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The Arland Atelier Trilogy Packs Rorona, Totori, And Meruru Onto One Disc

By Jenni . September 11, 2015 . 10:30am

Atelier Rorona, Totori, and Meruru will be available on one PlayStation 3 disc in October.

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Atelier Rorona, Totori, And Meruru Come To Chain Chronicle

By Spencer . July 20, 2015 . 1:00am

Gust’s lead characters from Atelier’s Arland trilogy are coming together for Chain Chronicle. Players will be able to add Rorona, Totori, Meruru, and many of their friends to Chain Chronicle on smartphones and Chain Chronicle V parties on Vita.

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Atelier Rorona 3DS Gets A New Release Date For June

By Ishaan . April 3, 2015 . 6:15am

Atelier Rorona Plus: The Alchemist of Arland for Nintendo 3DS will be released in Japan on June 4th.

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New Atelier Rorona Adds Plenty Of Extra Content To Go With Its Cute Looks

By Sato . December 18, 2014 . 9:00am

Gust have shared some more of the latest details on New Atalier Rorona for the 3DS in this week’s issue of Famitsu.

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Atelier Rorona For 3DS Will Have A Special “Atelier Astrid” Mode

By Sato . December 16, 2014 . 3:53am

Famitsu reports that upon meeting special conditions, you’ll unlock something called “Atelier Astrid” in the game.

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Rumor: Neptunia Trilogy And Atelier’s Three Arland Games Bundled For PS3

By Spencer . December 9, 2014 . 11:42pm

NIS America may be bundling Atelier and Neptunia games up for PlayStation 3 collections. As seen on Gamestalk, the USK has listings for a Hyperdimension Neptunia Hypercollection for PlayStation 3 and The Arland Trilogy for PlayStation 3.

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Atelier Rorona Announced For Nintendo 3DS

By Sato . November 5, 2014 . 2:20pm

While details still remain light, the game has a different chibi-style look, and it seems to be some sort of spin-off title.

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Atelier: Artworks Of Arland Has 256 Pages Of Art From Rorona, Totori, And Meruru

By Spencer . April 24, 2013 . 11:53pm

Check out some artwork from Atelier Rorona, Atelier Totori, and Atelier Meruru inside.

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A Look At Udon’s Disgaea, Atelier, Growlanser, And Valkyria Art Books

By Matt . April 4, 2013 . 11:20am

UDON’s marketing manager explained to me that Takehito Harada Art Works Volume 1 is noteworthy for showing the process that Harada uses. Everything from the original line work to how the colors are laid out.

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NIS America Still Hold The Publishing Rights To Previous Atelier Games

By Ishaan . January 5, 2013 . 10:30am

While Tecmo Koei may be the U.S. publisher for Atelier Ayesha, NIS America still hold the rights to the previous Atelier games that they’ve already released.

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Udon To Publish Atelier: Artworks of Arland Art Book In U.S.

By Ishaan . November 6, 2012 . 11:30am

Udon will be releasing an art book for the Arland trilogy of Atelier games by Gust, the publisher announced this week.

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Atelier Arland Trilogy Gets Bargain Edition Boxes With Premium Figures In Japan

By Ishaan . March 25, 2012 . 10:00am

Gust are repackaging the Arland games into different bargain edition boxes for Japan.

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Atelier Series’ Alchemist of Arland Trilogy Exceeds 400,000 Copies

By Laura . July 5, 2011 . 9:02am

Director Yoshito Okamura celebrates the milestone with a blog post on the Atelier series.

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Atelier Rorona Characters As They Appear In Atelier Meruru

By Spencer . June 20, 2011 . 3:20am

Atelier Meruru: The Alchemist of Arland 3 has a handful of returning characters from Atelier Rorona, Gust’s first game in the Arland trilogy. Before we get to Sterk, take a close look at Juana.

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Things Are Looking Up For Nippon Ichi Software’s Game Division

By Spencer . February 4, 2011 . 5:57pm

While Nippon Ichi Software posted an overall net loss, their video game division brought in a chunk of HL.

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