Over 1000 Quests Await In Black Desert Online’s Free Mediah Expansion


Mediah, a free expansion for players of Black Desert Online adds new lands, huge bosses that will take hundreds players to take down, 40v40 skirmishes, and over one thousand quests to the game.

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The world size has been increased by 30% for the expansion, adding in some busy ports, farmsteads, and much more dangerous places for players to explore. In addition to these new lands, the developers have added the Crimson Battlefield, a 40v40 instanced skirmish where players can queue in groups of five or solo.

Various guild missions that lead to powerful bosses that drop strong new weapons have been added as well, along with over one thousand quests. On top of new armor and weapons, previously-gained equipment can now also be enchanted to higher levels, and craftable Alchemy Stones will also help increase the attack, defense, and life bonuses of that equipment.

Mediah is available for free for Black Desert Online players now.

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