Technically, Atlus Is A DSiWare Developer


    image Aside from releasing a few games on the Virtual Console, Atlus Japan hasn’t done much with digital distribution. Covertly, they were working onItsudemo Purikura Kiradeko Premium for DSiWare. Yes, that DSiWare sticker photo app.


    Nintendo asked Atlus, who was a cornerstone in the print club explosion, to create this title for DSiWare. One of the programmers who worked on Growlanser and Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor actually programmed Itsudemo Purikura Kiradeko Premium. Atlus didn’t do all of the work. Nintendo assisted with the background music, but Atlus played a key role bringing blinged out frames to DSiWare.


    Now that Atlus has experience with DSiWare what will their next project be? Meanwhile, Atlus USA will make their digital distribution debut with Droplitz.




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