Playism has announced that Light Green 8’s 2D doujin fighting game Dynamite Bomb will be coming to its English store soon for Windows and Mac. It’s already available on the Playism JP side of the store with a trial version to boot.


Dynamite Bomb was originally released in its alpha form in 2013 with eight characters, but the team behind it have been working to add more characters, balancing it out, and fleshing out the moves of the current characters.


It’s a combo-focused fighter with each character having “infinity combos,” and an interesting “Chase” system. According to YouTube user “Vysethedetermined2,” who uploaded the gameplay video above, this Chase system allows you to follow up special attacks with super skills that consume your special meter by pressing a direction and an action button.


Dyna Bomb

They go on to say that “most moves lead to more combo potential or inflict status ailments such as “Vigor Damage” (depletes over one special gauge from the opponent), “Poison Damage” (slowly depletes health) and “Ice Damage” (temporarily freezes opponent to increase combo potential).”


To build up your special meter you can pull off chase combos or parry attacks. And you’ll want to do this as the normal attacks by themselves are quite weak. Oh, and although there are those infinity combos they do have damage reduction on those that are excessively long.


Dynamite Bomb has a single player arcade mode and a local versus match mode. As well as Playism, the Japanese version is also available on, with the trial mode as well, for $9.

Chris Priestman

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