Legendary Pokémon Diancie Available At GameStop Stores Starting Today

By Ishaan . October 27, 2014 . 10:58am


Legendary Pokémon Diancie is available via a distribution at GameStop stores in North America starting today, The Pokémon Company said this morning. The Diancie distribution will last until November 16th.


In order to grab Diancie, you’ll need a copy of Pokémon X or Pokémon Y. Once you have Diancie, you’ll be able to transfer it to the upcoming Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire games, in which you’ll receive a Mega Stone that will allow it to Mega Evolve.


More information on Diancie can be found here.

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  • DanijoEX ♬ the Cosmic Owl

    Damn it! I didn’t even realize that today until now…

    I’ll do it tomorrow when I pick up Freedom Wars.

    • AuraGuyChris

      Chances are your local GameStop probably didn’t get the codes ahead of time, so it’ll be safer to go later in the week.

      • DanijoEX ♬ the Cosmic Owl

        Yeah, I might do that.

      • KiTA

        Codes? It’s not the wireless distribution thingy anymore?

        • AuraGuyChris

          Nope. Apparently, from what I heard, they didn’t like people standing outside the shop to download the stuff.


        • Dexward

          Yep. Says so in the video.

      • Taedirk

        Some of them received them around the same time as the Gengar codes.

  • Cool I guess. Even with Diancie’s stats having it doesn’t seem worth it.

  • Learii

    is it free like shinny Gengar?

    • Chef Chef


      • Learii


  • Eric Harris

    gamestop for legendary? Pssh. Guess I’ll go preorder Tales of Hearts $.

  • Michael Martin

    I hate these stupid codes. It was much easier when I could sit outside the GameStop and download them over wi-fi. Now I have to actually interact with the goons behind the counter.

    • AuraGuyChris

      That’s the point.

      • Michael Martin

        Yes, we know. It’s still lame. If GameStop employees actually knew what was going on half the time, it wouldn’t be so bad.

        • Niveous

          Guess I’m lucky, then. My GameStop’s manager keeps up with everything and makes sure his employees do the same. Actually great at recommending games, and has warned me away from buying over-hyped games at times.

        • Suki

          I understand. I don’t go to Gamestop for anything at all. This is why I have Amazon and Amazon Prime. It’s a good thing that I have to go to get my medication to day and Gamestop is in the next shopping center over. About three minutes away.

  • Draparde

    Sweet. i guess i’m lucky to have a gamestop that I actually don’t mind going too and chatting with people at.

    and if i did getting the gengar code was rather quick and painless anyhow.

  • Nagi

    mhmhmhm yes your “Local” gamestop great….

  • sharinganmor92

    i just wanted the figures everyone else is getting even the double pack is lame for not having them

  • Amine Hsu Nekuchan

    Shoot, I missed the Shiny Gengar, bah.

    • Kroz

      same here…

      • Kaichou

        Ironically, i got the Gengar promo code, but didnt use it since i got
        Fantasy Life the same day. Didnt know that the code was time sensitive
        so now im without gengar for the time being.. :/

  • Narrator 1

    Where I live, Gamestop’s practically the only thing in town that sells more than Nintendo and Dudebro games, so it’s go to them or no deal. Thankfully, I’ve never had any real horror stories with them.

  • FinalArcadia

    I’d really like to get this Diancie, but I feel too awkward going into Gamestop just to get a code and then leave quickly.

    • Dolly

      dont be D8 if you do find a store that doesnt make you preorder stuff(like theyre not actually allowed to do) ._. then they really dont care. mean think about it they get asked p much at least by 10 people a day and as long as you’re polite they’re not going to mind c:

    • Mnstrzero00

      Don’t you just have to download it in the store. Keaning that you don’t have to talk to anyone. I’m looking at the link and it seems like its just a regular WiFi download but the card thing I’ve never heard of.

  • Vallen

    There are no stores remotely close to where I live, if somebody could please get me a code I’d really appreciate it T_T

    • AndyMAX

      They will give a way free codes by November 17th to those with a Pokemon(.)com account, mark my words.

  • sad that I don’t live in North America :(

  • NotCirnoLakes

    I love my Diancie so much! I’ve been waiting so long for her!

  • Kihara-kuuuun!

    What do they have against gamers who DON’T leave in North America?

  • JohnNiles

    I just went to Gamestop on Sunday. Oh well, I’ll swing by again tomorrow.

    edits: Nuts, I just realized Mega Diancie’s stats are unknown. Guess I won’t be soft resetting for a while.

    • ShawnOtakuSomething

      its random as soon as you download it, the nature is saved to the game.

      • JohnNiles

        Its nature isn’t fixed on pickup- I just tried and got two different natures (wound up ditching a good one too :/).

  • SonicRulez

    Is anyone else running into an error code trying to download?

  • triablos

    You can get diancie in the UK from GAME in like 2 weeks. I just picked up shiny gengar a few days ago :D

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    the gamestop ner me ran out of codes. I was like how?…..

    • ohh that’s sad! :(
      and I can see how it happenned.
      I saw a lot of people on twitter with 5, 8, 10 codes giving them away … and I saw some people who said that got a code without having the game… so they’re probably just randomly giving it :S

      hope they can restock it soon and you get your code :D

      • ShawnOtakuSomething

        Game freak like doing this the annoying way

  • chronocide

    Of course, any country that doesn’t have a Gamestop is once again left out of these distributions.
    I understand Gamestop distributions were a thing in the pre-internet capable era but come ON. Our 3DSes can connect to the internet now. International distribution via wifi should be a thing.

  • For people who want “her” and don’t live in North America, try your luck searching for good people at twitter.

    I found one person giving away some codes there and was lucky to got it :3

    Just search “Diancie” and if you’re lucky you can find someone who’s willing to give you one code. :D

    • chronocide

      I did manage to find someone on Tumblr who was nice enough to give me a code but we shouldn’t have to do this. ._.

  • artemisthemp

    Gonna pick it up the same date as Warlords of Draenor CE

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