3 More Earthbound New Era Hats Will Come Out Soon

Earthbound New Era Hats

Hobonichi announced a new collaboration with hats and apparel company New Era and the Earthbound game series (or Mother in Japan). This is the second collaboration with New Era, as part of the Hobonichi Mother Project. Three new designs will be available, and they feature iconic sprites and visual effects from the Earthbound/Mother series. Each hat will cost 6,600 JPY (or roughly $50 USD). [Thanks, Game Watch!]

The new Earthbound hats will only be available at Mother Street, a section in the Seikatsu no Tanoshimi 2023 Exhibition that will be held from April 29, 2023 until May 5, 2023 in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

The hats are based on the New Era 9THIRTY model. The three new models available are the Teleport Crash model, the SMAAAASH!! model, and the Skywalker model. You can take a better look at the hats in the gallery below.

The teleport crash sprite is the result of a failed attempt at using the PSI Teleport in Earthbound, while the SMAAAASH!! graphic is a result of dealing a successful critical hit. Meanwhile, the Skywalker model is based after the Sky Walker, the UFO-looking flying saucer that Jeff uses in the game to travel from Winters to Threed. In the English localization, the Sky Walker is known as the Sky Runner.

The Hobonichi x New Era Earthbound collaboration hats cost 6,600 JPY (~$50 USD), and they will be exclusive to the Mother Street section of the Seikatsu no Tanoshimi 2023 Exhibition, which will be held from April 29, 2023 until May 5, 2023 in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

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