Nintendo To Discontinue Old Nintendo 3DS XL Model In Japan

By Ishaan . November 30, 2014 . 1:31am

Nintendo will discontinue production of the Nintendo 3DS XL in Japan, the company has revealed via its official Japanese website.


The 3DS XL section of Nintendo’s 3DS homepage has an “ending production soon”  notice next to the seven Nintendo 3DS XL colours that are currently on the market in Japan. It appears that the New Nintendo 3DS XL will soon be taking over as the go-to 3DS model in that region.


Meanwhile, in the case of the regular Nintendo 3DS model, select colours like Clear Black, Metallic Red and Gloss Pink will remain in production.


This makes complete sense, of course—the New Nintendo 3DS XL has been the best-selling 3DS model since its October release, and also the best-selling videogame platform in Japan overall. Japanese sales tracker Media Create estimates it will hit 1.2 million in sales by the end of the year.


Nintendo have not specified just when they will discontinue production of the old Nintendo 3DS XL model. The company also has not shared any specifics as to when the New Nintendo 3DS line will be released outside Japan.

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  • klkAlexar

    That’s kinda weird, I would think they would discontinue the original 3ds since it seems to be the less popular one.

    • It may likely end up being a proper “budget” product, since quickly looking it up, Japan never received the 2DS instead.

  • Lemski07

    time to sell my 3ds xl colored like in the picture. and get the new one as soon as it gets released.

  • Pandakids09 .

    Damn will i might sale my 3ds soon any before the new comes out in the US next year

  • triablos

    I’ve been wanting to trade in my 3ds for a n3ds (when it comes out) but the value of what I’d get for it in 2015, I might as well just import the n3ds from Australia and sell off my 3ds now.

    Anyone think there will be trade in offers like when you could trade in 3ds and get the XL for 99? I think there will be, but only for XL trade ins since the 3ds original is so old

    • decus

      Retailers won’t give you that good of a deal, but if you sold your old system for $100 on your own the new one would only be $80. The common retail deals, at places like gamestop, are super not worth it.

      If you watch pawn stars or any of the those other shows, the principle is the same–you are not getting what the item is actually worth because you are not selling the item to somebody who wants it, you are selling to to somebody who wants to sell it for profit. The difference? You’re selling a popular item that you’d have no trouble at all finding a buyer for on your own.

  • D-Omen

    Makes sense considering the old and new XLs are the same price.

    • Hopefully they give Japanese XL owners some sort of a deal for trading an XL in for a ND3S.

      • decus

        It’s called sell it yourself. You’d get more than any trade-in deal would ever give.

  • Quan Chi

    may as well discontinue all of the old ones when new 3ds comes out.

    • In regards to what? It’s already out in Japan and AUS. I’d say the original still has another yr or two and I doubt the 2DS will be discontinued anytime soon.

      • Quan Chi

        It’s a waste of money for us and them when the n3ds is miles better with the exact same features plus more. ‘Budget 3DS’s’ will still be around even when they aren’t mass producing them for those year or twos.

        • How exactly is it a waste to us? It’s a free market. They can’t force you to buy it. It would make no sense for them to up and discontinue all models.

          • Quan Chi

            Stop asking dumb questions. Once upon a time there was a parent trying to get a present for their kid. The kid wanted the n3ds. The parent bought the old one unknowingly. The end. Now stfu and stop arguing for no damn reason.

          • HarakiriKami

            Im sorry honey but the older one is cheaper !!

          • Quan Chi

            Gotta love selective reading. Reread my 2nd post’s 2nd sentence…..

            Not to mention, is your old 3DS gonna play n3ds games or have functional 3D…

          • HarakiriKami

            You have absolutely no clue what I was doing do you?

            A budget console is a budget console. No need to kill it off.

            Particularly in japan with no 2DS

          • Quan Chi

            And you still refuse to read lol.

          • triablos

            Someone who wants to buy a budget console will have that option, no need to remove it just because some no-name kid’s parent bought him the wrong console.

          • Quan Chi

            I’ll repeat what I said twice since ppl don’t know how to read:

            “‘Budget 3DS’s’ will still be around even when they aren’t mass producing them.”

            Virtualboys aren’t being made anymore right? Look how many there are on ebay…

            Replace VB with GBs, DSs, etc.

