You Have 45 Minutes To Finish Gallery Shooter Bot Vice



Bot Vice, a fast-paced third person 2D gallery shooter now on Steam Greenlight, only gives players 45 minutes to complete the game, pushing them to fight faster and faster if they wish to see the game through.




Inspired by Wild Guns and Time Crisis, Bot Vice has players shooting their way through waves of enemy Wildbots. As heroine Erin, players can use their bionic arm to shot enemies at range or slash them should they get close. They can also dodge roll to stay out of the way on incoming fire.



Using this small array of moves, players will need to push themselves for the best play times in each stage as they only have a cumulative 45 minutes to complete the whole game. Players can go back to old stages to improve their times to gain a few precious minutes and seconds to access the next stage, though.




Should its Greenlight campaign go well, Bot Vice aims to release late this month.

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