Yo-kai Watch 2 Is Boosting Bandai Namco’s Revenue, Too

By Ishaan . November 10, 2014 . 3:29pm

In a recent financial report, Bandai Namco said that they have increased their full year revenue forecast from 500,000 million yen to 520,000 million yen for the fiscal year ending March 2015. The reason? Namco’s performance for the first half of their fiscal year, owing in part to the success of Yo-kai Watch.


While Yo-kai Watch is a Level 5 property and the games are developed and published by them, Bandai Namco is the company in charge of selling merchandise based on the series. Yo-kai Watch merch netted Namco 22.5 billion yen in net sales. By March 31st, 2015, Namco expect that figure to increase to 40 billion yen.


Meanwhile, products in the Mobile Suit Gundam, Kamen Rider Gaim, Power Rangers and Aikatsu franchises sold favourably as well. Meanwhile, smartphone apps such as JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Shooter and One Piece: Treasure Cruise contributed to Namco’s revenue as well. In total, Namco expect their Toys and Hobby business to bring in 131.5 billion yen by the end of March 2015.


In the realm of actual videogames, the Yo-kai Watch games themselves are performing rather well. Yo-kai Watch 2 has shipped 3 million units in Japan between its Head and Founder versions, and Level 5 will release a third Headliner version this Fall.

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  • Kai2591

    One day Bandai will sell real Gundams…


  • Satori Satya

    They had to have made some decent cash with their Super Smash Bros collaboration as well.

    Unless Nintendo paid them with Club Nintendo coins…

    • ishyg

      “Unless Nintendo paid them with Club Nintendo coins…”

      That’s not so bad. Not bad at all.

  • ReidHershel

    Namco really knows how to make money.
    Seriously, they’re a giant conglomerate. Kind of makes me wish they would rename themselves to the Namco Zaibatsu

    • Cazar

      With all the adversity the Japanese game industry has been facing lately, Bamco has been one of the only major publishers to stay so far in the green. You can’t underestimate how much money they’re still making off of properties like THE [email protected] either – on a multimedia scale. It’s pretty impressive.

      • Money?Muney??All my luveee!!!

        Well, they do own great anime studio like Sunrise which love pumping Gundam shows, have theme parks, arcades, and of course being fast on targetting popular IP’s for their franchise.

        Aikatsu, Idolmaster, AKB, Naruto, One Piece, and now these.

        They simply had so much good other business unlike other companies where certain part of their company is always bleeding money.(Capcom their mobile section. Sony all other section other than gaming and insurance.)

      • Tarkovsky

        Actually, the only companies that have made losses this year so far are Nintendo and Sony. Every other company from SE to Capcom has been making profits and are operating in the black. You are right in that Namco makes a lot of profits though. They are right up there with Sega in terms of amount of profits made.

        • Satori Satya

          I suspect that you’re talking about the last financial year, right? The one that ended in March of this year?

          Well that’s old news m8.

          Just last month Sony reported strong profits in the Q2 thanks to the PS4. They only reported losses in terms of their mobile communications division. The gaming division is doing exceedingly well.

          Meanwhile, Nintendo reported a profit in their current fiscal year Q2 earnings. They in fact exceeded their own expectations. Their income more than doubled YoY. So they’re presently in the black.

          This while Capcom posted operating income losses of 8.25 billion yen. They in fact fell in the red in the 2nd quarter of the year.

          SEGA? Well, they reported 2.1 billion yen in losses. They blamed consumers. Claiming that they’re a bit stingy.

          However, we won’t get the full picture until the current fiscal year ends.

    • Money?Muney??All my luveee!!!

      They are actually kinda Zaibatsu there.^_^(Bandai Namco Holdings Inc. is their parent company.)

      They make movies, anime, manga, merchandise, games, arcade machines, even theme parks and its machine.

      They are if i am not mistaken as big if not a bit smaller than Ninty here.

      • Tarkovsky

        SE does the same thing. They have Taito arcades, manga(Gangan magazines), anime(FMA, Black Butler etc), merchandise(Play Kai Arts). The only thing they’re missing is a theme park. Sega is also similar. They have Sega arcades, theme parks, anime and merchandise. Only thing they’re lacking is manga. Namco are not really unique in that respect though their properties(Gundam, Kamen Rider and etc) and animation studio are arguably more well known. What sets them apart and gives Namco the advantage is that their properties are well sought after by both young kids and adults. Add Youkai Watch to the mix and that’s a recipe for success.

  • PenguinPlayer

    “While Yo-kai Watch is a Level 5 property and the games are developed and published by them, Bandai Namco is the company in charge of selling merchandise based on the series.”

    THE MORE YOU KNOW, but seriously, that’s interesting. Also are they behind all of the Kamen Rider merchandise or just Gaim? I might end up throwing a couple bucks their way for a nice belt one day.

  • Lol, I’m sure. I was thinking earlier about the way Sailor Moon is selling and how much of a small profit Bandai may be gaining from their part in that (compacts, etc). Bandai is in a good position with all the merch they make for these companies.

    Also, so rare to see a cap or anything of the girl and it’s so cute. ;u;

  • Tsurugi

    So Bandai like you did with Ni No Kuni , bring it to US/EU and don´t forget about Inazuma Eleven GO and LBX

  • Xeon2

    Yokai watch is saving the Japanese videogame industry.

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