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Suda 51 on violence in No More Heroes

By Spencer . September 20, 2007 . 3:36pm

I met up with Suda 51 to check out No More Heroes and I had a chance to ask him a few questions. The first thing on my mind was asking him if the AO rating on Manhunt 2 made him change the design of No More Heroes. He told me,   “I’m sorry I’m […]

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Watch – No More Heroes clips

By Spencer . August 31, 2007 . 6:37am

While we’re hot on the subject of Marvelous, the official site has three movies to watch. And it looks like they are going to release three new videos a week. Similar to Killer7, No More Heroes has English voice acting and Japanese subtitles so you can understand what Travis is saying without any problems.   […]

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No More Heroes bullet (points)

By Spencer . July 9, 2007 . 6:27am

The special No More Heroes site has a little more information about Travis Touchdown and few screenshots to see.   Travis’ primary weapon is the Beam Katana, which he won from an online auction, but he can also fight using wrestling moves.   The Beam Katana can block bullets.   You need to keep the […]

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Ultraviolence break, No More Heroes in ’08

By Spencer . June 24, 2007 . 10:22am

We are starting to hone in on when No More Heroes is going to come out. Japan gets it in winter 2007 and it looks like Europe is getting it in early '08 care of Rising Star Games.   The year ahead promises more exciting games in the ‘Harvest Moon’ series for Nintendo DS & […]

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More No More Heroes media

By Spencer . June 22, 2007 . 2:56pm

After an uneventful official site launch, Grasshopper Manufacture released a few new screenshots of No More Heroes on Famitsu. No More Heroes is about Travis Touchdown who wins a beam katana over an internet auction and becomes a hit man. Players will use both motion control and the A button do a series of sword […]

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No More Heroes will have more violence than Manhunt 2

By Rolando . February 18, 2007 . 9:09am

Some of you may remember when Manhunt 2 was announced to be on the Wii, and some of you have to admit how shocked you were to hear about it since a lot of gamers can’t get over the false belief that Nintendo is all about kiddy games. To add more shock to amazement, IGN […]