Freedom Wars Getting Nendoroid Figurine

By Ishaan . November 15, 2014 . 2:00pm

The Good Smile Company is producing a Nendoroid figurine based on Freedom Wars, which they recently detailed on their Kahotan blog. Beatrice “Lily” Anastasi is up for pre-order now, and you can find more details of her over at the GSC blog.


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  • Sentsuizan_93

    I need this~ *_*

  • lackofstyle

    What a name….

    • Land of Green Pasture

      her pronounced name sounds even more ridiculous though; Bey-Ah-Tho-Ree-Chi

      • lackofstyle

        I’m use to it, the characters from the sound novel that my avatar came from: umimeko all pronounced it that way. It always makes me giggle, guess thats just how it’s said with a Japanese dialect.

        • Land of Green Pasture

          Well, after a while I’m used to it too, but the first time was… well, different from my expectation and much giggles, that sometimes when she got KO-ed I scream her name in JP dialect.

          • lackofstyle

            Haha thats funny, there’s this old guy in the novel who would always yell “Bey-Ah-Tho-Ree-Chi! Bey-Ah-Tho-Ree-Chi!” at the top of his lungs pretty much when ever he showed up, so I ended up yelling too.

          • Boldmonk

            For some reason I feel as that there’s a link between Beatrice Anastasi and the Umineko Witch Beatrice. Most likely coincidence though.

          • lackofstyle

            Ummmm maybe, I haven’t gotten around to playing freedom wars yet, but she could be inspired by beato.

          • Boldmonk

            I doubt Usui-san(the designer from shift) has this kind of naming sense. Maybe from other staff members, possible. If there was really inspiration, I do hope to see cross-overs..or not.

          • lackofstyle

            Well she is a “1000 year old” witch, and everyone does have a stupid long sentience, so who knows she could be hanging around wasting a eternity or 2 trolling the prisoners. Though it would totally be cool to maybe get her dress and battlers suit as costumes, no matter how out of place they would be.

        • DeathkaiserG

          You can make an avatar that looks like battler Haha… and Kinzo too!!

          I “Desire” that nendroid :D

  • Boldmonk

    A little bit dull in the face…I’ll still get it for the greater good!

  • Third picture is too cute.

  • Christopher C

    For the greater good!

  • So good!
    I have too many nendoroids as it is, but can you really blame me?
    It’s a slippery slope. Slippery…. slope…

  • Postnjam

    NOW THAT is not a waste of valuable resources.

  • Boldmonk

    After this ends up being in my room, I’ll head over to Freedom Wars Blog or Yoshizawa san’s twitter to beg for more. I might spam this emote: “m(_ _)m”.

    I personally want to see Aries M being made into PVC figure…or the default prisoner protagonist(whichever gender). Hope it happens.

    Nevertheless, Let’s Contribute!
    (nendroid attacks wallet, wallet loses 3400yen, it’s effective!)

  • Harry Potter

    looks awesome i like her face it’s like a killer face.

  • xXDGFXx

    Elfriede next!

  • Linkmstr

    Elfriede and Accessory (F) nendoroid please!

    • MXC

      Natalia too!

      • Boldmonk

        What about the protagonist prisoners? Main character you control get no love ;n; TnT

        • Fitzkrieg

          Probably because their appearance is so fluid.

  • James Reilly

    How much is this?

    *Gets 50 years sentence*

    *Presses thumb on notice*

    Guess I lack the entitlement to inquire prices.

    • Boldmonk

      4,500 JPY

  • :B

    I really love Beatrice, both her look and personality, so I’m hoping to get this one :B

    Which I have a question, is there a website that I can buy one of these, assuming you can’t order from Good Smile Online Shop for people outside of Japan?

    • Boldmonk
    • Boldmonk

      I posted a link, I hope it doesn’t get taken down.
      I ordered from amiami. Cheaper than other online stores I know.

      • :B

        IIRC, don’t some products sell exclusively in Japan? I visited that website sometimes, and some products were sold Japan only.

        • Boldmonk

          Sell exclusively in Japan does not mean ship exclusively in Japan. Ordering this is no problem, I’m saying this based on experience.

