Nintendo 3DS

King Sim RPG Order Land Is Headed To The Nintendo 3DS


Time sure flies. The last time we heard from developers Poisoft they had just put out their incredibly deep Wiiware game Oudaa—“order” in English, but also a play on the word for king in Japanese: “Ouu”. A 16-bit graphic game, the king simulator was all about ruling a kingdom with an iron fist of sanctions and alliances while dispatching heroes to do your bidding.



Now, they’re bringing Order over to the Nintendo 3DS as Order Land, which bundles Order with another of their games into the same universe, I Want to Save the World Too! This combination updates the game with revamped graphics, while sticking to the same retrolicious style and integrates Save the World’s adventure mode and Order’s king-mode together.



In I Want to Save the World Too!’s adventure mode, you can create an adventurer who’ll wander the land, doing quests, fighting monsters and all those other normal shenanigans heroes get up to, with a slight twist—you might be doing it in your other save data’s King’s country.


As a King, you’ll be able to come across your created hero—or other heroes from StreetPass and QR Codes—and hire them off on quests. Guess you’d best make sure your hero will survive, then!


Be warned, Order is by far the more text-heavy of the two, with a definite requirement to grasp at least a good modicum of kanji (or just having a really good dictionary alongside you) as you rule the kingdom, but any RPG player worth their asking price can get through adventurer mode easily.


What are you thinking this will cost you when Order Land comes out on the Nintendo 3DS eShop on December 11th? It’s only going to be a very affordable 1000 yen ($10)!