100 Rogues Dev Releases Tactical Bumping RPG Auro On Android



Game designer Keith Burgan and his studio Dinofarm Games are perhaps best known for turn-based dungeon crawling RPG 100 Rogues for iOS and Mac. If you enjoyed that game, then you’ll probably want to check out Dinofarm’s latest title out now on Android, Auro.


Auro is described as a “monster-bumping adventure” as it’s an SRPG all about bumping Bats, Flames, and other monsters into the drink. It’s played in turns upon a hex-based grid. Each of the monsters you face have unique properties and tactics that you’ll have to familiarize yourself with in order to survive.


To help you along, Prince Auro has a nine tactical spells that you can make use of, so you don’t have to solely rely on careful movement and cheeky bumps. That said, you will need your wits about you and to pay close attention to every move made.

Auro has a single player Story mode, as well as a competitive campaign mode that lets you build a Rank up over time. There’s also a quickplay mode for those moments when you whip out for a cheeky game during coffee breaks.


And don’t worry, maps are procedurally generated in Auro so replays are certainly viable. Of course, this randomness and the complexity of the game’s interactions mean that anything can happen. That’s not to say it isn’t accessible, however – it’s been made for touchscreens from the ground up.


If you want to check it out, you can purchase Auro for Android on Google Play for $2.99. The iOS version will be coming out shortly. There’s more information about the game on its website.

Chris Priestman