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Xenoblade Chronicles X Presentation Will Show Off Battles On Friday

By Ishaan . March 2, 2015 . 2:37am

Nintendo and Monolith Soft will stream their second presentation on Xenoblade Chronicles X on March 6th in Japan.

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In Xenoblade Chronicles X, Weather Changes Affect Battles

By Sato . February 26, 2015 . 2:07am

Planet Mira in Xenoblade Chronicles X might have different creatures and landscapes compared to Earth, but their weather and climate is actually pretty similar to ours.

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Xenoblade Chronicles X Has An Auto-Run Feature, But Director Says To Use It Sparingly

By Ishaan . February 23, 2015 . 10:32am

Director Koh Kojima touches upon the conflict that arises when creating a vast world and trying to streamline exploration.

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Xenoblade Chronicles X Details Its Exploration System

By Sato . February 19, 2015 . 3:35am

As a member of BLADE, you’ll have plenty of exploring to do in Xenoblade Chronicles X. Here’s how it works.

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Here’s What Xenoblade Chronicles X’s New Los Angeles Looks Like At Night

By Sato . February 12, 2015 . 1:03pm

The game’s official website shares another look at the city, and what it looks like at night.

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Xenoblade Chronicles X Shows Off Its Wide Range Of Character Customization

By Sato . February 12, 2015 . 5:01am

Once you start a new game in Xenoblade Chronicles X, you’ll be prompted to make your own avatar, and there’s a lot to choose from.

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Off-TV Play In Xenoblade Chronicles X Was Requested Mainly By Western Fans

By Ishaan . February 9, 2015 . 9:32am

At first, Kojima says, he was uncertain whether or not the Off-TV Play feature would work as intended.

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Xenoblade Chronicles X Shares A Look At Its Vast Continents

By Sato . February 6, 2015 . 8:16am

Nintendo and Monolith Soft shared a look at all the different parts of planet Mira in Xenoblade Chronicles X.

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Xenoblade Chronicles X Has Online Multiplayer For Up To 4 Players

By Ishaan . February 6, 2015 . 6:55am

Xenoblade Chronicles X is up for pre-downloading in Japan, and the game’s store page confirms that it will support online multiplayer for up to four players.

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Xenoblade Chronicles X Info On Exploring, Questing, And Bonding With Citizens

By Sato . February 6, 2015 . 6:32am

The vast world of Xenoblade Chronicles X has plenty to explore, but you’ll also be required to help the citizens of New Los Angeles as a member of BLADE.

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Take A Tour Of New Los Angeles, Your Home In Xenoblade Chronicles X

By Sato . February 6, 2015 . 6:04am

Monolith Soft and Nintendo showed off the latest gameplay footage of Xenoblade Chronicles X today, starting with a look at New Los Angeles.

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Japan Gets A Xenoblade Chronicles X Wii U Bundle With An Art Book And Map

By Ishaan . February 6, 2015 . 5:59am

In Japan, Nintendo are releasing a Xenoblade Chronicles X Wii U bundle.

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Xenoblade Chronicles X Will Be Available For Early Download In Japan

By Sato . February 6, 2015 . 5:37am

Players will get to download Xenoblade Chronicles X prior to its actual release, starting at 23:00 tonight in Japan.

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Watch Nintendo’s Xenoblade Chronicles X Presentation Right Here [Update]

By Siliconera . February 5, 2015 . 11:10pm

In a few hours, Monolith Soft and Nintendo will show off new gameplay footage of Xenoblade Chronicles X.

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Xenoblade Chronicles X Shares A Look At A New Character And Some Concept Art

By Sato . February 5, 2015 . 2:20am

Maurice is a bureaucrat of the former United States Secretary of Defense, who then became the assistant to the President.