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Yumi’s Odd Odyssey Not Swimming To North American Shores

By Spencer . June 19, 2009 . 2:28pm

At E3 2008 Natsume announced they were publishing a localized version of Umihara Kawase Portable under the name Yumi’s Odd Odyssey. In the game you control Yumi, a girl equipped with an elastic fishing line used for Bionic Commando style swinging.

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Hook onto a Umihara Kawase Portable demo

By Spencer . March 19, 2008 . 2:00am

Curious, but not convinced that hooking fish with a flexible fishing rod is cool? Give Umihara Kawase Portable a try.   The Japanese PlayStation Store posted a demo on Friday and since most people probably don’t want to re-register their PSPs just for this I went ahead and downloaded it. You can get the Eboot […]

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