          • Tom_Phoenix

            That’s kind of a weak argument for Nintendo to discontinue the old 3DS, though. Outside of the refurbished systems they sell in their own web store, Nintendo doesn’t (directly) benefit from systems sold on eBay and other such places. As such, it is in their best interest to try and convince people to buy new instead of used and having a budget priced system is one way to go about it.

            However, I will say that it’s possible that Nintendo will discontinue the original 3DS anyway. One interesting theory I’ve heard about why Nintendo made the N3DS is that the components that were used to produce the original 3DS (XL) are now so old that they’ve ceased to be cost effective for the component manufacturers to mass produce. As a result, their price has gone UP instead of down, making it cheaper for Nintendo to switch to slightly better components.

            That was just pure speculation, so I have no idea how much truth there is to that argument. But assuming it’s not all nonsense, it could very well mean that the production of the original 3DS will end soon.

          • Quan Chi

            “That’s kind of a weak argument for Nintendo to discontinue the old 3DS”~ again with the “these shoes feel great, but hurt my feet”.

            You have an abundance already out. There is no more need to produce new. Not to mention the trade-ins when the n3ds is released in the US.

            And if that isn’t enough, this solidifies it:
            -3D is now tolerable
            -no need for external thumbstick peripheral
            -exclusive games

            If you don’t have a 3DS at this point, you’re not gonna still want it if you’ve already seen this model! Clearly a no-brainer.

            If you really want an old 3DS 2 years later (which you won’t), there’s ebay right there. There’s gamestop right there. There’s amazon right there.

            “Nintendo doesn’t (directly) benefit from systems sold on eBay and other such places.” ~ HOW WILL THEY BENEFIT ANYWAY IF EVERYONE IS GETTING A N3DS. Seriously, there’s not more need for an argument.

          • HarakiriKami

            You’re an idiot.

            And the Gameboy Micro was superior to the original Gameboy in every way.

            From picture quality, D-pad quality and portability.

          • Quan Chi

            Yeah okay. It was so superior that hardly anyone bought it. So superior that it excluded many features of the gba. The gba micro was a gba. So why even bring up the original gameboy. The thing about stupid ppl like you though, is that you never know what you’re talking about and are so proud about it lol. Bye now, IQ points are depleting looking at your posts.

          • HarakiriKami

            Fucking idiot confirmed^

          • Tom_Phoenix

            Hey, Gameboy Micro was a great handheld! Admittedly, it had a smaller screen, no backwards compatibility and was too expensive when it launched.

            However, it came with a backlit screen and headphone jack as standard (only the AGS-101 model of the SP had the former and you needed to use an accessory in order to use headphones), it had great and ergonomic controls and was small enough to fit into practically any pocket. Also, it had a very slick and stylish look.

            I still use mine to play GBA games and I love it. But then again, I have plenty of GBA games to play, so I wasn’t hit as hard by the lack of backwards compatibility.

          • Quan Chi

            Why even mention pocket fitting? The GBASP fit just fine into your pocket. Why mention headphone accessory? My nes classic edition used headphones just fine. Not to mention, the DS was already out. So what does that mean? GBASPs were already cheap. Not to mention that the screen was always exposed, De-evolving from what SP already accomplished. So how is it a great system again?

          • Tom_Phoenix

            It fit, but it could still be a bulky fit. Meanwhile, the Micro could comfortably be slipped into practically any pocket. It was literally the size of a small feature phone.

            I mention the headphone accessory because it was dumb that you needed one for something as basic as using headphones, especially since you’re likely to use them with a handheld. Thankfully, with the Micro, they went back to the standard headphone jack.

            Yes, the DS was already out, but since the Micro was intended for people interested in a GBA device, I only compare it to its GBA counterparts. Needless to say, anyone who wanted to play DS games wasn’t in the market for the Micro or SP to begin with.

            Yes, the SPs were cheap and I already said the Micro was too expensive when it launched. Again, though, only the AGS-101 model of the SP had the backlit screen like the Micro; the majority of SPs only had a frontlit screen.

            Also, the screen wasn’t exposed, at least not entirely. The Micro had a faceplate which protected the screen. Heck, Nintendo made a big deal out of the fact that you could switch the faceplate with custom ones, much like you could with feature phones.

