Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Looks Even Better On PC

By Ishaan . November 24, 2014 . 11:02am

Konami and Nvidia have shared the first screenshots of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes from the PC version of the game. The two companies have also provided a comparison of the PC and PlayStation 4 versions, which you can check out below.


Cliff scene – PC:

Cliff scene – PS4 (Interactive comparison here):

Truck scene – PC:

Truck scene – PS4 (Interactive comparison here):


Here’s a list of features that are new to the PC version of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes:

  • 60 FPS frame rate
  • Additional deferred lights per scene
  • Additional shadows per scene
  • Higher-resolution render targets
  • Higher-resolution shadows
  • Increased detail over distances
  • NVIDIA SLI Multi-GPU support
  • Options to adjust seven graphics features (Effects, Lighting, Screen Filtering, Shadows, Texture Filtering, Textures)
  • Resolution support up to and including 3840×2160 (4K)
  • Screen Space Reflections


Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes will hit PC via Steam on December 18th.

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  • Adrian Duran

    is this going to be the new Crysis 3?

    • Keiji Johnson

      What do you mean by that?

      • 古戸ヱリカ

        Crysis 3 has announced its retirement. Everyone’s wondering what new game will be elected to the position of Crysis 3.

      • Adrian Duran

        both had ultra realistic specs for their time and both seem to require insane hardrives for optimum settings

        • Ni ~Algidus~

          So Crysis 3 was like Doom 3 on 2004? I remember my older brother and his friends getting impressed that the game had exclusive options for 512mb graphics cards and saying stuff like “by the time i can afford a 512mb card, that game will 9.99 or less”

        • Robert Kupper

          Hard drives? Ground zeroes doesn’t list any kind of hard drive transfer speed requirements or anything. Do you just mean the minimum specs are high? because they are really high.

    • Slickyslacker

      No, but TPP might come close.

  • MrSirFeatherFang

    I can only tell the difference in lighting. Am I… not hardcore enough of a gamer? ;_;

    • kao

      nowadays it’s all about graphic whores and fps sluts. if you can’t tell the slight difference then the elitists will call you a casual.

      I can’t barely tell the difference either and honestly I wouldn’t notice unless I had a PC monitor right beside a TV and played both at the same time.

      • MrSirFeatherFang

        I was joking a bit XD

        The farther away things are, appears to be less details on the console versions. It’s either that time of the day or I’m brain dead lol

        • MrVux007

          Its better drawing distance mate….but overall its not a mind blowing difference….its a shame they could put some of theese upgrades to at least ps4….but i guess they have to make sales on PC so there has to be some difference or else people will be like (ohh yet another bad port ) :D

      • Lalum

        Might as well get the superior version if your PC can handle it. I’m not getting a PS4 any time soon.

        • kao

          well, Ive got a PC that’ll need an update to play this smoothly and I don’t plan on getting an ps4 until a slim&price drop(which won’t be for another few years) so I might as well update.

    • Schiller

      Look at the camp in the first picture… There is much more going on and far more details.

      • MrSirFeatherFang

        Oh, I see it now! I must be blind, no wonder I wear glasses orz

    • God

      Dude, you are on a gaming new website, there are not many types of gamers more hardcore than us.

    • Shippoyasha

      Well, it already looks damn good and plays damn good already. No need to be so choosy, IMO, though it’s cool that PC version is allowing for more upsides for those who have a decently powerful PC.


    Maybe it’s just me, but I cannot tell the difference between any of these images. They all look the same to me. But that’s ok, I’m happy with the level of graphical power the consoles have and playing the game is all that matters to me. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for news on MGO3.

    • Robert Kupper

      Normally I don’t care much about small differences, but surely you can see the lighting and reflection changes? The extra illuminated areas in the top one or the fact that the puddle reflects light sources in the second?


        okay, i didn’t notice the reflection of the truck in the puddle before. but other than that I see no difference in the two. maybe my computer and monitor aren’t good enough to see such a minute difference? or maybe my eyes are bad.

        a few more reflective surfaces isn’t a big game changer to me so i’m glad to know i won’t really be missing out on anything major by getting the console version.

        • Robert Kupper

          Not saying its a game changer, just that some of the changes are pretty obvious side by side. Looking at the full 1080 images you can see a bit of a difference in other things as well. When you play a game on the PC you also tend to be a lot closer to the screen and can see things like low resolution textures or imprecise shadows more noticeably than on a TV six feet away.