          Amiami ships worldwide
          (except maybe some countries)

          • :B

            One last thing before you get additional years,
            How much is the shipping?

          • Boldmonk

            depends on the weight.
            and the method. Cheaper than many other similar sites in most cases.

          • :B

            Since I’m only ordering a nendoroid, air small packet is recommended right?

          • Boldmonk

            Will work if you don’t mind waiting a bit longer(approximately 2 weeks)
            EMS(approximately 4 days)

          • :B

            I can deal with waiting, though I never expected EMS would work also outside since it mentioned restrictions that “EMS service not available to all countries”. Kinda confused somewhat.

          • Boldmonk

            Whatever works best for you (^v^)>

          • :B

            So it does work, gotcha

            Thank you so much :)

          • Shipping on amiami varies based on the weight of your order and the type of shipping you pick. amiami doesn’t tell you the final shipping and total price until it’s ready to ship out and they’re also sticklers about cancelling orders. Although, their products are discounted compared to the manufacturer’s prices. It’s a good place to buy off of as long as you’re sure you want what you order.

          • :B

            I’m only ordering a nendoroid, so the shipping price isn’t that heavy right?
            (I’ve bought my first imported game with hefty shipping tax)

          • I buy nendoroid all the time from amiami and I can definitely tell you that the shipment for SAL unregistered is between 700-1000 yen.

          • :B

            Thanks, I checked some details about SAL unregistered and I’m not sure if that would be a good choice, and I want to make sure I get my item here without any damage.

          • Don’t worry, they will use excessive material to pack your item lol

          • :B

            Phew, that’s good to hear :D

          • you’ll be surprise, I think one time they used such a huge box for a tool I bought lol

          • :B

            Haha, what tool was it anyways? :P

          • a few scribing tools for my gunpla.

    • OrangeArmy

      Tokyo Otaku Mode has free shipping on this nendo, I am planning on getting it from there, I’ve heard mostly good things about them at least.

      • :B

        Hopefully it’ll still be up this week on Tues. cause I’m getting Project Diva f 2nd on that date.

    • Scissors

      I’ve been using amiami for years and they are my favorite. There prices are cheapest, ad their customer service is great (they sent me a new figure when I emailed them that it arrived broken free of charge). Hobby Search is alright, though I’ve heard their customer service isn’t always the best (I never had a problem with them) Hobby Link Japan has never given me problems either. You’re best bet is to import directly from Japan, if you buy it from some place like Amazon or Big Bad Toystore they tend to overcharge by a lot.

      If you buy from the official Goodsmile store the total would be about 6500 Yen with shipping. If you buy from AmiAmi with shipping would be about 4140 Yen. The Goodsmile store version does come with a bonus accessory, but it’s up to you if the accessory is worth the 2360 extra yen.

      • :B

        Thanks for giving me a good details of some interesting import websites. I probably don’t want to pay a hefty shipping tax since I want to play my money right. :p

        What about Tokyo Otaku Mode though? It has free shipping.

  • OrangeArmy

    I also want a Natalia and a Uwe with one huge shoulder. Too bad they can’t make an MC Nendo unless they go for the default look.

  • May_Patra

    Not a fan of Nendoroid proportions, but it’s good to see Freedom Wars getting some recognition like that.
    The game is really fun. Hope there will be more merchandise in the future.

  • Sentsuizan_93

    Percy Nendoroid when?

  • etta9824

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  • Uvers

    must buy but sooo poor

  • Scissors

    Her green spiky bracelet thingy reminds me of Jack’s “soul robber” weapon from the Nigthmare Before Christmas game.

  • Pre-ordered it the other week

    • Somerandomperson

      I pre-ordered it last week too :)

      Now let’s patiently wait for its release next year….so close yet so farT-T

  • I’m probably preaching to the choir in this place, but this is a really fun game. And really fun figmas to match it! If you’ll excuse me, I haven’t gained the entitlement to post on message boards yet. I should hurry bef–

  • Kornelious

    So….Freaking….KAWAII! XD

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