In This 3D Kemco RPG, Socketing Gems Is Serious Business


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Kemco’s latest mobile RPG is one of the few which is in full 3D, but that’s not what makes Illusion of L’Phalcia stand out.



While it’s normal to see runing and socketing gems into weapons in Kemco’s various RPGs, Illusion keeps the flavor a little closer to Final Fantasy VI’s magicite. Characters such as main man Ryser or Caldina all have different Rune sizes. Players have to mix, match and most importantly fit various gems they’ll find into these to maximize potential. Don’t worry though, as doing so will allow them to slowly learn the magic.

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For backstory, you’re Ryser, a seeker since age 12 who adventures with his fellow cougar. Yeah, a highly intelligent cougar. The ultimate goal is to find the mythical Sword of Amal, said to grant any wish. As they search for the various map pieces that will lead them to this glorious treasure they encounter Tiana, a mysterious girl being chased by soldiers. You can figure out the rest.



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Illusion of L’Phalcia is a full 3D RPG, so even while wandering the overworld and during fights you’ll get to see spell effects and such whizzing about. There are also “Phantom Skills” as well as a Skill Chain Attack.


The game is out now on iOS and Android and an opening discount will see the game drop from its usual $8.99 price to $3.99.