          Generally when these articles come up its just PC gamers shouting “PC superiority right here, all you fools with no lighting refections” and console gamers crying “No no no, there is no difference, nothing to see!” while the truth tends to be that there is usually a difference, but a pretty minor one and both sides blow it up. If you have a PS4 and want to play it on that it will be fine, if you have a PC, great, now you are getting the game! If you have both options, you are probably slightly better off with PC. I own the game on PS4 but I will be getting phantom pain for PC.

  • Stephen Mc Devitt

    At least the PS4 also runs at 60fps, right?

  • Spot the difference, MGS edition? Well, at least I know there’s a puddle in truck scene, PC version. Did I pass?

    • kao

      PC users get to how their own exclusive puddles? that’s not fair!

      • Not all PC are created the same doe, let’s just hope mine will be able to run this.

        • kao

          I haven’t updated mine in years, if I try running a game like this it’ll lag for awhile then overheat into a shutdown.

      • darke

        PS4 got their own exclusive grass in GTA5 compared to XB1, so it’s perfectly acceptable for PCs to have exclusive puddles! :P

  • Stevie-Jon Purrier

    Most of you are obviously not going to be able to tell the difference by simply looking at a few screenshots. When you actually play the game in person on a PC with your own eyes viewing the gameplay first-hand, then you WILL see the difference, and its a pretty large one.

    Quick fact: YouTube videos & screenshots from the internet do not show you what the game actually looks like in real life.

  • AlphaSixNine

    I guess good for those with the PC know-how and deep pockets. I stick with PS4. It’s cheaper and it looks great anyways lol.

    • Tatsuya1221

      One doesn’t need deep pockets to have a good pc, this isn’t the early 80’s to the late 90’s.

      • Land of Green Pasture

        true, but to build a pc that at least have the same performance as current gen consoles, people must dig their pockets deeper, the plus, pc user can ‘test play’ through pirated copy, arrrr!!

        • Tatsuya1221

          Slightly, especially these days when you do not even need a dvd drive in a pc, you can in theory build a pc that competes or even exceeds the ps4 in power with around 600$, while that is more expensive, a pc can do a heck of a lot more than a console can outside of gaming, not to mention mods.

          • Attribule

            In my opinion, to get noticeable advantages over consoles you have to spend more than that. 600 isn’t going to be much of an upgrade.

            PCs *can* do a lot more than just gaming, but just about anything they can do is commonly being done by phones or other devices nowadays so that value starts to diminish for the PC.

            The value of a PC really is going to depend on a person’s usage/needs/lifestyle.

          • Ni ~Algidus~

            >In my opinion, to get noticeable advantages over consoles you have to spend more than that. 600 isn’t going to be much of an upgrade.

            but a $600 pc is still going to run the games just fine and even achieve 60 fps after expending some time on the options menu. of course you’ll not be able to play the game at 4k with 16x AA and post how big your E-dick is because of that but you’ll be fine if you are you are not a graphic whore and want to play the vydja gaems do some minor modding and start learning about graphics and 3D modeling a little.

            >The value of a PC really is going to depend on a person’s usage/needs/lifestyle

            this is true. if people will only care about gaming/browsing the internet and listening to music they better get a console and a smartphone or a tablet.

            I feel weird as fuck on PC gaming discussions because while I like to game on PC, know alot about the technical stuff, I have a good rig, and I can turn into a a mad pc gamer pretty easy when shitty optimization arise (you can guess that I have been really mad latetly :p)… I hate this High End PC dick riding :v

          • Robert Kupper

            Maybe for some people, phones and similar do a lot, but for me I need a full desktop for work, and I like having a large screen to use. If you do more than use the internet, I think a PC is still as good as it ever was. Writing documents, coding, rendering, modeling/scientific software all requires a real computer. For the people who picked up computers for the internet, yeah, you can probably just use a phone or tablet. I don’t think the PC’s value has diminished much for a large sector of people though.

          • JeySigma

            still mentions DVD drives.. lol

            I do agree fully with you when it comes to mods. Forget FPS and slight graphical upgrades. Mods is where PC gaming shines

          • Robert Kupper

            Or buy a DVD drive anyway because they cost like twenty bucks or less.

          • subsamuel01

            Most people already have PC to do all that other stuff, people buy consoles to play games. You could get a PS4 plus the game for a cheaper price than the PC just to get slightly better specs.

          • Tatsuya1221

            Forgetting the pc has both backwards compatibility and more exclusives than the ps4, ps3, xb1 and xb360 combined.

            Oh and games cost less on pc, it’s extremely rare for pc game.

