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Secret of Mana Remake Shares A Look At New Character Illustrations

By Sato . September 25, 2017 . 2:30am

Square Enix shared a look at new character illustrations for the upcoming Secret of Mana remake for PS4, PS Vita, and PC. More of the voice cast has also been revealed for the action RPG.

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Secret of Mana Remake Gets Single-Player And Multiplayer Gameplay Footage At TGS 2017

By Sato . September 23, 2017 . 9:30pm

Square Enix showed off new gameplay footage of the upcoming Secret of Mana remake at Tokyo Game Show 2017, with a look at some single-player and local multiplayer footage.

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Attack on Titan 2 Revealed For PS4, PS Vita, Switch, And PC, Releases Early 2018 In Japan

By Sato . September 22, 2017 . 11:30pm

At TGS 2017 today, Koei Tecmo announced that its next Attack on Titan game, titled Attack on Titan 2, is releasing for PS4, PS Vita, Switch, and PC. Here’s a look at some new screenshots.

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Danganronpa V3’s Ultimates May Leave You Feeling Nostalgic

By Jenni . September 22, 2017 . 12:00pm

Some members of Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony’s cast may remind you of past competitors in previous Danganronpa games, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

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Atelier Lydie & Suelle’s TGS 2017 Gameplay Video Takes Us Into A Painting World Demo

By Sato . September 22, 2017 . 1:15am

We recently got a look at Atelier Lydie & Suelle’s first trailer and Gust had more to share with a painting world demo for TGS 2017. Here’s a look at some footage showing some exploration and battles.

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Demon Gaze II Introduces Stella’s Place’s Regulars

By Jenni . September 21, 2017 . 11:30am

Demon Gaze II’s latest trailer goes over the people who hang out at Stella’s place and lets you hear what they all sound like.

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Steins;Gate Elite’s Gameplay Video Shows The Visual Novel With Anime Footage In Motion

By Sato . September 21, 2017 . 4:00am

5pb. recently announced that Steins;Gate Elite is headed to Switch and that it’ll have a different style that tells its story using footage from the anime in its entirety. Here’s a first look in a new trailer for TGS 2017.

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Bullet Girls Phantasia Gets An English Teaser Trailer For Its Story Set In A Fantasy World

By Sato . September 21, 2017 . 2:00am

D3 Publisher released a new teaser movie for Bullet Girls Phantasia at TGS 2017. The trailer highlights its key characters from the Ranger Club as well as new girls from the fantasy world.

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A Certain Magical Virtual-On Shows Its Latest Mecha Action In TGS 2017 Gameplay Footage

By Sato . September 21, 2017 . 12:00am

Sega is currently showcasing A Certain Magical Virtual-On at Tokyo Game Show 2017 and we got a look at some gameplay action from the upcoming collaboration title for PS4 and PS Vita.

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Atelier Lydie & Suelle’s First Trailer Shows The Twin Protagonists, Sophie, And More

By Sato . September 20, 2017 . 11:00pm

Koei Tecmo shared the first trailer for Atelier Lydie & Suelle: Alchemists of the Mysterious Painting at Tokyo Game Show 2017. The video shows us its two protagonists, Sophie, and more.

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Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in A Dungeon? Infinite Combate Gets Its First Screenshots

By Sato . September 20, 2017 . 8:45am

5pb. announced back in June that DanMachi, or Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?, is getting a new dungeon-exploring action RPG and Famitsu shared a look with its first screenshots.

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This Week In Sales: Samus Returns

By Sato . September 20, 2017 . 7:00am

Last week, Japan saw several releases with Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 on PS4 and PS3, Metroid: Samus Returns for 3DS, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, F1 2017, and Champion Jockey Special on Nintendo Switch.

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Steins;Gate Elite Also Releasing On Switch, Entire Anime To Be Captured In The Game

By Sato . September 20, 2017 . 2:30am

5pb. revealed in this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine that Steins;Gate Elite will release on Nintendo Switch along with PS4 and PS Vita, and that it’ll have every second of the anime captured in the game.

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Dangaronpa V3 Makes Class Trials More Complex And Frantic

By Jenni . September 19, 2017 . 12:00pm

All of Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony’s Class Trial mechanics, such as the various Debate elements and minigames, add more activities and apply more pressure to the situation, making each one feel more dramatic and dangerous.

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A Certain Magical Virtual-On Releases In Japan On February 15, 2018

By Sato . September 19, 2017 . 1:10am

Sega announced during the 2017 PlayStation Press Conference in Japan today that the upcoming collaboration title A Certain Magical Virtual-On will release in Japan on February 15, 2018 for PS4 and PS Vita.

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