New Cave Story 3D Artwork Made Just For Japan


cstory2Nippon Ichi will release Cave Story 3D in Japan on July 26. Just like the North American release, Cave Story 3D features 3D models, expanded areas, and stereoscopic 3D graphics.


To promote the game in Japan, Nippon Ichi hired Shinonoko to create new artwork for Cave Story 3D.



Here’s a comparison of Quote, the protagonist, with Shinonoko’s art on the left and Nicalis’ artwork on the right.

cstory4 cave3d


Japanese Artwork for Curly Brace, Sue, Toroko, and the Doctor.

 cstory3cstory7 cstory5  cstory6



The Japanese version of Cave Story 3D will have additional content. Nippon Ichi included retro game collaborations with content from Ikki, Dragon Slayer, and Crazy Climber. Right now, Nippon Ichi is keeping the details of these collaborations under wraps.


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