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1979 Revolution Is An Episodic Adventure Based On Actual Events, Out This Fall


iNK Stories has released a new trailer for its upcoming action-adventure game 1979 Revolution as part of its arrival on Steam Greenlight. It also lists the first episode “Black Friday” as coming out this fall.


1979 Revolution is based on actual events and real testimonies surrounding the Islamic Revolution in Iran during 1979. You play as a photojournalist called Reza who has to make life and death decisions while exploring the bloodied streets of Tehran under martial law.

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The trailer shows that you’ll have to choose from a list of actions during some sequences, specifically a torture sequence, as well as try to patch up wounded people out on the streets in an example of the game’s more action-oriented sequences. In your exploration, you’ll also want to discover and “collect actual primary sources, compare your photographs to their archival originals, listen to audio cassette testimonials, propaganda messages and hear the personal histories of the Revolution.”


The idea of 1979 Revolution is to give you insight into the events that the game is based on by letting you drive the narrative. As such, the choices you make will affect allegiances, relationships, and the lives of the people around you inside the game. It has a painterly look and features voice talent from the world of cinema.

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The game’s Facebook page lists it as coming to PC, PlayStation, Xbox, as well as mobile and tablets. It will have three full seasons with three episodes in each season that will take about two hours to go through at a time.

Chris Priestman