Here’s An Updated Look At The Mighty No. 7 Stage From Mighty No. 9

By Ishaan . January 13, 2015 . 12:30pm

This week, Comcept and Inti Creates showed off an updated Mighty No. 7 stage from Mighty No. 9, with three new screenshots.


In this stage, Comcept say, Beck will need to navigate past vehicles speeding across a rain-slicked highway. At the end of the stage, he’ll face off against No. 7, whose attacks target the area in front of him, rather than Beck himself.


Mighty No. 9 is currently in the process of being ported to the various platforms it will be released on. A release date for the game has yet to be announced.


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  • J Lionel Celeste

    this game needs to be released already, enough of the screen shots

    • GOHAN56734

      At this point, semi-finished screenshots are something of a novelty for this game in particular.

  • Pal

    I wonder why video game designers make the subtitles so damn small.

    • César H. Sandoval

      Welcome to the 4KHD era!

    • Raw

      If that looks small to you, come back when you have played Dead Rising on an SDTV.

    • uhh… because its beta?

  • 하세요

    Wake me up when it has a release date. Any more videos/screenshots and we’ll have already seen the entire game.

    • Raw

      They probably need more money for “DLC”.

      • Random Internet Spawn

        they need more money to release videos and screenshots. ;)

        • Souffrir

          They need more money for Inafune to bathe in.

    • GOHAN56734

      Or more than the retail entire game, since the non-funded (for obvious reasons) DLC character/stage was also shown.

  • John Diamond

    it looks better than it did originally i guess.

  • hazelnut1112

    I was hoping the game would have looked better than this. It’s just me saying.

    • GOHAN56734

      The art direction pales compared to PSX Megaman games. It’s lacking details in the background, which just look like dark blobs.
      Where are colors? Only grey and brown and greyish blue? “Western art style?”
      That font size too… did they license only the 12px size for that? It could be funny if they went lazy with the handheld ports resulting in something like DQ10 3DS, and I sadly can totally see it happening :/

      • hazelnut1112

        A good way of explaining it. If this is what the final product looks like I could imagine how the 3ds version will look.
        Even the stages from the screenshots look and feel pale and empty.

        • GOHAN56734

          The sad thing is IntiCrates can create far better-crafted 2D platformers (and even 3D games, for that matter) but their efforts with Comcept are… lacking.
          I saw more variety in the level design in IntiCrate’s licensed Keroro DS games (awesome Klonoa clones btw), not to mention the obvious (MMZX) than in lots of Gunvolt levels.
          This seems like it has production values and art direction comparable to the budget 3D “remakes” Hudson or Sega would put on PS2. It doesn’t seem cohesive. The text box and font design alone is a dead giveaway.

          Hopefully the gameplay redeems it a bit.

          • hazelnut1112

            I was hoping the same this because of gunvolt. The sprites are well done ib that game. I was hoping mn9 would look like the concept art shown earlier.

            Then again this is what happens ehen comcept tries to be lazy and use the unreal engine for it despite making a lot of money. Even then games using unreal can still look good like the new guilty gear for example. All that funding and still got an empty looking game.

            At least were still getting something. It could be worse, by that I mean Tim schafer worse.

      • ShinStar

        See, this reminds me of what Inafune said when he was still at Capcom, after he was talking about bad about Japanese devs, comparing them to the west. If he didn’t (?) have that mindset, I’m pretty sure this game would have been pretty colorful…

  • E-HERO

    Beck and No.7 looks like models taken straight out of programming and then just oddly slapped onto a random stage, literally. They could’ve added some shading onto Beck & No.7 in that first screenshot so it at least looks like they’re really in that environment, and not just some outlined/bright characters in a dark enviorment.

  • So far I don’t like the way the graphics look. It doesn’t really scream 4 million dollars to me. They need to polish it up a bit before release.

    • Godmars

      Was four million dollars a decent budget back in the day for a high profile title?

      Not that they talked about how much a game was made for during the SNES, Sega or PS1 and Xbox eras.

      • No, it would’ve been considered overkill.

    • 4million dollars is the optimum needed to make Mighty Number 9. they arleady made the break down along time ago.

  • nororu

    i don’t see where they used the money.

    • Naoto ( Worlds Smallest Child)

      that rain is expensive u know

  • Jadfish

    I love the stage design so much

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