          • Quan Chi

            No it wasn’t. Something half the size of your wallet is not considered bulky… And if it was that bad like you’re overexaggerating it to be, then why was it adopted by the future handhelds from nintendo?

            “Again, though, only the AGS-101 model of the SP had the backlit screen like the Micro” ~ and it could still be purchased. So how can you say great item but yourself mention the many flaws/drawbacks compared to the SP? That’s like saying ‘these shoes feel great, but they hurt my feet’.

            The faceplate did not cover the screen. So why say ‘not entirely’? It did not have screen protection. There isn’t a debate or opinion about it. It is what it is. Even giving it a film protector doesn’t protect the screen when the lint would get up under the edges of it making it curl because there is nothing blocking the screen like the sp or ds.

          • Tom_Phoenix

            It entirely depends on the size of the pocket. I’ve had pockets that were large enough that I could fit my DSi XL into it and I’ve also had pockets that were so small that only the Micro could reasonably fit in. It entirely depends on the article of clothing and the pocket in question. Either way, I’ve had situations where I was grateful for the Micro’s small size.

            Yes, it could still be purchased back then. However, even then, the availability of the AGS-101 model was kind of a problem, since it was only released in certain countries. You can imagine how much it is a problem now that it’s no longer in production and the majority of used SPs out in the market are the old model.

            I don’t see why I have to consider the Micro superior in every way to the SP in order to consider it great; this isn’t a zero-sum game. The SP had its advantages and the Micro had its advantages. If you didn’t care for the Micro, that’s fine and I can understand why that might be. But even if people like yourself didn’t care for what Micro brought to the table, people like me did and we were grateful to have the option.

            And yes, the faceplate DID cover the screen, unless you intentionally removed it. And yes, there is no debate or opinion about it, because it was attached right OVER the screen; ergo, it covered the screen. The reason I said “not entirely” is because though the faceplate did a reasonable job of protecting the screen from impact, dust could potentially still get under the faceplate. Emphasis on COULD, because I’ve used my Micro for years now and I haven’t had trouble with dust.

          • Quan Chi

            Man, c’mon man. If it’s that serious to say that it depends on the size of the pocket, then why is your wallet in your pocket? If it’s half the size of a wallet…
            screw it, you’re just trolling I guess lol.

            “the availability of the AGS-101 model was kind of a problem” ~ nobody cared. DS was out. Emulation was perfect. INTERNET.

            How can you see the screen to play it if the faceplate covered it. The area around the buttons or dpad IS NOT THE SCREEN. if you didn’t know that, then you don’t need to be arguing with strangers online. Man get outta here with that nonsense. Bye!

          • Tom_Phoenix

            For your information, I don’t use a wallet, since I find it cumbersome for my needs. Not to mention that a wallet is kind of awkward for something like a chest pocket.

            People who wanted to play on original hardware cared. People who didn’t want to to pay for a DS cared. People who couldn’t cheaply import from abroad cared. Again, it’s not a zero-sum game; a system doesn’t have to be appealing to everybody for it to still be appealing.

            Ok, you’re either playing dumb or haven’t seen a Micro in your life. The faceplate has a transparent plastic section that covers the screen. You can see through it just fine; there is absolutely no reason to remove the faceplate and expose the screen unless you want to clean or replace the faceplate.

            I tried having a reasonable discussion with you, but it seems like you’re unwilling to show me the same courtesy. Take care.

          • Quan Chi

            I said bye lol.

          • Fronkhead

            Huh, Game Boy Micro was far from inferior. The screen on that thing was leagues ahead of the GBA SP and original DS fat, and the build quality was great: it was made from metal, like the iPod Mini.

            It was never pitched as a low end alternative either, if anything it was the high end Game Boy Advance, and was necessary at a time when Nintendo wasn’t sure about DS’s future success.

            2DS is a different story altogether, Nintendo’s cancelled launch in Japan (despite registering its trademark) speaks volumes.

          • Quan Chi

            Lack of BC and no screen protection. Some ppl would even argue that the controls (and screen) were too small and compact. A nono for the majority with normal and big hands. And considering the DS was already out and we already had the just fine gbasp and the BC DS, there was really no reason for it. Also, even after that, the SPs were embedded with those same screens that the micro had according to the wiki.

