Akiba’s Trip Hits PlayStation 4 On November 25th

By Ishaan . November 5, 2014 . 1:34pm


Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed will arrive on PlayStation 4 on November 25th, Xseed announced today. The PS4 version will include new features, including a Toybox Mode that allows the player to begin the game with one of every item.


It will also include a Visual Editor that allows you to change aspects of the game’s graphical look, and will offer livestreaming functionality as well. You can view a trailer for the PS4 version above.


The PlayStation 4 version of Akiba’s Trip will cost $49.99.

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  • subsamuel01

    Is this game any good? Skipped it on the Vita, not sure if I should pick it up for PS4.

    • Raw

      Average. I platinumed it. I can say that if you are not fully interested in it, you shouldn’t buy it. Go play some Yakuza instead.

    • wyrdwad

      It’s an Acquired taste (get it? Get it?!). ;) If it looks/sounds good to you, you’ll probably REALLY like it — I know I certainly did.

      If it doesn’t look or sound very good to you, though, then chances are you won’t care for it too much.

    • Keko

      It really depends on what you’re looking for. Looking for a great plot, well written characters and awesome gameplay? Stay away.

      Looking for fun dialogue, really nice characters and VAs, sillyness, stripping everyone and a really damn great portrayal of Akiba? Play it!

    • Fronkhead

      It’s a bad game mechanically. I could write a page on the number of schoolboy errors it makes, many of which don’t make it feel fun to play, but once you get into it it’s pretty engaging, and it’s lovingly made. How much you get out of it will also depend on whether you care about the setting, having an adorable imouto and other factors.

    • OneOkami

      The biggest issue I had with the game is that combat-heavy mission
      structure can get a little tedious. But the way the game makes fun of
      the very things it’s all about, the hilarious dialogue it uses to do so,
      and impressive way it recreates some of the real atmosphere of Akiba
      more than made up for it and made for a memorable experience overall.

      Xseed’s localization really went a long in way in making this game for me, though. They knocked it outta the park. I recommend it if you’re interested.

    • darke

      The game was good on the vita though I gave up due to irritating pop-in. They’ve apparently fixed this in the PS4 version so I’ll probably end up re-buying it at some point and finally finishing it.

      Honestly it’d be nice if they had a discount or something for people who already have the PS3/Vita version.

  • Kornelious

    Sweet, not to far away, an not to many other games coming out then…….Though I’m still upset that you can’t romance Kati :(

    • wyrdwad

      We all are, believe me. Kati is easily the most popular character here in the office. ;)

  • This is going to be some crazy fun. Lol ‘d at “Let it strip!”

  • Xinen

    I’ve got it for PS3 cause I couldn’t wait, but I still prefer my PS4 now. I’ll probably get it again, I lol’d at the Yaoi chicks.

  • sunK1D

    COD:AW, DA3, GTA5 and now this!
    $230 already gone in November :/

    • Kai2591

      You got that right mate I was about to mention those….also AC: Unity.

      Never before have our wallets faced total annihilation in so short a time.

      • ZetaSiren

        And if you’re a Miku fan, Project Diva F 2nd comes out this month too :P

        • Mr_SP

          Tales of Hearts R, too. And in Europe, Persona Q.

          Wait, what region is this release?

        • Kai2591

          You bet I am! But I’m bad at rhythm games :(

  • Kai2591

    Its coming out early?! AWESOME!

  • Fronkhead

    The streaming functionality looks really cool.
    Not a big fan of the new lighting though, which, unlike the filters, cannot be switched off. Akiba and the characters just look plain weird with all these lighting effects, and the game no longer looks cel shaded at times :S

    • wyrdwad

      The filters can actually be used to adjust the lighting and shadows to make the game look a bit more like the PS3 and Vita games if you really want it to. In action, though, I think it’s a major improvement as-is — it just takes a moment to get used to. ;)

      • Fronkhead

        Oh good, I didn’t realise that before. Had I not already played it to death on Vita I’d definitely pick this version up then.

  • ReMeDyIII

    As someone who played the handheld game, here is the ultimate question…

    How are the frame rates?

    • I had the japanese version didn’t notice any issues,

  • Death Metal

    Would be great if it was cross-buy…

    • darke

      Given that the PS3+Vita versions weren’t crossbuy I find that highly unlikely.

      Had that problem with way too many JRPG games recently; I end up not buying any version of a title, since I can’t decide which version I want. >.<

      • Mr_SP

        Plus, IIRC, this version comes with all the PS3 and Vita DLC.

  • Alice

    I don’t even have a ps4 yet T_T

  • It sucks here in the UK its dated as March

    • artemisthemp

      PS4 is region free so, you can still import it from US

      • Yeah I lnow, but It locks out DLC so I may aswell just wait hot enough to get through atm =P

        • artemisthemp

          No it’s doesn’t (Unless the DLC is a Service based)

  • Yan Zhao

    I wish the game was a tad longer though. And more things to do. I enjoyed my VIta copy a lot when just mindlessly screwing around, but then realized how quickly I could end the game from beginning to finish if I wanted.

    • darke

      That pretty much defines the ‘open world’ genre of games though. Even Skyrim is pretty short if you just played the main quest-line, the objective is to make the game fun enough that people want to play all the side quests. :P

  • artemisthemp

    Now I just waiting on the European version of this game :)

  • dispedia

    played it on ps3. not sure if i should pick this up for ps4…. how is the graphic any different from ps3 ? cos the ps3 looks super awful… not to mention the slow loading when switching map (this is supposed to be “open world” game for god sake !!), horrible car model etc
    please someone give me advice for this

  • Sergio Macellaro

    I will buy THIS version.

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