Moero Chronicle Hyper Is Leaving Japan In Spring 2019


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    Moero Chronicle Hyper is leaving Japan. The Nintendo Switch remaster of Moero Chronicle with added features will appear outside of Japan in Spring 2019. It will be a Nintendo Switch eShop exclusive.


    As a reminder, this is an updated version of Moero Chronicle, which is immediately available on PCs worldwide and first appeared on the PlayStation Vita in Japan and Asia. It is a part of the same series as Monster Monpiece, for the PlayStation Vita and PC, and Moero Crystal, for the PlayStation Vita.


    In Moero Chronicle, players follow alongside a young man who works with monster girls to find out why other monster girls are becoming hostile and save the world. The Nintendo Switch version has all the event CGs and art, makes use of the HD rumble for a Bumping Scratch session, has new ways to boost party members’ stats with items, and offers an autopilot function for more efficient dungeon-crawling.


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    Moero Chronicle Hyper is immediately available on the Nintendo Switch in Japan. Moero Chronicle can be found on PCs via Steam.

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