearly Harmony of Dissonance wasn’t much of a priority to Konami based on its quality.

        • Uh, I don’t know why you’re talking about the quality of the game as a whole, as I didn’t even mention anything about that. I did not accuse you or anyone else of pointlessly slamming the game, so clam down.

          But, yes. Obviously there are GBA games that have better composition and better instrument quality. But what I’m speaking about, is strictly over the complaints on the sound of the game. Which were mostly tied to the fact that this game didn’t use sampled instruments like Aria and Circle. Instead going for the GBC sound capabilities the system had.

          I played the game before finding out about all this hate over the sound. And it did have some good songs (Probably has one of the better Vampire Killer remixes.) The original tracks themselves weren’t Yamane tier obviously. But it’s clear to me that most of the complaints over the sound were pretty trivial. Especially since it’s been 12 years since the game came out.

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