Tetris Effect Demo Returns Today And Runs Until February 11, 2019


tetris effect demo


People curious about Tetris in VR or seeing what the Rez and Lumines Enhance Inc. take on the game is like will have a chance to try it without buying it this weekend. A free Tetris Effect demo is available via the PlayStation Store now. Between February 8-11, 2019, people will be able to test it out. It is also temporarily 25% off in North America and Europe.


Unlike the full game, the Tetris Effect demo requires an internet connection. This is why this is only the second time the trial has been available. (The first test period lasted from November 1-5, 2018.)


In the Tetris Effect demo, people have access to a handful of the game’s features. They can go through three of the 27 stages present in Journey Mode, the campaign where people must play well enough to survive themed levels. The two Effect Modes present in this sample are Marathon and Mystery. In Marathon Mode, you go through 150 lines and try to both survive and get the highest score possible. Mystery Mode is a different take on Marathon Mode, except effects that could flip the screen, suddenly spawn a huge piece, or present other challenges occur as you try to reach your 150 line goal.


Tetris Effect is available for the PlayStation 4 and is compatible with PlayStation VR.


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