            Your also overlooking the fact that pc’s can be run on a tv, heck my gaming pc is hooked up as a multi-use pc for gaming, movies and music.

            I don’t have issues with people owning consoles, i’ll probably get a ps4 for persona 5 and a wii-u for xenoblade chronicles, but trying to claim that consoles are the best way to play games is overlooking alot of a console’s flaws in gaming, such as pricing and usually no modding support, a pc may cost more, but a pc will also do alot more than a console no matter what.

            Heck, you can play 90% of games on a pc without a dedicated graphics card, and most have controller support these days.

          • MrVux007

            You do know that people can buy second hand games for consoles right? also claiming that PC is the best of gaming is ur opinion and i respect it, and you should respect other peoples opinion that console is the best way of gaming …..or in short

        • darke

          Slightly more expensive for the same power as the console at the moment to get the same visual effects/performance. (25-50% more expensive depending if the game has been actually optimised for the PC; shoddy AAA console ports regularly aren’t.)

          But most people have a PC to do things like write reports/assignments or email or read the web. Add the cost of a generic PC to the cost of a console and you’ll find it’s more then the cost of a gaming PC.

  • Potato


  • AndyMAX

    Can i play graphics?.

  • God

    I am pleasently surprised at the lack of “PC Master Race!” comments.

    • Lalum

      Doesn’t even need to be said.

      • God

        But having a true gaming PC is too expensive…

        • Lalum

          That depends on if you plan on maxing out every game you play, and also if you play a lot of graphics intensive games or not. If you want a top of the line PC you can assemble a decent one that won’t break the bank and then upgrade it part by part down the line.

          • God

            That’s why i said “true” gaming PC, not a casual gaming, a PC completely dedicated to playin games of any kind and genre.

          • Lalum

            It’s like you ignored the entire last part of my post.

          • God

            If you upgrade it part by part it will still have the same total cost.

          • Lalum

            Spread out to make it manageable.

  • Bobby Jennings

    Whoa…that’s a difference.

    Almost made me think about getting a PC for a second.

    I also wouldn’t mind the 60fps

    • JeySigma


      heh.. yeah if you wanna shell out double the money than a PS4’s price, sure go ahead…

      • Bobby Jennings

        I have a PS4 and Xbone already. Just need to get me a nice PC.

    • Rick R

      It’s 60fps on PS4 and One.

      • Bobby Jennings

        Why’d it seem like it was 60fps only on PC? o.O

  • Ni ~Algidus~

    If PC keeps getting this much love for JP devs will only get a PS4 in 2016

  • lefthandeddavid

    wow, consoles are REALLY catching up to PC level.

  • Kevin Lima Ferreira

    These are nice graphics on PC, but they aren’t really significant changes from the PS4 in my opinion. I still think PS4 looks more than satisfying enough.

  • César H. Sandoval

    But… Does it have any extra content at all? Or is just the same stuff but prettier?

    Because PC players have been waiting for months to get this game.

    • Robert Kupper

      Same content.

    • darke

      That’s pretty normal for AAA releases though. Look at how terrible the PC ports of console games have been recently if they’re released at the same time. They’re even more rushed to market and buggier then the console versions have been. At least PC gamers can fix them though. :(

    • Hector Velar

      plus mods that will extend the life of the game, console gamers are never going to get that. I have a ps4 & 3 but only for the exclusive, I always get PC first.

      • César H. Sandoval

        Why didn’t the other MGS games on the PC, like MGS1 and 2; never get mods?

        • Hector Velar

          you, my friend, have failed and Google. search and you will find.

  • eilegz

    since its optimized for nvidia cards, amd one will looks worse on pcthan console which its based on amd cpu and gpu…. weird

    • Sion12

      emmm no, it will looks exact same as Nvidia

    • decus

      I don’t think you understand how this works. Optimized for _____ cards just means those are the cards they primarily used for testing, because they were provided by ______, so at launch it will run better on those cards (usually…not even always there). It will still look just as good on the other cards, unless you want to get really spergy about it, though they might need to wait a few days for a driver update since the exact compatibility won’t be the same.

  • surachokes

    Gotta love the water reflection of the truck!

  • Kaitou21

    Damn, I should’ve waited to get the PC version then. :(

  • Limbless

    The biggest problem with the PC version, however, is there will likely be months of separation between TPP’s PS4/etc release and the PC release again. I’m not waiting.

  • Sydney Losstarot

    Cool, the game comes out on PC on my B-day!

