No More Heroes will have more violence than Manhunt 2


Some of you may remember when Manhunt 2 was announced to be on the Wii, and some of you have to admit how shocked you were to hear about it since a lot of gamers can’t get over the false belief that Nintendo is all about kiddy games. To add more shock to amazement, IGN recently interviewed Suda 51 in regards to his latest game No More Heroes.




Suda 51 talks about the gameplay mechanics and a little more about the game’s hero Travis; and when asked why we should all be excited for No More Heroes, Suda 51 had this to say;


"We are tuning up No More Heroes to be simple and comfortable, but exciting and refreshing as a game.  The game has a unique sense of humor and I hope fans will be excited about and look forward to it. ?


I’ll also try my best to make No More Heroes as violent, or even more violent than Manhunt 2!"


Talk about awesome. When I saw the trailer for No More Heroes, I was instantly hooked. Now if only I could find myself a Wii. Until I do find one, I’ll just revisit Killer 7 to further my anticipation for No More Heroes.

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