          • Fronkhead

            Eh, most people buying the Game Boy Micro owned a GBA SP. This is a story of trade-offs: you can’t have them all. Asking for Backwards Compatibility *and* the smaller size wasn’t going to happen.
            Furthermore the screen is protected by the faceplates.

          • 古戸ヱリカ

            Plot twist: The child in the story was actually Quan Chi. The parent was Shang Tsung.

          • “Stop asking dumb questions” stop saying stupid things. So what if they bought the old model, I would. 2DS in particular was made for kids. Kids have a habit of idk, breaking things.

          • Quan Chi

            I was waiting for the stupid kid statement to appear. If the original models weren’t made for kids, then why would the majority of the titles BE for kids. My kids use any model just fine without breaking it. What’s ur excuse. And on the 2DS, it’s more breakable because of the yet again exposed screens. If your dumb self don’t like what I say, you don’t have to respond. If you are a nintendo fan, why would you want them to waste money in the unecessary if you want them to prosper? Good job buddy, good job. How long do you ppl plan on arguing lol. Inb4 future rants that reset everything. Inb4 more excuses. Parry, parry, Nope, Nope.

          • Your kids don’t account for every kid, on top of the fact they removed the 3d from the 2DS for a reason. I love the insults, you have nothing to say. Nintendo will prosper, discontinuing the original and the 2DS, again makes no sense at the giving moment unless the both N3DS models are outselling them both by a huge margin.

          • Quan Chi

            ‘Your kids don’t account for every kid’ ~ If your kids are that destructive, you got deeper issues to worry about.

            Because the 3D toggler doesn’t exist :P Arguing about problems you’ve never even faced nor had lol. Even a kid would turn it off if it was uncomfortable. If the kid didn’t know how, then they wouldn’t know how to even play it to own it.

            Waah, waaah, want a tissue? Dag your arguments are dumb. A least give me a challenge lol.

          • And yet Nintendo made the 2DS for a reason in regards to prevent problems.

          • Quan Chi

            yeah, because they thought they were getting more money for putting out less. How’s that workin’ out xD
            And going and going and going…

        • Fronkhead

          I think keeping the 2DS around in the west should be fine: it’s honestly just the entry level “3DS” and its audience is unlikely to care about the extra functionality the New 3DS/3DS XL offers anyway. And given the system’s price they probably don’t have deep pockets to purchase much software. Think of it as the Pokemon machine.

          I’ll be very disappointed if I see a five-system lineup in the west, though: there’s no need to sell 3DS and 3DS XL alongside New 3DS and New 3DS XL.

    • Fronkhead

      This. Nintendo would be wise to completely replace the lineup with New 3DS and New 3DS XL. NCL in Japan stopped mentioning the older models on their website after the newer ones were announced, which is a good sign.

  • oh boy…

  • sakanaとkoeda

    Longevity, reliability, quality…original XL, I salute your existence.

  • Serge

    I really want to buy a N3DS XL to replace my old 3DS, but i still don’t get why the new 3DS XL doesn’t have customized plates… So much wasted potential.

    • British_Otaku

      It appears to be so that limited edition New 3DS XLs will have completely unique designs and keep Nintendo’s limited edition portable thing alive.

      It also means they won’t have to accurately stock a supply of custom plates for two SKUs while letting people customise their systems in general.

    • HarakiriKami

      Faceplates are cheaper than making limited editions for the smaller model.

      The smaller model also needs more help selling than the XL. Smaller one has better PPI and portability anyway.

    • Namuro

      So that the small one will have its own “unique” selling point.

      If the XL can swap plates, I wouldn’t even glance at the small one. But now, it makes me want one of each!

    • awat

      maybe its a nintendo business Sale thing who knows !?? because that really sucks i would get the N3DS XL over the regular n3ds
      even though i love customizin my consoles but oh well like i said this could be a nintendo thing to make more people buy the Regular ones especially girls ’cause they love customizin more than us guys :o
      i think the original N3DS will have lots more sales this way just my opinion.

      Oh i hope they Remove RegionLock on the N3DS versions ..

  • MaidKillua

    Gonna have to pay full price and keep my old XL when they come out. Importing a US one (for obvious reasons) but dont fancy importing ALL of my games and my collection becoming useless

  • AuraGuyChris

    Meanwhile, the West is promoting the XL like hell.

