For $2.99, Boson X Is A Fun Runner You Can Grab On Steam



Mu & Heyo’s critically acclaimed twitchy rotational runner Boson X is out on Steam now with some enticing extras to justify its small asking price.


Boson X is, essentially, the best physics lesson you never had. The default character is a physics professor (elbow patches included) who runs from Planck to Planck inside a massive particle accelerator to hit critical velocity.


In other words, you have to move left and right, sometimes leaping forward too, across a spinning machine to pick up speed. It’s easy to fail, and it’s a game that favors comparably to other dodge-em-ups like Super Hexagon.


For the unaware, Boson X was released as a free game on PC last year. You can grab the downloads on its website still. It was then released for iOS and Android at a price and was reviewed very positively.


Now it’s available on Steam as a commercial game with 12 new levels, full controller support, and a new playable character called Keiro, who is the rodent-controlled robotic lab assistant. Oh, there are also Steam leaderboards, achievements, and all that good stuff.


If you want to purchase Boson X on Steam (for Windows, Mac, and Linux) it’s going to cost you $2.99. Of course, if you want to try the game out then there’s always the free version for you to play.

Chris Priestman
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Former Siliconera staff writer and fan of both games made in Japan and indie games.