Xseed Also Registered Domains For Corpse Party: Blood Drive And Trails of Cold Steel

By Ishaan . January 1, 2015 . 10:02pm

Alongside the Lord of Magna domain, Xseed have also registered domains for Corpse Party: Blood Drive, Xanadu Next, and Trails of Cold Steel. (Thanks, NicheGamer)


None of these projects has officially been announced for release in the West yet, although Xseed have stated multiple times in the past that they do intend to publish more Corpse Party and Trails games.


We’ll have more news on these games as it is announced.

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  • AzureRyuujin

    Trails of Cold Steel… ah… could it be what I think….?

    This should turn out to be interesting either way.

    • Harry Potter


  • Go2hell66

    wth is trails of cold steel

    • Harry Potter

      sen no kiseki?

    • VWinds

      Sen no Kiseki

      • Harry Potter

        i’m hype for this geym

      • Go2hell66

        thought that was trails in the flash. or thats what i see people call it

        • chocodino

          It’s not confirmed to be Sen no Kiseki, but ‘trails in the flash’ is how siliconera calls it [and some of the people here], not an actual name [the only kiseki games with actual english names are the trails in the sky trilogy]..

        • doubleO7

          That was the name that stuck among fans, but it was never an officially acknowledged title. While it technically is a direct translation, it completely loses the nuances of the original titles meaning. Doesn’t surprise me they aren’t going with that.

  • blood drive????????? yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • Clifford Michael

    I honestly don’t care what XSEED bring over anymore. If I own the platform for it, I will buy the game. They work so hard on localizing games we actually want.

    If we get another Trails in addition to SC this year (Heck, in less than 5 years) XSEED deserves a huge round of applause.

  • Monterossa

    Trails of the Cold Steel? Is that Sen no Kiseki?

    • Harry Potter

      yep i guess

    • Harry Potter

      or maybe a new game but i don’t think so

  • Yagami Mao

    gosh XSEED! you are da best!

  • Rose Meiling

    Love you Xseed! Tom, I’m sure you’ll be watching these comments too, love you too! xD I know this isn’t an ” official” confirm, but if it got this far…. just a matter of time before an official confirm.

  • Harry Potter
    • Monterossa

      So it’s FF Type-0 mixed with To Love Ru? :D

      • Harry Potter

        more like FFX but no to love ru idk never played this game because its japanese

      • Jadfish

        My protagonist would need a lot of HP to withstand all the Yuuki Rito-style bump-ins (and their follow up punishment)

    • Horrible part of the game and really stupid character. Rean not only was inferior mc to the previous ones but Alyssa was probably one of the worst heroines Falcom created.

    • Jadfish

      this…. IS a JRPG right?

      I mean I’m not complaining but…. where da battles at dawg

      • Monterossa

        look better than FFXV characters.

  • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

    I like where this is going~.

  • Kornelious

    Yes! I’ve been waiting for the new Corpse Party, Hopefully they give it a physical release this time around since its on the Vita :D

    Xandu Next is awesome too, They just announced a new Xandu game so its probably no coincidence…..Though i don’t know much about the series in general, Could someone fill me in?

    And then Trails in the Cold Steel……No idea what that is, let me look it up………Hmmm, All I’m getting when I look it up is…….No….NO…NO WAY!! Is it really Trails in the Flash!? (Not sure how that translates to Cold Steel though…) Could XSeed actually be taking the jump we always hope they’d take to Sen No Kiseki!? This is the best news I’ve heard in a LONG time! :D

    I might be jumping the gun a bit on this but between the trademarks registered for Dragons Dogma Online, Lord of manga, Corpse Party, and what may possibly be Sen no Kiseki, It’s been a pretty exciting week….Hurry up and give us the official announcement Xseed! What a way to start of the New year! =D

    • Harry Potter

      if u translate Sen no kiseki it means glints of cold steal maybe it is! because if they released a newgame it should be JP first

    • Barrylocke89

      Here’s what Wyrdwad said on the “Sen” in Sen no Kiseki on the Marvelous Forums.

      “The kanji would be better translated as “glint” than “flash,” as it specifically refers to the flash of light reflected off of a sword as it’s being drawn or striking an enemy. It’s very much a melodrama-infused “samurai era” sort of term. “Flash” doesn’t do it justice at all, as it’s missing every last bit of nuance held within that otherwise simple-looking kanji.”

  • Harry Potter

    best new year gift corps party and trails of cold steal i hope tokyo xanadu is good

  • Combo

    For anyone doubting that Cold Steel might be Sen, the battle theme from Sen is titled something like “The Glint of Cold Steel”. So there you go.

    I’d wager Sony is doing some of the bulk work on this, like they apparently are with Yakuza 5, since the script is absolutely enormous. Hopefully the text quality doesn’t suffer noticeably, but either way I’m glad to get the game at all.

    • GH56734

      Probable, since they localized both Sen no Kiseki games in Chinese and Korean to help PS Vita’s momentum.

  • Hours Left

    More Trails games = Amazingness.

