Double The Heroes For The Little Battlers W


Level-5 is making a brand new Little Battlers game for the PSP called The Little Battlers W. Using “W” in Japanese is moniker for “double” (remember W-Magic from Final Fantasy VII?) and the “W” here represents the game’s two heroes.


You may remember Ban Yamano, you know the kid that saved the world in The Little Battlers. He’s back for The Little Battlers W and uses Elysion as his LBX.



lbx15 lbx16


Hiro Oozara is the newcomer and he’s a novice when it comes to controlling a LBX. Hiro uses Perseus  as his LBX.


lbx14 lbx13


The Little Battlers W has a TBD release date in Japan.


lbx17 lbx18 lbx19  lbx22 lbx23 lbx24 lbx21 lbx20


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