G-Mode brings Picross to WiiWare



    Remember Angel’s Solitaire? The same publisher is back with another WiiWare title and Oekaki Logic (Drawing Logic) is probably more interesting than solitaire with an animated angel. Oekaki Logic is basically Picross and it seems like a steal for 500 Wii Points ($5). I was actually tempted to purchase this since it just came out in Japan. However, like Lonpos, the initial purchase is just for a base pack.


    In the following five months G-Mode will release more puzzles for a price. Each pack costs 300 Wii Points ($3), which ups the total cost of all the content to $20. The price is not that bad a deal, if it wasn’t for the price of Picross DS with its free downloadable content. I already own that. If you don’t you might want to consider Oekakai Logic with its four player mode and relaxing background colors. While I can’t imagine a company localizing Tenshi Solitaire, Oekaki Logic has a decent chance of coming to North America.


    In case you own a Japanese Wii, here is the update schedule for Oekaki Logic:


    Add-on pack 1: 6.24

    Add-on pack 2: 7.22

    Add-on pack 3: 8.26

    Add-on pack 4: 9.24

    Add-on pack 5: 10.28


    Images courtesy of G-Mode.


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