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Vita PlayStation Store Access Interrupted

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People are experiencing issues with the Vita PlayStation Store. Due to the PlayStation Store update that rolled out in October 2020, people are unable to access, download, or purchase games for the handheld via the browser-based version of the storefront. Sony’s Ask PlayStation Twitter account and PlayStation Support site haven’t addressed the issue yet. [Thanks, Resetera and Reddit!]

People first began reporting the Vita’s PlayStation Store problem on December 2, 2020. They would reportedly get errors, with Noisepurge on Resetera compiling a list of five error codes they had seen online from people attempting to access digital copies of games via the storefront. IXofXIII shared a link to Cenorexia’s Reddit post which listed workarounds to temporarily still access the old version of the PlayStation Store’s download lists, which included Vita games. (I can attest that the one for the United States worked.)

Here is the list of PlayStation Store links for access that users shared.

As a note, Sony officially ended Vita production in Japan back in March 2019. Both digital and physical Vita games are being made and sold, with companies like EastAsiaSoft committing to releasing games in 2021. My Aunt is a Witch is one of the most recent releases for the handheld.

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