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3D Fantasy Zone II Double Out Now In Japan


    Sega have been bringing back old titles on the Nintendo 3DS with their 3D Remake Project with titles such as 3D Galaxy Force II, 3D Sonic the Hedgehog  and more. Their latest is 3D Fantasy Zone II Double, from the old Sega System 16 shoot-em-up.


    In 3D Fantasy Zone II Double, you control the sentient spaceship called Opa-opa, to fight against invader enemies.


    The Opa-opa have access to the Wide Beam and Triple Bomb attacks. This time around, there’s an Evil Opa-opa that can use laser beams and the Twin Big Bomb, to go with a turbo engine.


    As far as the story goes, there’s the normal and dark ending. The 3DS game also features the true “Pride Ending” for the game, as well.


    3D Fantasy Zone II Double is now available on eShop in Japan for Nintendo 3DS.

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