Circle Entertainment Considering Raising The Price Of eShop Games


circle twitter poll Yesterday, Circle Entertainment posted a poll on Twitter. It stated that it’s considering a $4.99 price point for some of its forthcoming Nintendo eShop titles. However, it asked if some people would prefer it raise the price of these upcoming games to $5.09 instead.


The reasoning behind the possible price change has to do with My Nintendo. A downloadable game purchase has to be at least $5, before tax, to qualify for Gold Coins. Games priced between $5 and $9.99 earn a person 10 Gold Coins. At the current price, Circle Entertainment games wouldn’t help people earn My Nintendo Gold Coins, but they would at $5.09.


As of 11:15am CT, the poll had accumulated 236 votes, with 64% of those in favor of the $5.09 price increase. 18% were okay with either price point, while 13% preferred $4.99. Circle Entertainment’s Twitter poll regarding the potential change. The poll will remain open until 5pm PT/7pm CT/8pm ET, should anyone want to respond.


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