    Though the fact that Zero and Ao will most likely be getting skipped for now is sad, but there is a lot of issues surrounding the Vita versions that make them not really viable for XSEED, and the PSP versions probably aren’t even in the picture despite the fact that some more PSP games are coming from them this year.

    I just truly hope that one day the entire series gets a release in English.

    • GH56734

      The trilogy, Zero and Ao, besides PSP versions, all have PC versions (the one for Ao is China-exclusive, though it was the same for Zero and Falcom deemed it good enough for Japanese release).

      Zero and Ao got enhanced releases (“Evolution”) for Vita with voice acting (it’s probable though Xseed will cut it because of licensing issues). Very recently, the first game in the original trilogy had an Evolution re-release announced for Vita (not to be confused with a bare-bone PS3 port for all of the trilogy in 2012).

      They still can release all of those on something other than PSP.

      Nayuta sadly won’t be…

      • Nah, the Evolution games weren’t produced solely by Falcom.

        It was other people. iirc, Kadokawa and someone else who’s name escapes me. It’d be a much bigger negotiation and something that may not profitable in the long run if they intend to follow the series.

        If they do skip to Sen, I hope they whip out a decent lore book or something for what was missed, whether it be digital or physical.

  • I will gladly pick up Xanadu Next, but I sure as won’t buy Sen 1 the second time.

    • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

      If it is indeed Sen the one title being localized, -everybody- should buy it so as to support more LoH titles being localized~.

      • pekikuubik

        As someone who’s said something similar here about the PC release of FC, I’m not going to pay a single cent for Sen unless they can conjure up a PC port.

        edit: And yes, I’m fully aware of what you pointed out below.

        • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

          Except a PC version of FC existed long before the PSP and PS3 ports. There’s no PC version of Sen No Kiseki. You sit tight and keep waiting for it to happen. XSEED localizes games, they don’t develop games~.

      • I would like to support LoH titles being released into English, but Sen 1 is a game I would really really rather not buy again.

  • Renaldi Saputra

    it seems that Sen no Kiseki (if it’s really true) will be one of XSeed’s biggest localization project. Bcos IIRC isn’t it the Eiyuu Densetsu series that had a thousand of text pages?

    • hng qtr

      These must be pretty big pages.

      • Renaldi Saputra

        maybe if they eventually announce it, we will get the game on Q3 or Q4

        I heard from my friend who played the Japanese that some of the Kanji were hard to be translated

    • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

      If it’s really Sen No Kiseki, there’s no way we will get it this year. SC is still being worked on and they have other stuff scheduled. I’d imagine that if Sen were to be announced it’d be TBA and tentatively for next year given the scope of the script~.

  • LM009

    I should try to get back into Corpse Party but it was so traumatizing when I played the PSP game at night.

    • Barrylocke89

      It’s the best way to play, and totally worth it. I need to get Book of Shadows myself. It looks like a weaker title but as long as the character interactions and sound direction is still solid I can handle it.

      • Armageddon

        If your looking for gory,gruesome and really gory you won’t be dissapointed.

      • Armageddon

        If your looking for gory,gruesome and really gory you won’t be dissapointed.

  • Thats some pretty epic news, I’ve been dying to play sen no kiseki, I’ve looked at importing it a number of times but doesn’t look like I need to now =]

  • After finishing the JP of Blood Drive. Can’t wait to go back to Heavenly Host Elementary School ;)

  • Wagnaria

    Sen no Kiseki getting localized!?
    My hairs are raising from excitement!!!

    • Yoshinatsu

      Relax, they’re just securing the domains. What are they gonna do, skip Sora no Kiseki the 3rd, Zero no Kiseki, Ao no Kiseki, and Nayuta no Kiseki? Though somehow I wouldn’t completely doubt it… : /

      • Nayuta has absolutely nothing to do with the rest of the series. They can skip it and it wouldn’t affect anything (although Nayuta is still a damn awesome game)

      • Miles Swoger

        Not sure if you’ve heard about Zero/Ao lately but it’s likely they will skip those 2 due to licensing because of their Evolution ports have full voice acting. So where is it to go from there? Logically to Sen of course ;). I’m sure they already have future plans for The 3rd though.

  • Kurai Buzzwagon

    Oh boy Corpse party So it begins once again

  • mockturtle

    This is gonna be a good year.

  • :-D oh lalalalala dood! Got back recently into Corpse Party on Vita (‘cuz duh, I plan to finish it dood! Part of my list of games to finish.) So yeah, cannot wait! ‘Course, still gotta finish Book of Shadows but hey, least I can see how all it ends dood :-D

    • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

      Encounter, Purgatory and Mire drag the pace a bit, especially the first two. But you should really put up with it because every single other chapter is just pure gold~.

      • wyrdwad

        Those are my favorite chapters. :(

        • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

          Well, obviously preferences are subjective. It’s not like my opinion is any kind of fact. But I -really- couldn’t stand the pace of Encounter. It seemed pointless filler since the past of their teacher ended up playing no role in the grand scheme of things. Blood Drive could prove me wrong though~.