    • Justin Graham

      Because they don’t have the quantities of the New 3DS required to sell in North America or Europe, yet.

    • hng qtr

      They want to get rid of these this Christmas. Probably the reason they haven’t released the N3DS worldwide yet.

    • Robert Kupper

      Gotta ditch that old inventory!

      • Steven Brown

        I­’v­­­e st­­­arte­­­­d ea­­­rn­­­in­­­­g 8­­­­­­­­5 bu­­­­cks/ho­­­ur s­­­in­­ce i st­­­art­­­ed t­­­o fr­­eel­­anc­­e o­­ve­r th­­­e in­­tern­­­et s­­ix m­­ont­­hs a­­g­o… Al­­l i ha­­­v­e t­o d­­o i­­s t­­o s­­i­t a­t h­­­om­e fo­­­­r f­­­­ew hou­­­­rs e­­­ve­ry d­­­­­­ay an­­­d d­­­­o so­­­­me b­a­sic jo­­­bs i g­­­e­t fr­­­om th­­­is c­­­om­­­pa­­ny t­­­ha­­t i st­um­bl­ed u­­po­­n o­­ve­­r t­­h­­e i­­nte­­rn­et… I a­­­m v­­er­y e­­xc­­it­ed t­­­o s­­­ha­­­­re t­­­hi­s t­­o y­­­ou… I­­­t’­s de­­­fin­­­et­­­ly t­­­h­e be­­­s­t j­o­b i e­­ve­r h­­­a­d…
        -> CH­E­­CK HE­R­E WH­A­T I D­­O… <-

  • Slickyslacker

    Before the original XL goes out here (probably not until late next year/2016, come to think of it), all I want from the original model’s production line is a limited edition, Majora’s Mask 3DS XL.

  • Shadowman

    Still no solid relese date for the N3DSXL yet I’m holding off getting 3DSXL until this one release

    • subsamuel01

      Same here, held off playing Pokemon and Smash bros. too because of the new 3DS. Hopefully they announce it soon.

  • Raymond

    as long as they give me some discount on the new system like trade In your old system and get the new one for $50 then I’m cool with it.

    • decus

      Nintendo won’t. That’s up to individual retailers. I mean, you can probably sell your old 3DS to gamestop, but if you sold it yourself over ebay or craigslist you could get well over $50 for it.

  • César H. Sandoval

    So “It’s Happening” now? So, Will Nintendo of America then be kind enouhg to release this thing on the US soon? I have Persona Q on the mail…. D:

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    What ever master wants… I really want a N3DS XL anyway

  • I seriously hope they don’t force the 3DS/3DSXL owners into buying their “New” 3DS. I bought my 3DSXL a while back and it hasn’t even saw that much action. It honestly wouldn’t even be worth the money for me to upgrade to one of these “New” 3DS.

    • idrawrobots

      If they sell it for the same price then why not?

      • ehtnah

        “why not?” maybe because of people that already have a 3ds?
        I have the first 3ds (the green one ^^) I’m happy with it, no problem, so why in earth should I buy a new 3ds, that will be replace by a XL/I/whatever in maybe a year?

        • idrawrobots

          you don’t have to buy it. You keep on enjoying your system. There a lots of great game to be played.

      • I don’t have a problem with the idea. I just have a problem with already owning a 3DS and not wanting to have to pay another 200$ or more just because my current system is “obsolete.” Personally, I think it’s a good move for people who don’t have a 3DS, but for owners who do, I don’t believe we should be forced into being phased out after we just shelled out the cash for the system which is in no way bad.

    • Fronkhead

      No one’s forcing you to buy one, Nintendo’s just replacing the old XL with the new one, which is a great move. Much like how I can buy a superior iPad Air 2 for the same money that an iPad Air cost me this time last year.

      • I see your point. From a financial stand point it could boost 3DS sales, but from a personal stand point I do not want to have to upgrade. I payed around 200$ for mine right before the launch of SMT IV (It was actually one of the reasons I bought a 3DS), and I really don’t want to shell out another 200$ for a system that I really only use for a few exclusives that are in no way bad. I actually enjoy my 3DS very much, and I’m in no way degrading the system. It’s just as I stated previously I don’t like the idea of having to upgrade to something new just because the older model is “obsolete.” Maybe it’s just because I’m cheap. I’m not sure. lol.

