Look At Lunar: Harmony of the Silver Star

By Spencer . May 18, 2009 . 11:50am


GungHo released a few screenshots of Lunar: Harmony of the Silver Star, a PSP version of Lunar: Silver Star Complete. Compared to the PsOne version (right) the sprites are much larger and there is a Tales style display with character portraits next to status information.


Game Arts, the original developer is handling the conversion, and will have Lunar: Harmony of the Silver Star ready for Japan in the fall. While officially unannounced Xseed might be picking this up for North America.


image image image image

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18 Responses to “Look At Lunar: Harmony of the Silver Star”

NickyD Says:

A nice overhaul. As previously discussed, what really matters in a Lunar port/remake/re-localization is who they base the translation off of. Ubisoft’s re-translation was truer to the original but really… weak, I guess is the right word; Working Designs was hysterical but not true-to-script… this localization decision intrigues me more than gameplay tweaks, honestly.

Of course, we’ll need a US announcement before that’s anything but moot.

jj984jj Says:

I think XSEED is likely the one bringing this over along with Ragnarok DS (already announced), I doubt they’ll do a bad job on the localization.

NickyD Says:

That’s true. I’ve never been disappointed with XSEED’s works!

Happy Gamer Says:

although workin designs did so, they themselves were very considerate of keeping the feeling of the game intact. even if u translate things word for word it may not come out the same or have people tipping thei heads sidewarys going “huh?”
its a good balance between true to word translation and capturing the feeling. working designs also did a great job of “understanding” the game before they did stuff to it. now days u just see people translating the game when they see it.
not saying WD was perfect but they did a fantastic job at this at a time where so many RPGs from Japan didn’t make it here.

I translate in real time for lectures for many incoming professors into town and i usually have to spend time with them if i can or listen to their work to understand what they are thinking and what kind of person they are.

id rather have a true to essence translation than literal in a game like Lunar where emotions fly all over the place.

and ur char avatar i havnt’ seen that anime in awhile i should go back to it lol

NickyD Says:

Haha thanks, Claymore was great until the very end (stupid original endings!). I agree, though; Working Designs did a phenomenal job. There’s a reason each of their titles took a few years to release! They poured their love into every game they worked on and I praise them for it. I really do miss them; they would have been a great compliment to companies like Atlus and NISA if they could have released things a little faster.

constraint Says:

I hope they didn’t change the dialogue too much for the NPCs.
Especially the hicky town with cousin incests ;).

Pichi Says:

Whoever gets it, I hope they work with someone from WD. I love their flavor of localization.

thebanditking Says:

Looks fantastic! I played the PSone original twice, and went through it again on the GBA great story (holds up still to this day) and characters that you can understand and get behind, unlike most of the recent JRPG’s that come to mind. I never understood why so many people complain about the working designs translation, though of course since I can’t read Japanese I don’t know how much they deviated from the original script, but to each his own. Still I am looking forward to this hopefully hitting the states sometime (or at least Europe so I can have it in English).

pressstart Says:

There is a sense of plausibility, you know. WD’s localizations for the useless NPC’s line pretty much destroys that. At least keep it within the realm of the game settings. That’s the gist of the those who don’t like them. Me, I didn’t mind it when I played it, but I wouldn’t ask for a 2nd helping of them.

Happy Gamer Says:

wow they improved it by much more than i expected im so excited about this game

Anone Says:

if japanese voice included in english version, instant buy.

Anone Says:

if japanese voice included in english version, instant buy.

RootBeerKing Says:

That would be awesome if they could do this, but I’ll be picking this one up regardless.

jarrodand Says:

Sprites and perspective feel a little Grandia-ish. Still, I think the backgrounds in the Saturn/PS1 version are better… JAM (who IS making this btw) doesn’t exactly instill confidence either. I wish they’d just release the superior Sega CD originals on VC somehow…

jj984jj Says:

You sure? I only saw them under the 1996 copyright on the scan, 2009 only had GameArts and the new character artist.

anon Says:


nhamokid Says:

OMG! Can’t wait for the release! XD XD XD

Lunar Fan Says:

Just finished playing Lunar 2 a few minutes ago and surprised to see this one!

Can’t wait to have my hands on this one.

Hope they applied the gameplay upgrades on Lunar 2 to this one!

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