          • wyrdwad

            It doesn’t. But that doesn’t make it any less entertaining. I loved the “Halloween” quality of that chapter — it felt like a really, really good campfire story, and is still the most enjoyable for me to play from an atmospheric perspective.

            And in the end, that’s what really matters, as far as I’m concerned. I don’t care if a chapter has any relation to the overall plot — I just care that it’s fun and engaging. Which Encounter absolutely was, for me.

  • Koulamatata

    As soon as an official announcement comes (assuming there will be), i’m replaying Corpse Party and Book of Shadows. I’ve been waiting for an excuse to replay them!

    I wanted to play them in October, but I didn’t want to finish the Blood Drive chapter again if there was no chance i’d get to see the conclusion. Dude, i’m so excited right now. I really hope we end up getting it!

  • Michael Richardson

    CP: Blood Drive and Fatal Frame 5 are currently topping my localization wishlist. Very excited to hear one of those is probably coming this year.

  • Jadfish

    Corpse Party has got to be one of the most impressive Horror games I have ever played. To think that a friggin RPG maker game could freak me so much out by using excellent sound design. The limitations of the graphics and the engine were also used to its advantage, leaving me in control of a character that is running from someone (who I thought was friendly just a moment earlier)

    I also dig the few non-spooky tracks on the OST

    As for Sen No Kiseki, I seriously hope it’ll happen.

  • Rayhan PromisedGallery

    Is Book of Shadows really important and necessary to the series’s story overall?
    I tried playing it but it just bores me because of lack of adventure segment.

    • I think it’s directly tied to Dead patient so yeah it works a geniune secuel and as a precuel of the last one.

    • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

      It sheds light on things from Blood Covered, and the last chapter of Book of Shadows is the introduction to Blood Drive. Honestly, the last chapted got me glued and I played it from beginning to end in one very long session. The emotional impact of the last hour is something everybody should experience to fully enjoy what is to come~.

      That said, you can get a save file with all the chapters completed just to play the last one~.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qimVJSMapAo

    The battle theme name match with said title. Zero and Ao might be skipped due to licenses troubles, chinese version seems troublesome too and I only read that the best chances are if Falcom decide to port the psp versions to another platform in japan.

    • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

      Zero and Ao have PC versions, no? It’s a shame they’ll have to skip on them. Even if it would have been the PSP version, it’d have been just fine~.

      • I don’t know exactly what is the deal with the chinese version but I do understand that it wasn’t ported by Falcom you also have to deal with another company but this time from China, the one that was in charge of those ports. Of course Falcom need to agree and receive their part too.

        There is a japanese version of Zero on pc that flopped hard, the one that forced Falcom to disband their pc team, so they could focus at least in that but Ao is a direct secuel so they may want to assure both games instead of just one like FC/SC.

  • DesmaX

    Sweet, a game about my favorite Sonic character


    • Jadfish

      “nothin personnel… kid…”
      get’s me every single time

      • NeoStrayCat

        lol, Well, at least the image doesn’t say “Original Character, Do Not Steal!”. So…lol. X3

  • Ouch My Head Said Dionysus

    I was jazzed up about Blood Drive, until I got to the end of Book of Shadows. This series has gone in an unpleasant direction and I am totally done!

    • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

      What did you find unpleasant? I’m not saying that to contest your opinion, I just didn’t think BoS went in a direction that wasn’t expected from the events in Blood Covered. So I’m curious about what could’ve put you off~.

      • Ouch My Head Said Dionysus

        I’m just going to clarify that I’m no prude; I don’t have a problem with racy content and I don’t mind a bit of violence and gore, either.

        Book of Shadows had some questionable content that made be roll my eyes, but SPOILERS

        The game ended with a woman’s head exploding, followed by an upskirt image of her decapitated body. This was the final image in the game and it left a bad taste that made me feel dirty that I paid money for it.

        A lot of the violence in Blood Covered was implied–told and not shown. Maybe I’m looking back on it with rose-tinted lenses, but I don’t remember any overt sexualilzed violence in BC, either.

  • Riverstyx9

    They probably want to get sen no kiseki out while the ps3 is still relevant in the west, though I’m sure this will sell better on vita anyway. They can always go back to do sora 3rd chapter, Zero no kiseki, and ao no kiseki evolutions later. I’m sure it was a tough call for them, but I have faith in xseed.

    • Alex

      Doesn’t matter. They’ll probably rerelease Sen no Kiseki again on another platform.

  • MinakoArisato

    Thats excellent news!

  • Alex

    I will always wait for more Trails.

  • DFM

    *Scans for “Trails of…” in every XSEED news post/update*
    I came. I read. I screamed.

  • Michael Connell

    Just curious but how long is Sen compared to SC?

  • I still haven’t finished Book of Shadows, but the vids of Blood Drive I’ve seen are so chilling!
    The first game gave me actual nightmares, and Corpse Party is such an underrated series!
    Crossing my fingers that we get a release!~

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