40-Year-Old Man Arrested For Threatening Square Enix With “A Repeat Of Kyoto Animation”



A 40-year-old man named Kenichi Hiratsuka was arrested for allegedly sending death threats to Square Enix, including a threat of a “Repeat of Kyoto Animation” referencing the tragic  incident that took the lives of 35 people last month. [Thanks, FNN.]



According to the news report, Hiratsuka sent threats to the major Shinjuku, Tokyo-based game development company Square Enix through their official website, with threats stating “Give me back my money from your sh*t game,” “Do you want a repeat of Kyoto Animation?” and so forth on July 23, several days after the arson attack.


When questioned by the police following his arrest, the man said “I was pissed off at losing in a game, so I sent the mail.” No further details were shared by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department.


This makes it the second major Square Enix death threat incident which led to an arrest this year, following an incident back in March when a 25-year-old man threatened staff after claiming to have spent more than 200,000 yen on gacha game and didn’t get the item he wanted.

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