  • freestylinyoshi

    The one reason consoles will always be my “Preferred choice”. Is that, I’ll never have to check my specks prior to buying a game.

    None of this:
    Oh, I have to buy this $989 card, before I can buy the game.
    Can’t buy the game and the card.

    • LuffyPanda15

      you get 1 internet reward

    • Franggio Hogland

      Without that ridiculous price setting for the GC I was ready to just say nothing and let you be silly, now? You just sound stupid.

      • freestylinyoshi

        Oh that’s interesting.Let’s briefly entertain the idea that you can “hear-text” and by the “sound”, of it . “I Sound stupid” ?

        Because of the , “Ridiculous price” for a GC ; which I didn’t specify, but again lets entertain the idea.

        I actually thought, I was being quite generous with the price.

        You know, assuming you’re knowledgeable about computer’s. I’m sure your just trolling me. Seeing as the price can rise to even greater hights.

        Oh look a list :

        • Franggio Hogland

          Ohh let’s be really stupid while TYPING cleverly.

          Dude, you still just seem stupid. Oh and you won. I replied. Your stupid SOUNDING remark got me. Go for it. Enjoy the victory.

          • disgaea36

            ever heard the saying stupid is as stupid does lol your the idiot here hows about you back up your opinion with the actual facts or form a proper statement haha your calling people stupid yet ur the one getting mad and keep repeating urself like a kid who doesn’t know what to say next. Try again

        • rikyy

          Those are workstation cards, you dumb fuck. You don’t have a clue about what PC gaming is.
          Just get the fuck out of PC related articles if all you are going to do is stir shit up.

          • freestylinyoshi

            First of all, I wasn’t the one who started the sh# talking, secondly like I said, I didn’t specify.

            You guys like name calling. You must be looking in the mirror.

          • freestylinyoshi

            can you not read “card” and I’m still speaking in general. You seem to be the only ones trying to ignore fact. Regardless of what your say, my statement isn’t any less true.

            You still have to check your specs everytime a new game comes out/ is mentioned

          • freestylinyoshi

            Internet Super Heroes. Take everything you say in the literal sense and never heard the word exaggeration.

          • freestylinyoshi

            How much is a Radeon R9 295X2?

          • rikyy

            The 295×2 is a watercooled dual GPU card, it’s not meant for everybody. It’s an “exotic” card much like a Lamborghini.

          • freestylinyoshi

            Ok, so your avoiding the question.
            You want to come over here calling people names, but ignore the question.

            You claim, I’m string up “sT$^” ,but I’m not the one calling anyone by any-other name.

          • rikyy

            You didn’t understand what I mean, but let me try.
            How much is a golden xbox one????? it’s 13.000 dollars man, I can buy 2 cars, console gaming is really expensive. Damn, 13k man.

          • freestylinyoshi

            I understood what you said, but you didn’t answer my question.

            I’m not pleading ignorance, I understand everyone has their preference, but I stated my opinion and you said I was starting s$#%t.

            I wasn’t the one who started the S#%it talk, so if your going to accuse someone choose the right target.

            Both can be expensive, which isn’t my argument.

            Nevermind more than 9 people understood me.

      • decus

        I just saw it as more “I like consoles because they let me remain ignorant, in a lalaland where I can actually believe I’m getting a good deal”.

        • disgaea36

          look whos talking about ignorant let me see you play the new call of duty of ur acer or dell with out giving it an upgrade. Stay in denial.

        • freestylinyoshi

          Or simply, ” I like consoles because I know I don’t have to wait to see if my PC meets spec requirements ”
          You speak of ignorance, but you want to be in denial.

          Or do you mean to say PC player’s never have to check specs?

    • ReMeDyIII

      All freestylin is saying is if he doesn’t want to check specs to know whether to buy a game. Don’t hate him for that. It’s a valid point. Some gamers prefer the peace of mind a console brings.

      It’s true he’s making himself look silly by pricing a video card at $989, but don’t hate him for that :D.

      • freestylinyoshi

        Never specified the type of card ; was actually suppose to say card or other additions, but was exaggerating anyway as one does when generally speaking.

  • Namuro

    Well, I really need to upgrade my PC.

    The sad thing is that, with all the money I’ve poured (and will be pouring some more) is probably enough to get a Wii U, PS4 and XBO…


    But I can’t live and work without my PC, so it’s totally worth it, yeah…

  • Ric Vazquez

    PC always looks better, shots fired.

  • Universe

    Added some monies to my Steam wallet. Can’t wait!

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