Warriors Orochi… Now With Androids… And Ryu Hayabusa


Koei’s Warriors Orochi series throws historical context out the window and exchanged it for off the wall characters like a female android in Warriors Orochi 2. Nata is a hand to hand fighter with floating rings around her arms and legs. Omega Force created her just for Warriors Orochi 2.


Other characters shown in this trailer are guests from other Tecmo Koei titles. Ryu Hayabusa is a visitor from Ninja Gaiden. Jeanne ‘d Arc comes from Bladestorm: The Hundred Years’ War and Achilles is from  the Tecmo Koei Canada developed title Warriors: Legends of Troy.



Warriors Orochi 2 will be available for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in on December 22. Yes, "Warriors Orochi 2" is in North America now, but that’s a different game called Warriors Orochi: Second Coming of the Demon King in Japan.



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