        But, my main fear is that they will try to force the people who bought the original 3DS/3DSXL into buying their system by making future games incompatible with their older systems. Perhaps I’m being paranoid. At this point I trust Nintendo and their business decisions, but it’s a rather shaky trust that could turn into discontent if they don’t play their cards right.

        • Fronkhead

          That’s fine, you shouldn’t need to upgrade. if anything we’ll mostly likely see a Game Boy to Game Boy Color style transition, so titles like Majora’s Mask 3D will probably use ZL/ZR and the C-Stick, and there will be the odd lower cost (to them) port like Xenoblade which will need just the New 3DS.

          I picked up my original 3DS on launch day so naturally I’ve already upgraded (after two years of avoiding the “XL” upgrade), I would say if you play on your 3DS a lot it’s a worthy upgrade, much like Vita-2000 was, otherwise there’s probably no point!

    • Robert Kupper

      I agree. I am not unhappy with my 3DS XL, but I am in no way buying a new model. I expect it will be like the DSi where there were technically exclusives but very few of them since most people owned a DS and didn’t upgrade.

      I figured we were at the end of the model series when i bought my XL, but no, I guess not. I generally wait until the end of a mobile generation to just buy the good model of whatever nintendo is making.

      • I agree completely. I do the same. As you said hopefully it is like the DSi which to put in perspective I didn’t even buy because the money I would have had to pay for it at the time wouldn’t have been worth the features/exclusives I would get from it. Perhaps I’m just cheap, but I really don’t want to have to shell out another 200$ or more because they decide to stop making games for the original 3DS or something radical. Although Nintendo has never made any rash or radical calls that I can recall, or that have been in my lifetime. I’ll try to trust them on this, but it’s a rather shaky trust.

  • Ziko577

    The XL models never really sold that much anyway so it’s no surprise to me. My bro just got a 2DS and it’s pretty nice looking and mainly because it was a mere $107 not counting Omega Ruby.

    • An Tran

      What are you basing that claim on? Every sales charts article I read shows the XL always being the highest selling 3DS model.

      • Ziko577

        Yeah here in the west but in Japan not so much so.

        • decus

          Not really. The current total sales of the old model XL are below that of the normal, but week over week it’s consistently been outselling it even in Japan. The discrepancy in total sales is due to the XL being released a year later than the other model.

          For the N3DS, since the XL released at the same time, this is more clear.

        • An Tran

          I was speaking of Japan actually. Every week, the XL sells much more than the standard unit.

  • Fronkhead

    This is great news. I was already happy to see Nintendo Japan slimming down the lineup to just N3DS and NXL post-announcement from a perception point of view, so discontinuing the older models just makes sense.

  • NintendoPSXTheSecond

    Man…I’m just holding out for a Xenoblade Chronicles New 3DS XL one. Until I see that make it’s way US bound, I’m holding off on the New 3DS.

    • Dascylus

      I’m not contemplating buying a New 3DS until that game comes out anyway. So I’m crossing my fingers for a Hyper Monado edition lol

  • I think that’s a pretty good idea, really. I just wonder how soon they might trim things down again and which other regions will see the same.

  • Linkmstr

    Of course they will still release games on the regular 3DS/XL models… .-.;

  • Vallen

    I only bought my 3DS XL last year, I hope this change doesn’t mean that the games will start to be “new 3DS Xl” exclusive

    • Histirea

      It’s unlikely that all games will become exclusive to the New 3DS for a good while, since the old 3DS is still an extremely populated system. They’d be alienating a significant number of their playerbase.

  • awang0718

    That was a lot quicker than I expected. My guess is the same will happen once the New 3DS/New 3DS XL arrive in the west.
    Hopefully, the old 3DS XL gets a price cut before it disappears.

  • Shippoyasha

    Makes me wonder if the New 3DS will have 3 years or so left, like the DSi did.

  • sakusakusakura_nyo

    I got a 3DS XL and I’m ready to get rid of it for the new model.

  • Yabloko Molloco San

    Discontinue the region lock while you are at it too, Nintendon’t.

  • Guillermo Oliva III

    Well, I have the first Nintendo 3DS model and now, a Nintendo 3DS XL. So, I will get the new model sometime soon or something . . . . . (depending if any limited edition comes out and peaks my interest :b )

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